Heineken Green Synergy - T&T 2007 - semis 01

DATE - 28th July 2007
VENUE - 5th Element, Arima
TIME - 2000 hrs

oh gwaam... where to start... six contestants each with varied skill sets/levels, each trying to play Different BEATS with One VIBE.

Setup was simple enough with some participants actually bringing their own equipment... I understand the want to use your own set but is it really necessary to use your CDJ800MK2/CDJ1000 instead of the CDJ800MK2 provided?

I know that the spacing you are accustomed to may be an issue hence the reason for wanting your own mixer... it may have efx that you want to use... or the fader is a particular type.... or you may even use the mixer as part of a trick during the routine.

I definitely heard different VIBES but mainly the same BEATS... I think that the DJs need to really be more innovative in their thinking...

There was only one guy who looked anything like a turntablist and another who understood how to DJ TECHNO/TRANCE/ELECTRONICA/DANCE... they really stood out... The others were anything but special... BEDROOM DJs... BAZAAR DJs, Lean and Use ONE Hand...

the line up was as follows

  1. SIR
  2. Selector D
  3. Mad Man GHANY
  4. Daddy Richie
  5. Cool & Deadly
  6. Mantra

Same core judges from last year, Alicia the Duchess, Tweez and Carl 'Beaver' Henderson... with new host Romauld 'Mexican' Castillo... Video production by WINTV The next scheduled Prelim is @ the EDGE on August 12th 2007...

The competition may still be open for entry cause only 12 people entered... 6 gone... so 6 to go... Finals @ Pier 1 followed by the Regional Finals @ the 'World Famous' ZEN

The Final leg of the Heineken Green Synergy goes down in Kingston, Jamaica on Saturday, October 27 of this year.

Heineken Green Synergy Trinibago 2007


caught on camera in trindad!!

OzyMajiq at it again


Bad Blogger, Bad Service

I have been a really bad blogger... NO REAL POSTings for a while... been unemployed to employed... to wanting to be unemployed... haven't really taken stock for awhile and its not that there aren't issues that i dont want to RANT about.

When I hear people talk about it on Radio or read another blog I sometime lose my own zeal to write on it bcause others are already voicing opinions that I may already have.

This BLOGGIN thing does really take time... time I sometimes dont give myself... i wanted to talk about the Steelpan Revolution thing but I get caught up in listening to Anil & Sprang on the Power Drive... I also wanted to applaud Adrian Barrath on taking a stand with the Choc'late Awards.... good for u... too many ppl doh take a stand fuh dey beliefs, and then stand by them... even ifs he still let someone collect on your behalf... and you already say "u eh wa it"

and after reading Denzil Mohammed's blurb in d Guardian today i would really say that Customer Service nowadays eh like longtime... I had the PLEASURE of selling myself a product on Friday. I had to beg the gyul in d store to assist. I really need the item and had scoured the socalled Computer Stores in Trincity Mall and finally saw the item lurking at the back of a showcase.

I axe d gyul wat were d specs an she proceeded to look around.. as if I axe sumbody else... the reaction was less than polite... if u doh know what i axing bout say so... STEUPS... I was dunn in a BAD mood... tired and hungry... so she eventually unlocked the showcase and pull d item from the back, holding the box in her hands she just stares at it, hoping that it would speak and say "YES, I am what he is looking for."

I then saw that the box had my required specifications on it, but I had previously returned a similar product bcause the insides didnt match the outsides... NO it wasnt the same store... and that one actually had very polite staff (Super Tech in Tunapuna, by Auzonville dey)... I digress... so the box was opened and contents start to come out but the sales gyul still eh know what she lookin for so she was SPINNIN' TOP IN MUD... I am pretty pissed by now... I really need the ting... if i cudda wait i wudda go by Super Tech... So I take the contents and am pleased to see that it is what i require... so time to pay... I draw fi my wallet and the gyul immediately tells me go on the otherside of the register... I wonder Y? as I begin to move around I start to pull out my Credit Card and then she remarks, "OH, you paying by VISA!" yeah she tort it was LINX and was directing me to the dongle to punch in the digits... Transaction complete I still say THANKS cause I was thankful to get what I went for...

As a customer I also have to be polite as it should have a positive effect, most times anyway, on the interaction between me and the seller. I have seen customers treat staff in a terrible manner as well.

So... is either you train your staff or really decide what you selling... Laptops and related items or 24" rims, Car amp and Speaker... you already have BAD SERVICE on the SkyBox side...


Fireball - What I Want

WTF is the concept? At least it looks polished... not Polish... even though it was produced in Europe.


Steelpan Revolution

The Prime Minister officially unveiled new steelpan(s) last night. Work that he mandated a couple of years ago to standardize and PATENT the National Instrument.

In a 2 hour presentation the PM gave us a history of the steelpan with help from Errol Fabien and Damion Melville. The man in charge of the project Professor Copeland also divulged some of the technical info related to the research and he was guaranteed to receive the nation's highest award (whatevr they decide to name it)... i tort it was decided by a committee... DICTATORSHIP

The new steelpan is abit larger than existing ones but the Tenors now hold a full 3 octaves. There are also improvements on the Basses and others in the ensemble.

more to come as i review the night later this week to give a comprehensive report.

It was also a first use by the PM of a Water Projection system... what a waste of money


Shaggy - Church Heathen (again?)

What possess Shaggy to do a next video for this song? I thought the original treatment done by Jay Will (Game Over) couldn't be bettered.... and I was right... This new video flop... a whole heap a woman flailing about the place and a bag a dancer boys.

I think what they tried to do is look at a CLUB and place the characters as if it were CHURCH... but it just doesn't work. I like to see woman gyrating an ting but its overdone... i've reached a saturation point... I have made the remark that soon I will start to see everything in SLOW-MO because every video needs to have it and as Dave Chapelle had in his show everything just looks better.

Shaggy this video wasn't worth shooting again... I hope somebody else picked up the tab and I think that if this was done ONLY to appeal to the international market that you have done Jay Will and other Caribbean Video Producers/Directors a disservice. You already had a GREAT video...

oh yeah at least there still is a cameo of Brother Desmond aka Ninjaman...