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Save A Life

Directed by: Jay Will [Game Over]
Produced by Carleene Samuels
DP: Richard Lannaman
Editor: Jay Will [Game Over]
Color: Joel Burke

A music video featuring Shaggy, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Gramps, Chris Martin, Tessanne Chin, Etana, Daville, Luciano, Marcia Griffiths, D Major, Freddy Mcgregor, & DLYNX. Shaggy and Friends are having a benefit concert on January 3rd 2009. All proceeds will go towards getting new equipment and technology For Aid the Bustamante Hospital for Children. Please support this cause, the children needs our help.

For more info log on to:



Peter Ram - Tight

Dir: Jay Will (Game Over)
Producer: Carleene Samuels
DP: Richard Lannaman
Editor: Mykal Cushnie
Pyramid Music Group




Austrias Reggaelabel Bassrunner Productions is back with another joint by studio-dream-team Luke R.I.C.H.
The dynamic duo was responsible for last years dancehallcrasher "GhettoRide" (voted top 5 german riddims 2007) and hits again with a partystomper called "Outlaw". This bouncing, hipshaking production features tracks by jamaican topacts like T.O.K. and LEFTSIDE aka MR. EVIL, as well as european topsellers like ILL INSPECTA, BONGO CHILLI and 3GGA.

This one is definitly another masterpiece not to miss!


Don't eat Dog

anonymous accusations about others in society... I am referring to a SMS I saw put on the screen during IBN/Inshan Ishmael's Breaking Barriers program tonight. I was recording SynergyTV Soca Star and flicked during a commercial break. Now Inshan's comments were his usual self but I was dismayed at seeing the comment approved for broadcast...

The real issue http://www.ttmissingpersons.com/

comment appears @ 0:41


Brick and Lace - Bad To The Bone

Brick and Lace complete video for Bad To The Bone

The grounds of the old railway station in Downtown, Kingston were transformed into a virtual dance floor on Sunday, for the shoot of Brick and Lace's latest video Bad To The Bone. The track, which was produced by Christopher 'Langmann' Birch for Birchill Records, is being piped as the new single from the duo's upcoming rereleased album on Geffen.

"Bad To The Bone is the next big single for the girls and we're giving it the biggest treatment and taking the elements to the next level," an ecstatic Chris Smith, manager for Brick and Lace, said in an interview at the set of the video shoot.

According to Smith, Brick and Lace's stocks have risen within the past year, having dented several mainstream music charts across Europe with the hit Love is Wicked. The video for Bad To The Bone was directed by Nadia Sampson and Tim Naylor, who also worked on the Love is Wicked video. Featured in the new video are dancers MOB, Craigy Dread, Chris aka Dark Angel, Mystic and Shady Squad.

Said Smith, "The girls felt it was important to do the video in Jamaica. We didn't want to take the chance to try and duplicate Jamaica outside of Jamaica and miss the mark. You cannot find these gathering of dancers anywhere."

With the attention from international media and travelling the world over, the sisters of Brick and Lace, Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne have adjusted to the demanding rigours of the career path that they chose. "We're really excited about all that has been happening. We have been travelling so much but it's so good to be back home," said Nyanda.

Asked what was the story behind the song Bad To The Bone, Nyanda said: "It's about anyone who is bad to the bone. But we really wrote the song for the guys. It's a fun record. We love dancehall music and we try to stay true to who we are."

Source: jamaicaobserver.com

fan video by mizzskittlez69

Beniton - Recession



no audio...


Max Romeo - The Love of Money

From The Album A Rubadub Sunday in Copenhagen Produced By Pharfar For Food Palace Music.
Available on iTunes.
Video By Rosforth.


An Eye for an Eye

I caught this story and immediately thought to myself that ISLAM/Middle East would take a bashing for it so I decided to read the comments... and one stuck out...

they should take both his eyes and a arm... not punishing people is major cause of crime ..having a long history of problems with law when I was young. in my 20's and escaped punishment for crimes it was not till I recieved a long prison sentence That I realized had I needed punished .This forgive stuff is for birds! I and many others i talked to had same idea.These people who want to forgive especialily violent offenders only push problem down the road.Wake up do the crime do the time.

I totally agree that crime is spurred on by the lack of punishment.

We in Trinidad & Tobago have passed the 500 (known murders) mark and there seems no end. A Police service that is corrupt/corruptible, where officers like to use the phase "You eh know how I is? I is a Police!" I guess I am supposed to be intimidated by them but when Private Security Officers make the same threat, "I could arrest u, u know!" I realise its just Penis Envy.

Back to the post now... We need to ensure that people in society know that crime doesn't pay. We need to set examples. Bring back Capital Punishment. The Earth cannot sustain all of us so if some have to die so be it. But! We should have the right to live and not have it taken by force... except if that was our own action. Capital punishment for Capital offences. A Murderer should be Murdered. A Rapist should lose the tools required for Raping. And YES! Baseball rules... 3 Strikes and your out!


one for WUZ

I've seen my share of misspelt posters and signs so here is one dedicated to WUZdeSCENE. I snapped it today while making a stop for Alloo/Channa Pie...

I love that they are going on a CRUZ... but I really want to see the Chutney Arabian Tassa Dancer...


Konshens - This Means Money

Its better to have plans and schemes than hopes and dreams
Hard work is the KEY to SUCCESS...



Burro Banton - Pick The Plum

From The Compilation album "A Rubadub Sunday in Copenhagen".
Produced by Pharfar for Food PalaceMusic.
Video By Rosforth.

Shaggy - Bad Man Don't Cry

I aint a Shaggy fan but the video by Jay Will deserves the post

Shaggy and Jay Will bring you yet another thriller. Bad Man Dont Cry was shot entirely in Jamaica, which features a variety of Jamaican celebrities in the cast. The video tells a story of a Don and his right hand man (Shaggy) who is messing around his girl. It so happens that Shaggy the Mr. Lover, Lover deejay falls in love with the Dons sweetheart and could not control his emotions so he had to seek counseling. By this time, the Don has already had a hunch that someone in his organization is messing around with his girl so he goes on a rampage trying to figure out who exactly it was.


TJJ TV 'Pon D Corner' Episode 2 (Season One)

Fresh new WebSeries hosted by Jillionaire Jones






while the game was still being played FIFA had this table up... like dem know the outcome before it finish


Mykal Rose, Mitch & Cali P - Mr. Collie Rmx

ON the Colliemonster Riddim By Food Palace Music
ANimation By Benjamin Kaae and Alex Flagstad


Perfect - 30 Pieces

Director: Antonin Pevny
Label: Irievibrations Records/Chalice Palace


Downloads, piracy blamed for decline

J'can CD sales fall worldwide - Downloads, piracy blamed for decline
published: Sunday | October 12, 2008
Sadeke Brooks, Gleaner Writer

Bootleg CDs like those above, which were among pirated material seized during a sting operation by the Flying Squad in May 2007, have been blamed for some of the downturn in sales.

The sales of Jamaican music CDs worldwide are declining, with Internet access and piracy major contributing factors.

With the great increase in Internet access, the sale of actual CDs has been declining significantly. In addition, with the easy access to pirated music (bootlegs), fewer people are buying CDs and vinyl.

Bobby Clarke, CEO of Irie Jam Media, said "I am very sure the music sales are going down. Record stores in New York are closing down, CD sales are ridiculously low and reggae as a genre is down 50 per cent. With the advent of Itunes and bootleg, it is hard for someone to go into a store and buy a CD."

Economic downturn
Bobby Clarke of Irie Jam Media notes that Super Power Records in New York, a supplier of Caribbean music, closed as a result of the economic downturn in the United States and the decline in CD sales.

Yolan Zanders, marketing manager for VP Records Jamaica, said several factors contribute to the decline in Jamaican music CD sales, such as the recession in the United States and easy access to downloaded music.

However, she does not believe Jamaica is the only country feeling this musical pinch.

"It (music sales) has been decreasing. It's not just reggae music alone," she told The Sunday Gleaner.

Sales declining globally
Globally, CD sales do seem to be declining. In the recnt article 'CD sales falling faster than digital music sales rise' in the International Herald Tribune, it was reported that CD sales have fallen to their lowest level in 10 years, while digital distribution and piracy were increasing.

It read: "Global music sales dropped 8 per cent to US$19.4 billion in 2007, according to a report from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Revenue came in at its slowest pace since at least 1997, the first year for which the body issued figures. Physical sales of CDs and DVDs fell 13 per cent to US$15.9 billion. Sales of downloaded songs and mobile-phone ringtones rose 34 per cent to US$2.9 billion."

Zanders said she has spoken to persons in Europe who believe that dancehall music is fading there and this might account for the decrease in sales. However, she believes dancehall has the ability to bounce back from its current downturn.

"Sometimes dancehall dies and then it gets back. That's the trend that I've seen in our music. I don't think it's something that is dead or will ever be dead," said Zanders.

Major problem
Reggae artiste Da'Ville said his music is doing well around the world, especially in Japan, where he will release his album called ItchibanHowever, he believes piracy is the major cause for the decrease in the sale of Jamaican music.

"The bootleg a di number one thing weh a mash up the music. When you do an album you invest a lot," he told The Sunday Gleaner. "So when people bootleg is like dem a tek a thing out of yuh pocket. Sales are decreasing significantly and everytime a man bootleg, is one less record sold."

Internet and piracy
Copeland Forbes says that much of the Jamaican music being produced now is not geared towards the international market.

Copeland Forbes, tour organiser, promoter, consultant and artiste manager, acknowledged that the Internet and piracy are causing a decline in the sale of Jamaican music CDs. However, he said there are other causes, such as the lack of a worldwide record distributor and insufficient marketing for Jamaican music.

He said there is a craving for Jamaican music in the Southern Hemisphere (including Australia and New Zealand) and some Middle Eastern and Asian countries. However, he said, there are few distributors in these areas. In some of these countries, Forbes said, the people only have access to music from Bob Marley, Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Lucky Dube, coming directly from Europe.

'Not making money'
"Artistes are not making money from record sales. They are making money from live performances," said Forbes, who has been in the music industry for 47 years. "Music is not selling in America. Europe is a more vibrant market for our music."

But Forbes has another problem.

"The material that we are putting out is that which suits us and not the international market. The lyrics are too colloquial," he told The Sunday Gleaner. "Our artistes need to make the music more understandable, so that the international market can relate to it. If they can't relate to it they are not going to buy it."

Nonetheless, Forbes believes Jamaican music is vibrant and has the potential to grow. However, he said more managers, producers and writers are needed in the business. And there is a very important, intangible factor.

"We don't feel the love in the music. It is just hostile. Most of the music is disposable. We need to put out better music, so we can stand side-to-side with the rest of the world," Forbes said.

Now people who know me know that I always say that artistes don't make their money on sales. They make money touring and with all of the clothing lines and memorabilia. If you read this you will see why SOCA music will suffer even more. We never had a STAR like Bob Marley to take our music with a universal message. Yet we continue to clamour for Billboard and Grammy recognition with SOCA as a musical genre. LISTEN to what Forbes said...

"The material that we are putting out is that which suits us and not the international market.
The lyrics are too colloquial,"

If we only continue to cater to the West Indian diaspora and the international Carnival lovers who have learned to appreciate the music then the music may well be destined to become extinct. Chutney music may well surpass SOCA music because they may do well in the Indian sub-continent as they also sing in Hindi.

The belief in the music has to start at home. Not everyone knows how to get music illegally from the internet. and not everyone can afford the investment either. So if we get the pirates off the streets and out of the plazas and 'malls' we will be starting something. If we also enforce a 50/50 mandate on radio stations at least we will know what our locals have to offer. the URBAN radio frequencies may sound more Trinbagonian instead of Jamaican or American.


Iyahblazze - At The Movies

Iyahblazze feat. Soul 4 Soul 'Saturday Night at The Movies' is a cover from the famous 70's group the Drifters. The music video is a tribute to the Jamaican Film "The Harder They Come." Shot in Kingston Jamaica and directed by Jay Will and edited by Joel Burke.


Desperate Houseflies

A music documentary depicting the lives of 5 musicians as they record their fourth full length album "The January Transfer Window" at a beach house in Mayaro, Trinidad. Desperate Houseflies is a valuable document, showcasing a hardworking band that deserves to tell its story.
Directed by: Walt Lovelace
Length 37mins

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03

Part 04


Alton Ellis: 1944-2008

Alton Ellis: 1944-2008Alton Ellis: 1944-2008

Mr. Soul, Alton Ellis, passed away on the morning of October 9th. The world was given this treasure in 1944 when he was born in Trenchtown, Kingston, JA. His career spanned nearly five decades and his ever-lasting impression on the future of Jamaican music came in the mid- to late-sixties as the riddim-laden grooves filled with his soulful melodies permeated the upbeat vibrations of the ska era. The summer of 66 saw the explosion of Rocksteady in the Kingston scene and Alton ruled the dancehalls during this time as he cuts tunes for Studio One and Treasure Isle among others.

His musical longevity persisted for years and years and he enjoyed much-deserved praise from a new generation of listeners as Ska and Rocksteady made a revival in the late nineties.


Randy's 50th Anniversary

A brief intro into the history of Randy's record distribution started.

Randy's the Foundation of VP Records Celebrating 50 years.

This is a video series about the history Jamaican Music and Its cultivation at Randy's Records, the foundation of today's VP Records currently celebrating 50 years in Caribbean Music.

Founded in 1958 by Vincent and Patricia Chin, Randys was the first complete package - studio, distribution, sales and most importantly vibes. Producers and artists crowded Idlers Rest—a famous spot around the corner of Randys—to get a chance to record in the studio. Many legends today made their mark at this historic location.

Bob Marley & The Wailers recorded their ground-breaking album Catch A Fire and Peter Tosh voiced his first two solo albums Legalize It and Equal Rights at Randys Studio. According to reggae luminary Pat Kelly, Randys had the sound people want. We can call it the ghetto sound. The real roots sound.

From the very start, Randys linked itself to the popular yet controversial musical styles of the day particularly SKA, ROOTS and DUB REGGAE.

From its start to the early 60s Randy's featured the early politically motivated Ska tunes Independent Jamaica from Lord Creator and Malcolm X from the Skatalites, the Bob Marley & The Wailers cover of the Archies pop single Sugar Sugar and John And James by a youthful Toots & The Maytals displaying their spiritual and subtly subversive style. Also musical pioneers like the great trombonist Don Drummond on Machine Shop, organ player Jackie Mittoo on End Dust and the original sound system deejay Winston Count Machukie Cooper on Warfare.

The special significance of singers in the 1970s is reflected in songs like Dont Go by Horace Andy, Lonely Soldier by Gregory Isaacs, For The Love of You by John Holt, and Cheater from Dennis Brown. Randys critical role in the birth of reggae was re-confirmed with the release of Augustus Pablos Java that decade. This Clive Chin (son of Vincent Chin) production was an instant hit not to mention the 1972 Instrumental of the Year and title track to the first ever dub album, Java, Java, Java, Java. DJ I-Roys Hospital Trolley (recorded on the Java riddim), Peter Toshs You Cant Fool Me Again and Junior Byles King of Babylon are also must-listen recordings included on this extraordinary bicentennial release.

Sly Dunbar one half of the famed riddim twins Sly & Robbie sat in on many Randys Studio 17 sessions in those years. In this series of videos he describes how the Randys sound was one that sounds ten times better than the stuff being put out today. We are [now] trying to get back that sound but we cant get it back.

From ska to reggae, to dub to Jamaicas leading singers, Randys over its 50 years is a historic part of reggae culture from its beginnings in the 1960s to perhaps its most ingenious peak in the 1970s and then 80s.

This commemorative series puts these influential music-makers in their proper place, in the hands of reggae collectors and music fans everywhere with a complete package with Online Videos, and the entire series available on the DVD in Double disk CD/DVD album available with all music included from the videos. Respect to Randys every time


VC - Its Time

Directed by Nathan Cowan and David Rogers


Texting while driving

After reading the article I question the policies in Trinidad & Tobago. The present Government has already signed off and have started the TriniTrain Project. Lets create the legislation from now to avaoid these type of accidents.

LA rail crash driver was texting

A Los Angeles train driver sent a text message on his mobile phone 22 seconds before his train crashed, killing 25 people, investigators say.

Robert Sanchez, who was among the dead, sent 29 messages while on duty on the day of the crash, phone records show.

The National Transportation Safety Board says it is pursuing "many avenues of inquiry" into the accident's cause.

The Metrolink passenger train missed a red signal just before ploughing into a freight train on 12 September.

It was the deadliest rail crash in the US for 15 years.

"I am pleased with the progress of this major investigation to date," said acting safety board chairman Mark Rosenker.

Teenagers' claims

Mr. Sanchez's phone records show that he sent his last text message at 1622:01. The accident occurred at 1622:23, according to the freight train's on-board recorder.

Investigators said they were continuing to correlate times from Mr. Sanchez's mobile phone, the train recorders and data from the rail signalling system.

Investigators assess train crash in Los Angeles on 16/09/08
More than 130 people were hurt in the collision

Since the crash, train drivers in California have been banned from using mobile phones while they are on duty.

Anyone found guilty of violating the new order could now be fined up to $20,000 (£11,000).

The Metrolink passenger train was carrying 222 passengers between Los Angeles and Moorpark, north-west of the city, when the crash happened.

Rail investigators have concluded that Mr. Sanchez failed to brake at a red signal and smashed into the freight train.

The force of the impact drove the passenger train's engine back inside the first carriage.

Mr. Sanchez was among 25 people killed and more than 130 were injured.

The board requested his mobile phone records after two teenage train enthusiasts who befriended the driver told a local TV station they received a text message from Mr।Sanchez just before the crash


Link TV - One Nation Film Contest

Link TV is not only giving young filmmakers the opportunity to change the Muslim Stereotype with their new One Nation Film contest but they giving away $50,000 worth of cash prizes to people who can do it.

The deadline is Dec 31st 2008 so that gives you 3 months to put together a short movie (5 minute or less). Not too many organizations are out there trying to break the stereotypes so when we do see such programs, we should try to support it InshAllah.

Although the success is only in the hands of our Creator, we must put in the effort if we want to make a positive difference in the world

For more information about the contest, please visit:



How'd that get here?

Our lives today bring us in touch with many different cultures -- both East and West. Ever wonder where some of the things we use every day come from?

طبيعة حياتنا اليوم تجعلنا نتواصل مع العديد من الثقافات المختلفة ... من الشرق والغرب. هل تساءلت يوما من اين تأتي الاشياء التي نستخدمها يوميا؟


Orange Sky - Roses

Video Diary - September


Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band

Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae BandMichael Robinson, Gleaner Writer
published: Wednesday | September 24, 2008

Grammy-award winning dancehall artiste Shaggy has got his feet wet in a brand new genre - children's literature. Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band is a book-and-CD set made for kids aged two to six years with a serious message about the environment.

Set in Ocho Rios, St Ann's Laughing Waters, the story follows a team of sea creatures and Shaggy Parrot as they form a reggae band to cheer up a waterfall. It seems the waterfall is upset because people have been polluting it, and Shaggy Parrot and friends come together to clean up and, essentially, whistle while they work.

Colourful illustrations by Trinidadian John Mendes feature local scenery and some of Jamaica's indigenous marine life. The CD, which boasts nine tracks by reggae's only diamond-selling artiste, contains portions of the story, with Shaggy, christened Orville Burrell, also reading for the title role. The music on the CD was created by Sean Paul's musical director, Rupert Bent III, Jana's brother, as well as members of Sean's Pauls' backing band, Badda Banz.

Teaching tool
Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band is the brainchild of Jana Bent, who was among the team of writers which included Kellie Magnus, Nicole Hoo Fatt, Rebecca Packer and Veronica Salter. Bent said she came up with the idea after reading a children's book introducing toddlers to jazz music. "My daughter really loved it," she said, and I realised we needed to do this for reggae. Once we were into the production we decided to go all the way with the educational aspect of it." The book covers several themes required by the Ministry of Education's syllabus, making it a valuable teaching tool as well.

Magnus, creator of the Little Lion book series, said her motivation was a heartfelt desire to promote literacy at the early childhood level. "It was a great experience working with a team of Jamaican writers and musicians," said Magnus.

With a launch slated for November, the book will benefit two of Shaggy's favourite causes, St Andrew's Bustamante Hospital for Children and the Tatiana McIntosh Scholarship fund, which is based in Florida.



Ill Inspecta - The Krazy European

Ill Inspecta Krazy European



Here it is – the album of the GERMAICA soldier hailing from "Benzi-Town Stuttgart" ILL INSPECTA!

Equipped with superior songwriter talent and a fluent Jamaican Patois, Illi moved to the official GERMAICA capital LEIPZIG to team up with PIONEAR (the most prolific Dancehall entrepreneur of mainland Europe). Hard studio work and shows in most of the European countries over the last years, created the environment for a very unlikely career... Becoming Europe's No.1 Hardcore DeeJay!

The album is Packed with all the underground hits, as well as brand new ILL INSPECTA tunes. Besides PIONEARs state-of-the-art productions, like the artiste's 2006 breakthrough tune "Rudebwoy Anthems" and the most recent "1.000 Bullit", voicings for some of the finest producers in the Dancehall-arena like BOBBY KONDERS and SOUTH RAKKAS CREW (USA), DANGERZONE (JA/USA), BASSRUNNER (A), DEMOLISHA DJs (F) and JR. BLENDER (D) gurantee a one-of-a-kind hardcore experience. 5 Selected combinations with the likes of DADDY MAZA (E), PHENOMDEN (CH), LEXIE LEE (USA), BOBBY BUSTER (D) and SHABU ONE SHANT (E) further spice up the first album release on PIONEARs new label GERMAICA DIGITAL.

ILL INSPECTA equalizes sharp delivery, killer-hooks and witty lyrics which has made him the frontrunner Artiste of the European Dancehall music and one of the few relevant dub plate artistes of his native continent.

Welcome to the the world of "The Krazy European!"

Link up: http://www.myspace.com/illinspecta & http://www.myspace.com/germaicadigital

Artiste: Ill Inspecta
Title: The Krazy European
Executive Producer: Pionear for Topp Entertainment/GERMAICA
Producers: Pionear, Bobby Konders, South Rakkas Crew, Dangerzone, Messer Banzani, Tom, Bassrunner, Demolisha Djs, Jr. Blender, Juniorbwoy.com, Aerreese,
Featured Artistes: Lexie Lee, Bobby Buster, Phenomden, Daddy Maza, Shabu One Shant
Master: Busy for True Busyness Prod.
Release: September 19th 2008
Format: mp3/WAV
Available at: mp3.soundquake.com, iTunes, Musicload, finetunes, Beat Source, Juno Download

Track List:

01. New CD
02. Like Puppa San
03. Fukk Reggae Light
04. Kriss Like Dis
05. Get Madder feat. Lexie Lee
06. Long Distance Call RFX
07. Come Fight Me
08. Madd Paper
09. All A Di Gal Dem feat. Bobby Buster
10. 1.000 Bullit
11. DeeJay Skool
12. Leipzig-Züri feat. Phenomden
13. Lay Dem To Rest
14. Trailer Load
15. Rudebwoy Anthem
16. Mek Di Girlz Dem Cry feat. Daddy Maza
17. Yasmine feat. Shabu One Shant


Award Season...

brillante weblog premio 2008Well at the end of last month there were the annual Independence Day Awards where persons got awrds for outstanding achievement in various spheres. Richard Thompson and the other members of the 4x100 Olympic relay team got their awards when they finally touched down in TrinBago, and 103FM had their Hall of Fame awards this past Sunday honouring those who have made a contribution to Indian Culture.

So today when I checking email I saw a comment congratulating me on winning an award. Now I was surprised.... I thought... ME! What had I done to deserve such. WUZdeSCENE had credited me with it... I still doh know what/why but I'll gladly accept and thank all who have been reading and continue to support by commenting or otherwise...

I keeping with the theme of the Brillante Weblog Premio award I shall now do my part...

Blogs of Note... in no particular order... here goes...

WUZdeSCENE - fairly new on the blogging scene but HILARIOUS takes on reality...
The Bobolee Chronicles - some serious sarcasm here... be warned
Jumbie's Watch - I may not always agree but I can't wait to read the next post... moved from BlogSpot to new server.
Shizzes - another recent blog with captivating stories from the Daaknite...
Pooraj and Mamoo - subsidary of Shizzes but more colourful and well drawn...
Trinidad Carnival Diary - Keep it up Saucy... I may not have the passion for Carnival but you definitely keep me informed...
MultiMediaAniLOG - the newest one on the block... a view from the inside of a Govt Social programme...

mention to Mani of the ManicouReport... always hopeful that he may return...

Enjoy the blogs...

SCORCH update

The SCORCHCheck out the new web site and Log in/register.

SCORCH is quickly becoming the voice of the new Caribbean, the voice of you..



Dutty Boi - Dhal and Rice

Song is found here: http://www.myspace.com/duttyboiproductions
T.I. - Whatever you like [West Indian Spoof]


Ms. Triniti - Burnin feat. Beenie Man

No Confidence

UNC-A PNM Face Off - No Confidence in Patrick ManningToday the UNC-A has a Motion of No Confidence in the Prime Minister before the Parliament. Tune into the Parialament Channel to view the proceedings. With both sides promising to make lengthy presentations it seems headed to a late night affair.

There has also been controversy brewing about the assembly of 'supporters' in Woodford Square. Listening to the Power Breakfast Morning Show on Power102FM yesterday they called and spoke to Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj (UNC-A) and Minister of Information Mr. Neil Parsanlal.

Ramesh asserted that he had statements from three URP/CEPEP workers who said that they were being bussed into Port-of-Spain for the event and would be given RED jerseys to wear, in support of Prime Minister Patrick Manning. They also claimed that they will only be able to sign the attendance register, for processing payment, when they are on the bus heading to Woodford Square. Now this has been said about many of the present Government's Public Forums/Assemblies. That they 'use' the people who are within these Social Programmes and 'force' them to 'support' for fear of victimisation.

I will be tuned in to hear some of the presentations but wont be surprised if the motion fails. Mr. Maharaj has already said that he doesn't really expect the motion to pass but hopes that the revelation of certain FACTS will actually lead to the fall of the present PNM Government within six months. Judging from the response of the 'Day of Reflection' on Monday I don't believe we as a people are ready to stand up to those who we have put in control. Even though many of us aren't 'forced' like the URP/CEPEP to 'support' it seems as if we are just as scared.


Washington diary: Pigs and lipstick

The governor of Alaska has become a kind of campaign superhero who can morph like liquid mercury

I am loving this US Presidential Election. I wonder how many of their themes Trinbagonian politicians will 'borrow'

American Lipstick Loverclick the pic to read the complete article by Matt Frei who is the presenter of BBC World News America which airs every weekday at 0030 BST on BBC News and at 0000 BST (1900 ET / 1600 PT) on BBC World News and BBC America (for viewers outside the UK only).


End of the world on Wednesday?

Come September 10, an excited bunch of physicists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) near Geneva will fire subatomic particles into a 27-km loop, making them travel the bend 11,245 times a second, and then smash them head on.

I guessing it didn't happen...

read the complete article here


FOX Attacks Obama Like Kerry

not the usual post but I just love this...

according to the video I'm with Hamas...


Regazzi - Serious

Regazzi (former Spotrusha) complete with disclaimer... and we wonder which direction the country is going/taking?


Miss Platnum - Why Did You Do It

making the vid

The new MP3

The new MP3: revolutionary file format offers customisable sound...

Do you loathe Jay-Z's rapping but love Kanye West's production? Well, Korean engineers have just the thing for you

Shurwayne Wants You!

Hi Ladies, be a part of Shurwayne Winchester's Hot new Video.

Shooting September 9, 2008

email a photo and contact information to ezonestars (at) gmail (dot) com


Happy? Independence Trinidad & Tobago

31st August... the day Trinidad & Tobago became Independent from Britain... this happened in 1962 so this year we mark 46 years...

I'm a purist when it come to the anthem but this rendition is damn hott...


TNT Ready For The World

timberlee natalie storm tifa

TNT Ready For The World

Late last year renowned dancehall production unit Ward 21 unveiled a concept riddim called Dem Gal Sit'n, featuring an all-girl lineup ranging from brand new talent to veteran deejays. Just when the music started to bubble in Jamaica, Ward 21 departed on tour. The three youngest artistes Timberlee, Natalie Storm and Tifa took to promoting themselves with ferocity, becoming unstoppable ambassadors of gal-power in Kingston.

Living out of Timberlee's car and repping their shocking green "Dem Gal" tees at every opportunity, they became fast friends. "We didn't sleep," says Tifa. "We didn't do anything at all but promote, can I tell you, we had one shirt." Finishing her friend's sentence, Natalie adds, "We had to wear it for interview, wash it in the day and wear it in the night. Then like 4am, wash it again!" Though at first not a formal group, the three women have begun voicing collectively as TNT.

The second all female riddim, the Estrogen riddim came and it pushed the girl's career even further. With Timberlee's Wretchinel, Natalie Storm's Gal Fi Get Boo, and Tifa's Bottom of Di Barrel. All three girls entered the dancehall charts and kept climbing. Currently Tifa is on her first major tour in Europe and the she has been well received by her audience.

Source: Fader Magazine

look how Jamaica gonna make TNT a worldwide ting... musically....



Channa Paul - Synergy Nights

saw this but didnt get a chance to record it... thankfully others did...

Sean Paul/Mr. Vegas parody featured on SynergyTV's Synergy Nights, Wacky Wednesday...


Elephant Man - Nuh Linga (Olympic Version)

fitting tribute to the Olympians from JamROCK.


Jumbie - a few lessons learnt

I had to repost this as they are fitting... some of the stuff I LIVE... and try to teach others...

While going about my household chores over the past few days, I had a few thoughts that made me realise that with age, wisdom comes. I don't mean the soul-bursting nova like Buddha's enlightenment - more like some lessons I've garnered through experience over the years.

I learnt never to shave with cheap products, either electric or manual.

Cheap products (not only shaving stuff) are mostly a waste of money, and the really pricey ones don't do a better job as a medium priced one. So... save your money and buy economically. Balance quality with expense.

Learn to cook. You will never starve. Also learn to wash and iron your clothing.

Mind your own business. Many a time I've been taken up with work and neglected to take time off to pay a bill, or visit a doctor. The repercussions are many-fold down the line. Mind your business first, then employers' and friends'.

Polish your shoes when you go out. Learn to tie a tie. Drink and eat to moderation.

Hug those you love. read more, especially books on self-help and finance.

Learn financial management. Learn to make and use a budget. Buy essentials - needs before wants.

Don't fear change. Look at new careers. You might find one you like better and pays better.



Richard Thompson in 9.89

Congratulations to the Trinbagonian Torpedo Richard Thompson.

Trinidad & Tobago 2008 Olympic Medal count here.

100m Men's Final results.

DuttyBoi - I'm So Dutty


Tami Chynn - Over Stimulated

The WarHead Riddim

Riddim Produced By: Justin "Jus Bus" Nation & Glenn " Madd Dawg" Francis
Co-Produced By: Orett "Bambino" Hart
Mixed By: Gmajor - MajorMixx Studios
Drum Programming: Justin "Jus Bus" Nation
Keyboards: Justin "Jus Bus" Nation & Vinni Hamilton
Violins: Black Violin

"Our aim with this riddim is to educate and entertain we don't want anybody to get the wrong idea cause in the end this is all musical and each artist has the right to express anything they want in their music as individuals and i think that's what these riddim projects bring to the table - an opportunity for each artist to express themselves differently on one instrumental with various variations musically", says Jus Bus.

Fully loaded with riddim rounds the Warhead features - Vybz Kartel,Black Violin, Mr.Evil, Chico, Kenyatta, Lindo P, Mega D, Delly Ranxx, Bramma, Wasp, Benton the Menace, Shawn Storm, Bitta Blood, Tyna Vargas, Flo & Mecca and Jason Lyrics and more...




Tre Hardson feat. Fatlip - AyYoMyMan

kudos for the video production


De Red Boyz - Mo' Fire Blazin'

De Red Boyz - Mo' Fire Blazin'Definitely one of the Albums to pick up in preparation for the 'Greatest Show on Earth' Trinidad Carnival 2009... or should I say 2000 & WINE...

Since their scorching debut as producers in 2006, De Red Boyz - 36-year old Barbadian drummer, Mikey Hulsmeier and Trinidadian transplant, 30-year old guitarist Scott Galt – have reset the Groovy Soca fusion sound, making it crisp, danceable, and spicier.

To date the duo has produced two consecutive Soca albums, both spiked with big names from the local & regional Soca arena. The first album, De Red Boyz Blazin' Red Soca Project, was the birth place for Trinidad and Tobago's 2007 Carnival's International Groovy Soca Monarch winning tune 'Nah Goin' Home' by Barbadian reggae star Biggie Irie. Making the album a sure fire starter, Shontelle, famed author of Alison Hinds mega tune 'Roll It', released her own recording 'Hot Like Fyah'; Peter Ram launched the anthem 'Woman By My Side'', and 2003 People's Monarch, Statement, released 'I'll Be Home'.

De Red Boyz movement is by far a collaboration of two seasoned professionals striking a fresh cord and sprucing up a traditional format. Between the two, the Galt/Hulsmeier team has been making music since childhood. From an early age Scott was plucking around. His dad started him out on a quatro – a four-stringed instrument with Venezuelan origins. Here in Barbados his folks' restaurant Angie's became a place to hangout and listen in on the hotel bands that would play at the establishment during his pre-pubescent years. At five years old a second hand drum set bought by his dad marked Mikey's musical beginning. From then on the drumming hasn't stopped.

This year the Galt/Hulsmeier team is at it again; the list of artistes vying for a chance at recording on a Red Boyz track is long, brought on by the obvious success of the past two albums. Mikey - charming and diplomatic; Scott – dry humored and enduring, aren't into music making as an accessory to chasing skirts, fame, stardom nor the familiar trappings that surface dwellers use to identify success. They're simply devoted to making music sound good. The other stuff they leave for the people out front.

The album features Seasoned veterans with some serious new talent and some crooners. Maxi Priest teams up with Shurwayne Winchester and the Uncle Sam makes two appearances. You have to cop this album... I did!





















Patrick's Emancipation BLOG

“That’s why we have zero respect for our fellow citizens, Patos,” Hazel said. “How can one have anything but contempt for people who aren’t smart enough to identify the genuine source of their problems?” I have to say this new ministerial post is doing wonders for my wife’s intellect.

that's an excerpt from the Secret BLOG of Patrick Manning. He had been silent since his Election Victory last year.

Ill Inspecta the Krazy European

Ill Inspecta te Krazy European


JA Broadcasting Commission Bans Konshens

Konshens will have to be extremely persistent if he intends to be a winner this year, this after the Broadcasting Commission placed a ban on his break out single Winner.

According to the Broadcasting Commission, the single is not fit for airplay and as such should be removed from the playlist of radio disc jocks.

I really don't understand this one it may well be some serious politics involved...

read more of the article here... Broadcasting Commission Bans Konshens


MixMeister Scratch

I don't usually do software review but here is an interesting app for your iphone... for the microwave DJs out there...

Download MixMeister Scratch


Tony Rebel - Fire

classic Baltimore riddim


Coming Home

Coming Home... fighting AIDS with culture takes a look at how various cultures in the Caribbean (case study Trinidad and Tobago) - deals with the problems of HIV/AIDS

How did YouTube allow this length to be posted?

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread - No Games

i was really gonna post the video for one of the songs playing in the background... Serani's "No Games".... but the audio in the vid was high and low... so I ran a search for Trinidad and got this...

It just as expensive as sliced bread too... well if u wanna full yuh belly...

and for those who would still like to see the video...


Rap Attack 2000

DJ Carbon Rap Attack 2000a freebie mix done by DJ Carbon in 2000 with Rap/Hip-Hop hits all chopped and screwed... Long John Silva entertainment

download Rap Attack 2000

7 days or 100 downloads...



I've been trying to stay away from the politics but this one has really done it for me.. the PNM Government is once again going to seek postponement of the Constitutionally due Local Government Elections...

buh whey de a$$


SIPARIA MP Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday hit Government for its plan to extend, for a third time, the life of local government bodies, as proposed in a Municipal Corporations (Amendment) Bill 2008, which Government plans to debate on Monday in the House of Representatives.

buh this place is peer lawlessness...

yuh doh wah d man who allyuh create a process for... and now this...

Merv is bess u kill me now... cause nex thing after dem elections finally call go be removal of the Gas Subsidy... how d F I gonna be able to transport meh family to school and work... cause d Taxi go hadda raise dey fare too... and it never have enuf bus runnin... like u wah me become a criminal.... cause is only if i tief, kill or kidnap I go be able to make ends meet...


Etana - Blessing feat. Alborosie

not a music video ... but my favourite track off the album "the Strong One" that I am currently reviewing for reggaetown...


Konshens - Winner


you may notice a widget floating near the bottom of your window... Facebook users will recognize the resemblance... I am trying out this feature as opposde to the cbox alternative as I can easier access IM clients than be on the website... feel free to participate



Behind the Riddim - Big Drew

very interesting interviews with an artist who definitely knows what the CRAFT needs from him...

more vids http://www.youtube.com/user/SOCAHDviewtube


imeem music

I'll be adding some stuff to imeem for listening pleasure... so keep tuned in



starting 7th July - YOUR chance

Highway Records
Well it's official!!! Highway Records now has its own radio program on 99.1fm. Tune in every Tuesday night to be part of the takeover.

The focus of the program will be LOCAL HIP HOP & R&B mixed with the big international hits...with the focus on LOCAL.

So now's YOUR chance to get played.

stay tuned for a follow up message with an E-Mail address for you to send your stuff. (radio friendly please and include all the info - artist name, song title etc). Please send high quality stuff............


Interested in Being in a Music Video

as seen on Facebook

From the presenters of COTT Awards' 07, Shurwayne Winchester "Open the Gate", Rizon " Reach" and Patrice Roberts "Sugar Boy" just to name a few.

E-ZONE wants all you young, charismatic individuals to be a part of their cast of extras for an upcoming soca music video to be held on Saturday 6th -7th of July at Manzinilla Beach.

There is going to be a Angry Mob scene and a Performance scene...if interested please contact Teocah/Giselle @ 628-5797 on a weekday during the hours of 8-4 or the following persons anytime there after.

Zahra @ 464-9859
SupaHype @ 747-9942
Teocah @ 354-6149

Persons must be 18 years or over......... Transportation will be provided........


the Uncle Sam aka Mr. Sam

Up in the VIP

with Jamesy P - We Love Your Carnival



Coldplay's Viva La Vida meets Zouk

i was bored


Dear Rainy Season

Kyle 'Skeeto' Amos puts a twist on America's summer-time and converts it to a local rainy season ballad.... as seen on Facebook



Voicemail - Get The Money & Gangalee

not that i really wanted to promote the content...

at fist i thought it was an uplifting song but the treatment certainly doesnt bring that across... all i see is the continuing glorification of being a criminal... by artistes and directors... now Jay Will did some great work... but come on... why didnt u show a successful business person who came from nothing... why is there the need to glorify the BANDIT???

oh and that is only one of the songs in the video... the other one is blatantly homophobic... i mean do you really need to sing a song about not wanting to bathe with another man?

i always wondered why they called themselves voiceMALE... voicemail?


FREE for footbALL?

we all know trinis love FREENESS but it has to be properly managed. I don't know if the Cabinet and Gary really thought this one thru... or they simply thought that it would make Jack Warner and the TTFF look bad?

you tell me who looking like the fool?

3 Months or 3 Years

as seen on PNMG CNMG this evening... this was their lead...

as someone blurted out while watching... 3 months from July?... thats just in time for Elections... yes people we supposed to have Local Government Elections this year.. the 'Father of the Nation' Prime Minister Patrick Manning promised...


Edley Shine - Bashment Girl

FREE DOWNLOAD of the tune...


Beenie Man's 'Untold Story'

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter, the Jamaica Star online

Fans of the self-proclaimed King of the Dancehall Moses 'Beenie Man' Davis will get the chance to read his life story in the forthcoming biography Who Am I? The Untold Story of Beenie Man.

Written by Jamaican journalist Milton Wray, the sensational biography is scheduled for release in Jamaica in July, just in time for Reggae Sumfest. Wray spent 11 years documenting and researching the scandals and untold past of the popular figure in the more than 400-page biography. When Wray spoke with the STAR he described the work as non-stop drama, action and revelations.

"Beenie Man has a very fascinating story. His entire life is filled with drama from before he was born to recent times. He has not led an ordinary life. Everything he does is extraordinary ... I knew his story would be action-packed and entertaining. People love him, he's appealing and endearing, there is a fierce public interest in his life," Wray said.

Birth to stardom
Written in a story format, the work begins when Beenie Man's mother met his father, continues with his birth, chronicles his childhood, rise to stardom, his career, the public breakup with D'Angel and his recent tax woes.

Having met the artists on numerous occasions Wray contacted Beenie Man in 1994 about the novel. According to Wray, Beenie Man was very receptive to the work, doing extensive interviews and providing never before seen pictures. Wray took a sabbatical from Jamaican journalism to live and do research in New York City for more than a year.

While in the United States, he conducted interviews and collected vast amounts of information on Beenie Man and his international impact on the music business. While writing the book in Jamaica, Wray conducted interviews with relatives, friends, associates, music business personnel, rivals and the girlfriends of the artiste.

For Wray, the biography held a journalistic appeal for him and he says that Beenie Man's story can inspire ghetto youth. The writer promises an unvarnished view of the Doctor, as while Beenie Man did cooperate for the novel, he did not approve the manuscript and has not seen a page of the work.

"The intention was not to put out a public relations piece for the artiste. The facts are presented as they occurred, whether or not Beenie Man likes those facts. He has led a very controversial life, and he acknowledges that, he recently told me as much. I believe he is prepared for whatever revelations may come from this book," Wray said.

Revealing book
According to Wray, readers can expect a biography they will find hard to put down with never-before revealed details about Beenie Man.

He said, "Beenie Man is so candid, no airs, there's no pretense about him, what you see is what you get. He's such a consistent performer. People have fallen in love with him and nothing can stop them from loving him."

Who Am I? The Untold Story of Beenie Man will be distributed in North America, the European Union, the CARICOM region and Japan before the end of the year. For its Asian release the work will be translated into Japanese.

original article