Link TV - One Nation Film Contest

Link TV is not only giving young filmmakers the opportunity to change the Muslim Stereotype with their new One Nation Film contest but they giving away $50,000 worth of cash prizes to people who can do it.

The deadline is Dec 31st 2008 so that gives you 3 months to put together a short movie (5 minute or less). Not too many organizations are out there trying to break the stereotypes so when we do see such programs, we should try to support it InshAllah.

Although the success is only in the hands of our Creator, we must put in the effort if we want to make a positive difference in the world

For more information about the contest, please visit:



How'd that get here?

Our lives today bring us in touch with many different cultures -- both East and West. Ever wonder where some of the things we use every day come from?

طبيعة حياتنا اليوم تجعلنا نتواصل مع العديد من الثقافات المختلفة ... من الشرق والغرب. هل تساءلت يوما من اين تأتي الاشياء التي نستخدمها يوميا؟


Orange Sky - Roses

Video Diary - September


Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band

Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae BandMichael Robinson, Gleaner Writer
published: Wednesday | September 24, 2008

Grammy-award winning dancehall artiste Shaggy has got his feet wet in a brand new genre - children's literature. Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band is a book-and-CD set made for kids aged two to six years with a serious message about the environment.

Set in Ocho Rios, St Ann's Laughing Waters, the story follows a team of sea creatures and Shaggy Parrot as they form a reggae band to cheer up a waterfall. It seems the waterfall is upset because people have been polluting it, and Shaggy Parrot and friends come together to clean up and, essentially, whistle while they work.

Colourful illustrations by Trinidadian John Mendes feature local scenery and some of Jamaica's indigenous marine life. The CD, which boasts nine tracks by reggae's only diamond-selling artiste, contains portions of the story, with Shaggy, christened Orville Burrell, also reading for the title role. The music on the CD was created by Sean Paul's musical director, Rupert Bent III, Jana's brother, as well as members of Sean's Pauls' backing band, Badda Banz.

Teaching tool
Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band is the brainchild of Jana Bent, who was among the team of writers which included Kellie Magnus, Nicole Hoo Fatt, Rebecca Packer and Veronica Salter. Bent said she came up with the idea after reading a children's book introducing toddlers to jazz music. "My daughter really loved it," she said, and I realised we needed to do this for reggae. Once we were into the production we decided to go all the way with the educational aspect of it." The book covers several themes required by the Ministry of Education's syllabus, making it a valuable teaching tool as well.

Magnus, creator of the Little Lion book series, said her motivation was a heartfelt desire to promote literacy at the early childhood level. "It was a great experience working with a team of Jamaican writers and musicians," said Magnus.

With a launch slated for November, the book will benefit two of Shaggy's favourite causes, St Andrew's Bustamante Hospital for Children and the Tatiana McIntosh Scholarship fund, which is based in Florida.



Ill Inspecta - The Krazy European

Ill Inspecta Krazy European



Here it is – the album of the GERMAICA soldier hailing from "Benzi-Town Stuttgart" ILL INSPECTA!

Equipped with superior songwriter talent and a fluent Jamaican Patois, Illi moved to the official GERMAICA capital LEIPZIG to team up with PIONEAR (the most prolific Dancehall entrepreneur of mainland Europe). Hard studio work and shows in most of the European countries over the last years, created the environment for a very unlikely career... Becoming Europe's No.1 Hardcore DeeJay!

The album is Packed with all the underground hits, as well as brand new ILL INSPECTA tunes. Besides PIONEARs state-of-the-art productions, like the artiste's 2006 breakthrough tune "Rudebwoy Anthems" and the most recent "1.000 Bullit", voicings for some of the finest producers in the Dancehall-arena like BOBBY KONDERS and SOUTH RAKKAS CREW (USA), DANGERZONE (JA/USA), BASSRUNNER (A), DEMOLISHA DJs (F) and JR. BLENDER (D) gurantee a one-of-a-kind hardcore experience. 5 Selected combinations with the likes of DADDY MAZA (E), PHENOMDEN (CH), LEXIE LEE (USA), BOBBY BUSTER (D) and SHABU ONE SHANT (E) further spice up the first album release on PIONEARs new label GERMAICA DIGITAL.

ILL INSPECTA equalizes sharp delivery, killer-hooks and witty lyrics which has made him the frontrunner Artiste of the European Dancehall music and one of the few relevant dub plate artistes of his native continent.

Welcome to the the world of "The Krazy European!"

Link up: http://www.myspace.com/illinspecta & http://www.myspace.com/germaicadigital

Artiste: Ill Inspecta
Title: The Krazy European
Executive Producer: Pionear for Topp Entertainment/GERMAICA
Producers: Pionear, Bobby Konders, South Rakkas Crew, Dangerzone, Messer Banzani, Tom, Bassrunner, Demolisha Djs, Jr. Blender, Juniorbwoy.com, Aerreese,
Featured Artistes: Lexie Lee, Bobby Buster, Phenomden, Daddy Maza, Shabu One Shant
Master: Busy for True Busyness Prod.
Release: September 19th 2008
Format: mp3/WAV
Available at: mp3.soundquake.com, iTunes, Musicload, finetunes, Beat Source, Juno Download

Track List:

01. New CD
02. Like Puppa San
03. Fukk Reggae Light
04. Kriss Like Dis
05. Get Madder feat. Lexie Lee
06. Long Distance Call RFX
07. Come Fight Me
08. Madd Paper
09. All A Di Gal Dem feat. Bobby Buster
10. 1.000 Bullit
11. DeeJay Skool
12. Leipzig-Züri feat. Phenomden
13. Lay Dem To Rest
14. Trailer Load
15. Rudebwoy Anthem
16. Mek Di Girlz Dem Cry feat. Daddy Maza
17. Yasmine feat. Shabu One Shant


Award Season...

brillante weblog premio 2008Well at the end of last month there were the annual Independence Day Awards where persons got awrds for outstanding achievement in various spheres. Richard Thompson and the other members of the 4x100 Olympic relay team got their awards when they finally touched down in TrinBago, and 103FM had their Hall of Fame awards this past Sunday honouring those who have made a contribution to Indian Culture.

So today when I checking email I saw a comment congratulating me on winning an award. Now I was surprised.... I thought... ME! What had I done to deserve such. WUZdeSCENE had credited me with it... I still doh know what/why but I'll gladly accept and thank all who have been reading and continue to support by commenting or otherwise...

I keeping with the theme of the Brillante Weblog Premio award I shall now do my part...

Blogs of Note... in no particular order... here goes...

WUZdeSCENE - fairly new on the blogging scene but HILARIOUS takes on reality...
The Bobolee Chronicles - some serious sarcasm here... be warned
Jumbie's Watch - I may not always agree but I can't wait to read the next post... moved from BlogSpot to new server.
Shizzes - another recent blog with captivating stories from the Daaknite...
Pooraj and Mamoo - subsidary of Shizzes but more colourful and well drawn...
Trinidad Carnival Diary - Keep it up Saucy... I may not have the passion for Carnival but you definitely keep me informed...
MultiMediaAniLOG - the newest one on the block... a view from the inside of a Govt Social programme...

mention to Mani of the ManicouReport... always hopeful that he may return...

Enjoy the blogs...

SCORCH update

The SCORCHCheck out the new web site and Log in/register.

SCORCH is quickly becoming the voice of the new Caribbean, the voice of you..



Dutty Boi - Dhal and Rice

Song is found here: http://www.myspace.com/duttyboiproductions
T.I. - Whatever you like [West Indian Spoof]


Ms. Triniti - Burnin feat. Beenie Man

No Confidence

UNC-A PNM Face Off - No Confidence in Patrick ManningToday the UNC-A has a Motion of No Confidence in the Prime Minister before the Parliament. Tune into the Parialament Channel to view the proceedings. With both sides promising to make lengthy presentations it seems headed to a late night affair.

There has also been controversy brewing about the assembly of 'supporters' in Woodford Square. Listening to the Power Breakfast Morning Show on Power102FM yesterday they called and spoke to Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj (UNC-A) and Minister of Information Mr. Neil Parsanlal.

Ramesh asserted that he had statements from three URP/CEPEP workers who said that they were being bussed into Port-of-Spain for the event and would be given RED jerseys to wear, in support of Prime Minister Patrick Manning. They also claimed that they will only be able to sign the attendance register, for processing payment, when they are on the bus heading to Woodford Square. Now this has been said about many of the present Government's Public Forums/Assemblies. That they 'use' the people who are within these Social Programmes and 'force' them to 'support' for fear of victimisation.

I will be tuned in to hear some of the presentations but wont be surprised if the motion fails. Mr. Maharaj has already said that he doesn't really expect the motion to pass but hopes that the revelation of certain FACTS will actually lead to the fall of the present PNM Government within six months. Judging from the response of the 'Day of Reflection' on Monday I don't believe we as a people are ready to stand up to those who we have put in control. Even though many of us aren't 'forced' like the URP/CEPEP to 'support' it seems as if we are just as scared.


Washington diary: Pigs and lipstick

The governor of Alaska has become a kind of campaign superhero who can morph like liquid mercury

I am loving this US Presidential Election. I wonder how many of their themes Trinbagonian politicians will 'borrow'

American Lipstick Loverclick the pic to read the complete article by Matt Frei who is the presenter of BBC World News America which airs every weekday at 0030 BST on BBC News and at 0000 BST (1900 ET / 1600 PT) on BBC World News and BBC America (for viewers outside the UK only).


End of the world on Wednesday?

Come September 10, an excited bunch of physicists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) near Geneva will fire subatomic particles into a 27-km loop, making them travel the bend 11,245 times a second, and then smash them head on.

I guessing it didn't happen...

read the complete article here


FOX Attacks Obama Like Kerry

not the usual post but I just love this...

according to the video I'm with Hamas...


Regazzi - Serious

Regazzi (former Spotrusha) complete with disclaimer... and we wonder which direction the country is going/taking?


Miss Platnum - Why Did You Do It

making the vid

The new MP3

The new MP3: revolutionary file format offers customisable sound...

Do you loathe Jay-Z's rapping but love Kanye West's production? Well, Korean engineers have just the thing for you

Shurwayne Wants You!

Hi Ladies, be a part of Shurwayne Winchester's Hot new Video.

Shooting September 9, 2008

email a photo and contact information to ezonestars (at) gmail (dot) com