Tiger & Zebra interview

MadWhiteJamaican features Tiger, Zebra and Jah Cure in a radio interview.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

I've listened, watched, listened and watched some more, I was entertained, disturbed and disgusted.

I've kept quiet on certain recent local and international issues, except in my close circle of peeps, so I am making my final direct comments about them... yeah... sure... right.

It is just so funny to see how people always seem to have a plaster for every sore. We are a big bunch of HYPO-CRITICS.

We don't take enough responsibility when we should as its easy to pass blame onto others... even easier to spin our own troubles into reasons why you should heed our calls (the pastors know what I talking bout).

We cavort and hide in dark corners, behind closed doors and assume that others don't know what we are doing. They know what we are doing because they sometimes do the same.

These scenarios have really made me wonder... What can I really do to protect my family (child, spouse, brother, sister, parents) in a society that doesn't have the same moral values about life as we do? Who am I fooling, even among ourselves, as a family, we don't have the same values.

Do I throw away the TEL-LIE-VISION because the broadcast or cable providers are one and the same. Broadcasting a set of nonsense called entertainment... I guess they wouldn't show it if people didn't watch it... and we do like to watch... we always want to know what others have and what others doing. We want to keep up with the Jones'... whoever they be.

Do I continue to read the newspapers with so called journalists who quote from Wikipedia as if it is the Holy Grail of information. It isn't. Its content is created by us, the users. I can write/edit any article and put false information there that would have you believe that we live on a planet called Earth that was colonized by the Goa'uld and that Inter-Steller and Time Travel exist.

Back to topic...

To the young person who went for ice cream and ended up in a situation that can only be described as unmentionable (cause that is my stance)... you are clearly lacking proper GUiDANCE. I am not saying that your parents don't/didn't do enough but as a society we want to hold someone accountable; A Con-man, a Johnny "Have You Come to my Club Lately", a normally Mobile sponsor, a Pastor of all people, a Brother; who was calling for DVD vendors to be removed from selling on the streets because they were had pornographic material available; not because they were simply illegal, and even you... YES YOU!

Its sad to say that we all have a part to play in what happened. How many times have we ignored situations that endangered others, simply because it didn't seem to affect us. It affects us indirectly at first and then sometimes we are unfortunate enough for it to hit home.

A colleague in my office often remarks that only when it affects him directly would he then raise his voice on an issue.

Why be so selfish in life when others who are not as high on the totem pole need assistance? Why no help when a problem first arises? Are we really so selfish?

We as a society have alot more problems facing us and by continually pulling the wool over our own eyes we aren't helping/solving any of the problems.

Enough of the email fwds with the pics and the vids and lets clean up our own acts...

We have a Smelter to build, Roads to pave, Schools to open, Water to promise, People to displace...

"They are innocent to the wicked ways of the world
and it is our responsibility as elders to keep them safe."


Just Wanna Know

A nice clip from Mr. Slaughter's Album launch.

Thanks to RemBunction for the upload...


Jah Sesco - War Is Not The Answer

It isnt a new song but a new video...

War is not the answer


Jumbie's Watch: Avoiding Hassle

I don't really use Windows again but...

Jumbie's Watch: Avoiding Hassle


Billboard Chart Summary

Last week saw the release of Rihanna's new single, Umbrella, which features Jay-Z. This is the lead single from her third album in two years, which will be released on 05 June 2007. Rihanna is also doing outstandingly well with her second album, A Girl Like Me and her new single, Break It Off, which features Sean Paul.

A Girl Like Me - #100 on the Top R&B/ Hip Hop albums chart.

Break It Off feat. Sean Paul

  • #51 on the Hot 100 chart
  • #53 on the Hot 100 Airplay chart
  • #31 on the Pop 100 chart
  • #20 on the Pop 100 Airplay chart
  • #58 on the Hot Digital Songs chart
Umbrella feat. Jay Z

  • 77 on the Pop 100 chart
  • #20 on the Pop 100 Airplay chart
  • #69 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop chart.

Sean Paul's The Trinity continues to hold strong. The album is #4 on the Reggae album charts.

Stephen Marley, Buju Banton and Richie Spice also keep the Caribbean vibe on the charts.

Stephen Marley's debut album, Mind Control, holds down the charts.

  • 1 on the Top Reggae Albums chart
  • 41 on the Top Rap Album chart
  • 45 on the Top R&B/ Hip Hop albums chart
  • 153 on the Billboard 200 Album chart
Damian Marley's Welcome To Jamrock re-enters the charts. It is #3 on the Top Reggae albums chart.

Bob Marley appears on the charts with several compilations.
  • Legend: The Best Of Bob Marley and The Wailers is #22 on the Pop Catalogs chart
  • Forever Bob Marley is #2 on the Top Reggae Albums chart
  • Forever Gold by Bob Marley is #10 on the Top Reggae Album chart
  • Africa Unite: The Singles Collection by Bob Marley and the Wailers is #9 on the Top Reggae Albums chart
  • Best of Bob Marley by Bob Marley re-enters the Top Reggae chart at #13

Buju Banton stays strong with Too Bad. The album is #12 on the Top Reggae Albums chart.

Richie Spice represents with In The Streets To Africa is #8 on the Top Reggae Albums chart.

Source: www.billboard.com

Kymani Marley also has a promo release titled Fist Full of Dollars.

Konshens (SoJah) - Monster/Badmind

YouTube - konshens{sojah!} "monster/badmind"


Rapso: de power of de word in de rhythm of de word

Stacy Lela will be having a screening of a documentary that she has just completed. Its at the STRAND theatre (8-10 Tragarete Road, Port-of-Spain) and admission is FREE. All she asks is that you come out and support the work. All i ask is tha you tell a friend...and that friend will tell a friend...as so the chain goes...

See the Flier and Poster for details. Call her @ 778-8069 for more info... come out and support!