Collie Buddz - Come Around refix

I got my hands on the HD version of the video and did a quick edit with the remix that DJ Carbon did last year...



Call for Arts Supporters: R.A.S.H.
Location: The Paddock Sports Bar, Green Street, Arima (Near the Dial)
Date: May 27th at 6:30 PM
Cost: FREE! Donations accepted... A portion of the proceeds will go to the YMCA.

Kevon Foderingham, member of online community TrinidadJunction, will be officially launching V2 Promo Ltd. on 27th of May 2007.

The event will feature an art exhibition by Paul Cain and the Trinidad Junction's Jason Jarvis. There will also be a fashion show featuring the creations of Paddock Designs set to the live music of Solaris the band and others.

This event will also feature a television pilot produced by Kevon Foderingham and edited by Tamika Phillip (Trinidad Junction) and directed by Thomas Jemmerson (Trinidad Junction)

R.A.S.H. (rage art soul heart) as the night will be called will also showcase dynamic poets, hip hop, rapso singers and other oral treats. It will see the launch of the cover of new entertainment magazine Limelife.

R.A.S.H. seeks to be a monthly event... featuring films, art, music, fashion or any talent in the months to come... open to all media or forms of artistic expression.

For more information, kevonfoderingham@yahoo.co.uk or call 868.725.6024.



The Composer is a short film produced by Trinidadian Rosemarie Gajar as part of her study at Bristol University in 2006. The film will be screened at the Short Film Corner at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Adam Popp featuring Stephanos Mavridis and Claudia Aponte de Rodriguez.


A music composer discovers that he cannot have children.As he loses the ability to perform one creative act, he becomes unable to compose music or maintain a meaningful relationship with his wife.

Only by parting from his domestic interior and opening
himself to the world outside will he be able to confront his greatest enemy. Through a solitary journey to his doctor, who will inform him of his greatest fear, the Composer is exposed to the sincerity of life beyond his own and is reminded of why he originally willed himself to create.

Through this journey certain elements of life that cross his path - an older couple at the shoreline, a young girl liberated by her surroundings, and a natural world at the height of spring - envelope the Composer and the fears that consume him. He then is able to transcend one inadequacy and begin the process of transforming it into a far greater creative force. In a final sequence, the composer faces his loss, leading to a subtle but uplifting conclusion.

A beautifully photographed and poetically crafted piece, enriched by a sensuous original score, The Composer explores one man's introspective journey through a crisis of both creation and procreation.

check it out here at the official website thecomposer.org.uk


RAPSO Conference

There will be a RAPSO Conference held on Friday 11th @ the National Museum. Admission / Registration is FREE... but Lunch isn't. Check it out... there will also be a screening of the documentry


Kris Kelli - We're Missing You

Subtleties - Ataklan & Horace Andy collabo?

While I was listening to some reggae today I suddenly heard one of my favourite songs in my head... Ataklan's Naked Walk... now that song is a classic and the video too... the song that was playing was Horace Andy's My Baby Don't Go, off The Big Bad Man album released in 1986. Now the timeline is significant as I know Klanny is basically in my age bracket and it was about the same time that I was first introduced to Reggae Dancehall. Horace Andy is also no slouch so his tunes would have definitely been played at somepoint in time.

I am just drawing reference that a song that Ataklan subsequently produces 10 years later can have the same melodic structure as something he heard when he was younger. This may well be pure coincidence, or it may be a tribute to Horace Andy...

This reminds me of the much disputed Kernel Roberts / Enya scenario. I haffi call Klanny and clarify whats up with the music... next ting u hear he tell me that is Kernel do the riddim... LAVA...

I saw Atas @ 51 a night and asked him... he claims to have never heard the song (Kernel's defence) and also stated that 'there are only so many chords' in music... needless to say I left it alone...

Tami Chynn - Over And Over Again



The future of Internet radio is in immediate danger. Royalty rates for webcasters have been drastically increased by a recent ruling and are due to go into effect on July 15...



interesting points

"Mi neva get dah memo deh!" That was the response of one musical selector when The Star queried whether he was aware of a special licence that sound systems in Jamaica needed in order to operate.

Sound systems in Jamaica have been in operation for years, Merritone Disco, King Jammys, Black Scorpio, Stone Love and others, but for these and other sounds, there is no formal body or organisation to govern or even monitor their operations.

Some veterans in the business say there is grave need for some form of regulatory
body to govern the operations of sound systems, as currently, it's a free-for-
all business.

Winston 'Merritone' Blake, who describes himself as "the last of the foundation selectors" said, "The only thing you need to enter the sound system business is money to buy the equipment. There is no criteria, no standards, nothing."

Blake, who has been in the business for more than 50 years also added, "We want an organisation more than anything, laws that they adhere to. The sound system is not regulated and anybody who feel dem have a money and want to get into it, can do it. We need to get some rules and regulation and if we don't do it, the police needs to set out some regulations."

Although The Sound System Association of Jamaica is listed in the directory and even has a website, many believe that the Association exists only on paper.

Proper representation

"They have a membership but there is nothing to convince me that it is functional," Blake said.

"After Louise Frazer-Bennett died, her daughter took over (The Sound System Association of Jamaica), I never knew it was something hereditary, I thought persons had to be elected."

Efforts by The Star to make contact with the association were unsuccessful as the only number listed in the telephone directory appeared not to be working.

Black Scorpio's son, Jermaine Johnson, said, "The whole thing (sound system business in Jamaica) is like a freelance, underground thing. In Jamaica most of the sounds are not licensed, but it's not as strict as in Europe. We will get away with like burnt CDs and stuff out here and that's why 45s sell more in Europe and is still the
biggest thing there."

One may, however, raise the question as to why the sound system concept, which first became popular in the 1950s has not had proper representation and formal structure even until window.

Blake offered one theory that, "The hardest thing is to get our people to come together. We don't need to come together to make it work but we need to do so in order to get more recognition and benefits."

Dread, a selector on the Adonai sound system said he agreed that sound systems and other music entities were in need of proper representation.

"Naturally, this is something that not only selectors need, but everybody in music, so we can gather and discuss issues affecting the music. But everybody is for themself, is a dog-eat-dog world. But if everybody could link and come together and even have a body that represent us and ensure certain benefits, then naturally the thing would be better."

He added, "It's only sad that eggae music weh a bring in suh much foreigner inna di country nuh have nuh formal structure and organisation."

By Teino Evans


Royal Dainties in Synergy Nights

Royal Dainties, Trinbago Reggae sensation who brought you 'Feeling Nice' and 'Face of an Angel', on SYNERGY Nights being interviewed by Jason Williams.


Junior Reid - One Blood A Run

Junior Reid has made a resurgence of sorts over the past year.

Starting with The Game's use of the classic 'One Blood' sample... subsequently MIMS then collaborated with both Reid and Cham for the remix to 'This is Why I'm HOT'...

Junior Reid - More Moneythe One Blood man then featured himself on Andrew & Wada Blood's Welcome to the Street. The next release was Funny Man... that received an OK from the number one Urban radio station here in Trinbago (96.1 WEFM)...

I received access to a promo, only yesterday, that features latin legend Fat Joe, and 'More Money' is laced with Hip-Hop elements... all the years in Cali have caught up with Junior Reid...

Also released this month is 'Stand Up' on the aptly titled Massive B's No Borders riddim which features acts from all over the world; Burro Banton, Chezidek, Million Stylez, Collie Buddz, Choppa Chop, Ill Inspecta, Mighty Crown, Khari Kill, Shaggy, Screechie Dan & Red Foxx and Ziggi.

The real reason beind the post today is a collabo between Inner Circle and Junior Reid called 'Blood A Run'... I found 2 versions of the song; one is a fitting tribute to the recent Virginia Tech shootings.

Inner Circle feat. Junior Reid "Blood A Run"

original video


check out Junior Reid on MySpace.com