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starting 7th July - YOUR chance

Highway Records
Well it's official!!! Highway Records now has its own radio program on 99.1fm. Tune in every Tuesday night to be part of the takeover.

The focus of the program will be LOCAL HIP HOP & R&B mixed with the big international hits...with the focus on LOCAL.

So now's YOUR chance to get played.

stay tuned for a follow up message with an E-Mail address for you to send your stuff. (radio friendly please and include all the info - artist name, song title etc). Please send high quality stuff............


Interested in Being in a Music Video

as seen on Facebook

From the presenters of COTT Awards' 07, Shurwayne Winchester "Open the Gate", Rizon " Reach" and Patrice Roberts "Sugar Boy" just to name a few.

E-ZONE wants all you young, charismatic individuals to be a part of their cast of extras for an upcoming soca music video to be held on Saturday 6th -7th of July at Manzinilla Beach.

There is going to be a Angry Mob scene and a Performance scene...if interested please contact Teocah/Giselle @ 628-5797 on a weekday during the hours of 8-4 or the following persons anytime there after.

Zahra @ 464-9859
SupaHype @ 747-9942
Teocah @ 354-6149

Persons must be 18 years or over......... Transportation will be provided........


the Uncle Sam aka Mr. Sam

Up in the VIP

with Jamesy P - We Love Your Carnival



Coldplay's Viva La Vida meets Zouk

i was bored


Dear Rainy Season

Kyle 'Skeeto' Amos puts a twist on America's summer-time and converts it to a local rainy season ballad.... as seen on Facebook



Voicemail - Get The Money & Gangalee

not that i really wanted to promote the content...

at fist i thought it was an uplifting song but the treatment certainly doesnt bring that across... all i see is the continuing glorification of being a criminal... by artistes and directors... now Jay Will did some great work... but come on... why didnt u show a successful business person who came from nothing... why is there the need to glorify the BANDIT???

oh and that is only one of the songs in the video... the other one is blatantly homophobic... i mean do you really need to sing a song about not wanting to bathe with another man?

i always wondered why they called themselves voiceMALE... voicemail?


FREE for footbALL?

we all know trinis love FREENESS but it has to be properly managed. I don't know if the Cabinet and Gary really thought this one thru... or they simply thought that it would make Jack Warner and the TTFF look bad?

you tell me who looking like the fool?

3 Months or 3 Years

as seen on PNMG CNMG this evening... this was their lead...

as someone blurted out while watching... 3 months from July?... thats just in time for Elections... yes people we supposed to have Local Government Elections this year.. the 'Father of the Nation' Prime Minister Patrick Manning promised...


Edley Shine - Bashment Girl

FREE DOWNLOAD of the tune...


Beenie Man's 'Untold Story'

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter, the Jamaica Star online

Fans of the self-proclaimed King of the Dancehall Moses 'Beenie Man' Davis will get the chance to read his life story in the forthcoming biography Who Am I? The Untold Story of Beenie Man.

Written by Jamaican journalist Milton Wray, the sensational biography is scheduled for release in Jamaica in July, just in time for Reggae Sumfest. Wray spent 11 years documenting and researching the scandals and untold past of the popular figure in the more than 400-page biography. When Wray spoke with the STAR he described the work as non-stop drama, action and revelations.

"Beenie Man has a very fascinating story. His entire life is filled with drama from before he was born to recent times. He has not led an ordinary life. Everything he does is extraordinary ... I knew his story would be action-packed and entertaining. People love him, he's appealing and endearing, there is a fierce public interest in his life," Wray said.

Birth to stardom
Written in a story format, the work begins when Beenie Man's mother met his father, continues with his birth, chronicles his childhood, rise to stardom, his career, the public breakup with D'Angel and his recent tax woes.

Having met the artists on numerous occasions Wray contacted Beenie Man in 1994 about the novel. According to Wray, Beenie Man was very receptive to the work, doing extensive interviews and providing never before seen pictures. Wray took a sabbatical from Jamaican journalism to live and do research in New York City for more than a year.

While in the United States, he conducted interviews and collected vast amounts of information on Beenie Man and his international impact on the music business. While writing the book in Jamaica, Wray conducted interviews with relatives, friends, associates, music business personnel, rivals and the girlfriends of the artiste.

For Wray, the biography held a journalistic appeal for him and he says that Beenie Man's story can inspire ghetto youth. The writer promises an unvarnished view of the Doctor, as while Beenie Man did cooperate for the novel, he did not approve the manuscript and has not seen a page of the work.

"The intention was not to put out a public relations piece for the artiste. The facts are presented as they occurred, whether or not Beenie Man likes those facts. He has led a very controversial life, and he acknowledges that, he recently told me as much. I believe he is prepared for whatever revelations may come from this book," Wray said.

Revealing book
According to Wray, readers can expect a biography they will find hard to put down with never-before revealed details about Beenie Man.

He said, "Beenie Man is so candid, no airs, there's no pretense about him, what you see is what you get. He's such a consistent performer. People have fallen in love with him and nothing can stop them from loving him."

Who Am I? The Untold Story of Beenie Man will be distributed in North America, the European Union, the CARICOM region and Japan before the end of the year. For its Asian release the work will be translated into Japanese.

original article

Gays didn't stop My Tour

(The following is the first and second parts of a three-part interview done with Bounty Killer.)

A cross and angry Rodney 'Bounty Killer' Price spoke out for the first time about his recent European tour that saw three shows being cancelled ,allegedly because of gay activist groups.

It was reported that gay human rights groups had coordinated a European-wide campaign to halt Bounty's Deadly Alliance tour of the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, England and Switzerland, and were successful in stopping concerts in Bradford and Birmingham, England, and another in Essen, Germany.

Successful tour
However, Bounty Killer in an exclusive interview with THE STAR says on the contrary, his European tour was very much a success and that gay activist groups were only exaggerating that they were successful in stopping a number of the shows.

"It was a successful tour in terms of meeting and greeting and connecting with the people. The tour lasted for four weeks, we did a week in London and then three weeks in Europe. They (gay activists) cancelled like three concerts out of 21, so all yuh hear dem a talk bout gay dis and gay dat, they were just exaggerating, they always try to exaggerate bout they cancel show," Bounty said.

A violence thing
He continued, "Di show in Birmingham, it was a violence thing that was going on in Birmingham in the black community and they (promoters) were feeling like it was very dangerous to try and get Bounty and Mavado in dis place at this moment, it wasn't any gay-bashing thing because if that was the case, we couldn't go in London."

"London is the heart of it, yuh understand, so if it was a gay problem, why Birmingham would have a problem and London don't have a problem? London show is the biggest one and that's the most successful one, dat's di one they would have tried to stop, not the little one down Birmingham. So it was just a violence thing in Birmingham and they came 'bout it's a gay thing. Even di concert wey dem claim dem cancel a Germany, a Munich, dem cancel di show inna di day an wi have to guh to court di afternoon and won," Bounty said.

So despite these minor setbacks, Bounty says, "the tour went well, but most people never want to see it a success, but it was a success ... yea because they expect that we were going to get turn back like Sizzla an all these things, they try but it jus neva work."

Artistes Need To Unite
Bounty says he is also calling on dancehall artistes to "be more unified in the fight against gays, ca' if wi nuh unite, wi will neva win dis battle."

"The artistes, they are not for the music, they are for the success, and the wealth and all this excitement and super stardom. Ca' for instance, if there wasn't a Bounty, a Beenie, a Buju, a Ele, a Capleton, a Sizzla an it was jus a Kartel an a Mavado, where di music would be? Or if it was jus a Bounty an a Beenie an no Mavado an no Kartel an no Buju an Capleton, wey di music woulda be?"

"When these artistes see other artistes going through problems like what happening to Sizzla now, yuh know nuff a dem a laugh, like ... Beenie, mi know him a laugh. 'Cause .... sey dem ban Bounty an Mavado an dem call him (Beenie) fi do di show an him run gone pon it. How you mus ban my fellow Jamaican an den you guh bond wid dem?" Bounty questioned.

According to Bounty, some of these artistes are not concerned about their culture,"these artistes nuh care if yuh nuh love Jamaica ... 'cause dem only a do dis fi come model pon Killa, dem jus waan have more money dan Bounty Killa, dem nuh business if Jamaica sink tomorrow."

CD quality isn't good enough

a topic that interests me something to listen to... even if it is compressed...

"It's stepped down from tape to digital to compressed digital, so people are now listening to a Xerox of a Polaroid of a photograph of a painting."

the article can be found on The Audiophiliac by Steve Guttenberg.


iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 70 countries

its official... the iPhone has gone 3G... but still no official support here in Trinidad and Tobago... some Caribbean Nations have been added to the list of countries that are officially supported...

Dominican Republic - America Movil SA, Orange
Dominica - Orange
Jamaica - America Movil SA
Martinique - Orange
St. Kitts & Nevis - Orange

The new, 3G iPhone will sell for $199 for 8GB of storage.
The 16GB model will cost $299, and that model will also be available in white.

white iPhone

Twenty-two countries will get the 3G iPhone first, and they'll all get it at the same time. And it's not coming until July 11.

How safe is IM?

instant messenger applicationsI came across an interesting read for you webfolk... I have always maintained that the web has no privacy whatever... someone can find out what you do here...

Facebook Chat is the least secure and privacy-protective of the lot. As far as we can determine, it fails to use encryption to protect logging in (thus passwords can be gleaned) and fails to secure the conversations, too. We'd like to tell you more about Facebook Chat, but the company sent us a one-line e-mail message saying it was refusing to answer the same questions that its competitors did with little fuss.

Secure logging-in Secure convos Logs of user logins Logs of msg content how long Govt wiretapping
AOL AIM Yes Yes Yes No Won't say Won't say
AOL ICQ Yes No Yes No Won't say Won't say
Facebook Chat[1] No No Refused to answer Refused to answer[2] Refused to answer Refused to answer
Google Talk Yes Yes[3] Yes No[4] Four weeks Won't say
IBM Lotus Sametime Yes Yes Yes Configurable Configurable N/A
Windows Live Msgr Yes No[5] No No N/A Won't say
Skype Yes Yes Yes No "A short time" Cannot comply with wiretaps[6]
Yahoo Msgr Yes No Yes No As long as "necessary" Won't say

[1] Over the course of a week, Facebook refused to reply to questions.

[2] Facebook has said both that chat history "is not logged permanently" and that it is archived for 90 days.

[3] Encryption is on by default for the downloadable client, off by default for the Web, and not supported with the Google Talk Gadget.

[4] Configurable: users can choose to log conversations in their Gmail chat archives if they wish.

[5] Conversations are unencrypted, but files exchanged via Windows Live Messenger are encrypted.

[6] Skype was the only IM company that said it could not perform a live interception if presented with a wiretap request: "Because of Skype's peer-to-peer architecture and encryption techniques, Skype would not be able to comply with such a request."


Soca Power in T &T Captured in New Film

The power of soca takes centre stage in a new film set to premiere in Trinidad on June 11 in Movie Towne. Soca Power in Trinidad and Tobago follows four of the genre's most influential local talents throughout one Carnival season, moving from behind the scenes at large concerts to the heat and heart of Carnival: the streets, where mas unfolds and passions reach their pinnacle.

The film's main characters are Machel Montano, considered the most powerful man in soca; Bunji Garlin, revered, even feared, for his biting lyrics and bold, outspoken personality; Fay-Ann Lyons, soca royalty and one of the genre's brightest young stars; and Isaac Blackman, son of soca's creator Ras Shorty I.

Through the interwoven portraits of these four stars, Soca Power is an energetic immersion into the world of soca. "From the beginning of the film to the very end, it keeps you interested, especially with the way everybody's story unfolds," said Blackman, one of the leading voices of Jamoo music, known as the gospel of soca. "It shows the wide diversity of our culture, and is as real as it can get in every dimension. I think it's excellent and I'm very proud to be a part of it."

Jean Michel Gibert of Maturity Music (West Indies) Limited, one of the film’s producers, agreed, saying, "The power of soca is a reflection on the Trinidadian society; the sensuality, the passions, the release, the paroxysm of our cultural celebration on one side and the spiritual, more conscious, some times even more conservative attitude. The film is an excellent illustration of this double psyche," he explained.

Maturity Music co-produced Soca Power in T&T with ADN Production Paris and Trace TV, with the support of French National Cinema, the T&T Film Company and the European Union. Claude Santiago, who is well known for his treatment of music-related features, directed the film, which was filmed and produced using the latest audio-visual technology. It was filmed using real High Definition technology and boasts Dolby Digital 5.1 sound.

Soca Power in T&T is part of a six-part series of films called Musique Creole, which is based in the Caribbean. The music of T&T is featured alongside that of Guyana, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique and Puerto Rico. The film has already met with rave reviews. It first premiered in April at Canal+ Studio in Paris, where it was well received. It will also be released in Barbados, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Jamaica and Martinique; and broadcast on French television and on Trace TV, which airs in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Source: Pyramid Entertainment

Morgan Heritage - Nothing to Smile About


Mavado - Exonerated

MavadoJamaica's Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewellyn QC, this morning signed a letter stating that the Crown is not continuing criminal proceedings against David Brooks AKA Mavado. The letter was presented to the Gun Court and the matter against him dismissed. Mavado has been de-processed and his fingerprint destroyed. Freed of all charges, Mavado is looking forward to continuing his positive rise in Jamaica and on the world stage.

“We said from day one that we have all faith in the Jamaican justice system that Mavado will be vindicated in this matter,” manager Julian Jones-Griffith said. “Give thanks to God for bringing a brighter day, and to the legal team of Tom Taveres-Finson and Antoinette Haughton. When Mavado’s US visa was cancelled it was on the grounds that he had an ongoing case before the courts. As this matter is now cleared up we will be approaching the US Embassy at the earliest opportunity to reapply for his work permit, once we have gathered all the necessary documentation from the courts etc.”

The charges arose out of an incident that took place in July of 2007. Statements were taken at that time and despite no new evidence emerging, Mavado was not arrested until March of 2008. He was charged with Illegal Possession of Firearm and Shooting with Intent but the Crown went on to decide that there was a lack of evidence against Mavado so they could not proceed with the trial and it collapsed in court.

Mavado is thankful this chapter is now closed and he can continue what he does best, making hits and connecting Jamaica.


Stephen Marley - Iron Bars

damn he sounds like his pops