Machel Montano HD Bus Tour & Interview

Here is the video of Machel Montano HD being interviewed by Shal Marshall and giving a brief tour of the HD (P.T.S.C.) Bus... complete with his promise to Umi Marcano to help him in his career.

Richie Spice - Spice In Your Life

Richie Spice delivers on his latest record, three years after the release of “Spice In Your Life,” the man who gave us anthems like “Earth A Run Red,” “Marijuana” and “Grooving My Girl,” adds to his creative resume the disc “In The Streets To Africa.” Spice has easily risen to the top of his game, thanks to a handful of hits, and his latest disc captures some of the most recent chart-toppers thrown in with some new delicacies.

Of course, “Brown Skin” is included, so too is the Billboard-charting single “Youths Are So Cold,” the New York Reggae chart hit “Open The Door,” and his almost ten-year-old recording “Grooving My Girl” (which was re-released and became a hit all over again two years ago). The material on the 5th Element/VP 15-track disc is enough to expand on Richie's fan base, and music lovers young and old should find the tracks appealing. “Digital Ways,” featuring the late Joseph Hill of Culture, “Sunny Day,” and “Baby Face” featuring Richie's brothers Spanner Banner and Pliers deserve a fair shake. An impressive lineup of musicians injected their talents into this album.

But the bonus thrill is the DVD which has been included. There are acoustic performances of Richie in the street in front of his 5th Element offices. The camera also accompanied Richie to various places around the country and this gives fans a close-up look at the man whose now familiar vocals have made him one of the most sought-after in modern-day reggae.

Caribbean Party - Cricket World Cup Soundtrack

VP Records releases the official World Cup Cricket soundtrack

With the Cricket World Cup, set to begin Sunday, March 11th, VP Records has the official soundtrack called “Caribbean Party” featuring songs from the Caribbean's biggest superstars.
T.O.K., Morgan Heritage, Tanya Stephens, Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, and Elephant Man, amongst others, are all featured on the soundtrack album. The compilation also features the official CWC anthem “The Game of Love & Unity” by Fay Ann Lyons, Rupee and Shaggy.

The CD boasts a classic variety of feel-good tunes before the game. Cricket World Cup will be broadcast on Direct TV throughout North America and the Caribbean. Meantime, preparation for the Opening Ceremony for the Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 is at an advanced stage according to Event Manager Martin Lewis.

The first rehearsal will be held on Saturday, March 10th at 2 p.m. and this will be followed by another at 5:15 - which is the precise time at which the Opening Ceremony will commence. A final rehearsal will be held at 6:00 o'clock in the morning of March 11th. Already two mass rehearsals have been held. Lewis stated "we had 700 performers last Sunday. Lewis said that the Opening Ceremony will be the greatest challenge for the integration of functional areas during the two-month tournament.

Music to fight crime

The National Anti-Crime Music Campaign (Trinidad & Tobago) on the Praise Circuit intends to use music to fight crime. This new campaign to fight crime in the country was launched Saturday on Brian Lara Promenade in Port-of-Spain. “Music and lyrics combined is recognized as powerful tools of social re-ordering in developed countries,” explained Rachael Guzman De Vlugt, one of the main organizers of the campaign. The campaign continues in San Fernando on March 31st and will then visit seven other places including Chaguanas and Point Fortin. Performing at the function were Rev Angela Williams and Band, Rizon, Koen Duncan and his band, Isaac Blackman, Delamo and JD Sellier and Altar Call. De Vlugt said various other artistes would be provided by the Copyright Organization of T&T at the other venues. She also said anyone with positive lyrics in a song could join the campaign.



was perusing the blogs today when i found this interesting one



Badness Outta Style

The following is a press release statement from TEMPO...


Tempo, the Caribbean’s premier entertainment network, is pleased to announce a new initiative of its pro-social platform, ONE LOVE, which engages, educates and empowers the community to tackle issues that affect us. The ONE LOVE: BADNESS OUTTA STYLE CAMPAIGN will openly explore ways to prevent violence in communities, schools and neighborhoods across the Caribbean.

The ONE LOVE: BADNESS OUTTA STYLE CAMPAIGN will kick off with a series of celebrity public service announcements (PSA’s), featuring Trinidad artists Mr. King, Bunji Garlin, KES, King David, Machel Montano and Ziggy Rankin. These PSA’s will deliver powerful messages of peace, reason, and respect through imagery and information that is crucial to educating viewers about the causes and effects of violence. Each announcement will focus on ways to stop and prevent violence. In Trinidad, Tempo is proud to be partnered with the YMCA and Advanced Dynamics to engage at- risk youth, whose futures depend on the cessation of violence, to create their own Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) to boost community awareness, offering steps toward reducing victimization. The PSA’s will be broadcast on Tempo and online at gottempo.com.

The campaign’s title “Badness Outta Style,” was inspired by the lyrics from the song “Boderline", written by Mr. King. Mr. King, one of Trinidad’s top reggae artists, has generously lent his song to the campaign. “This movement is exactly what I had in mind when I wrote this song. I wanted to reach out to youth all over the Caribbean to address the problems of war and violence. Tempo is the perfect medium to get the message out” said Mr. King.

“Youth violence hurts us all! We are the witnesses, parents, siblings; friends as well as the significant others that are left heartbroken…make it a war of hearts not of brute. Care, be honest, show respect and be responsible for your actions” said Delisa Lewis, Communications Officer at the YMCA, Trinidad.

Tempo created the ONE LOVE pro-social platform out of its sense of responsibility to its audience. Recent incidents at the Tempo Turns One Trinidad event, “Party With the Stars, Party Like the Star You Are” served to crystallize the need to address violence as part of the ONE LOVE pro-social umbrella, which continues to address HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, music education and disaster relief.

“As a Caribbean entertainment brand, we are disturbed by growing statistics of violence across the Caribbean. We are fortunate to be able to mobilize many of the Caribbean’s brightest stars, in a conversation regarding how to save the future of our greatest natural resource – our youth. We selected the artists involved because of the powerful messages within their music. When Mr. King sings, “Badness Outta Style” in Boderline, he’s not just singing a lyric, “he is speaking to our future” said Frederick Morton, Jr., Senior Vice President & General Manger, Tempo.

Since inception "It was my desire that TEMPO immediately demonstrate its uncompromising commitment to the community and that is why we incorporated HIV/AIDS messaging at our launch events in November, 2005; broadcast PSA’s – including a PSA featuring a special message from a 13-year old Trinidadian living with HIV, and conducted a disaster relief auction raising $50,000 for the Red Cross to assist Grenada, Haiti, and Jamaica, Caribbean islands most affected by the 2004 hurricanes. And now we will join hands with our partners to stomp out violence in our communities." Morton further stated.

As a quickly evolving leader in brand Caribbean, TEMPO is uniquely positioned to create impactful messages independently and in partnership with advertisers, non-profit organizations, corporate friends, record labels, and artists. TEMPO's goal is that the ONE LOVE campaign will positively affect and change lives through work in the following areas:

  • HIV/AIDS Awareness: Tempo is working with the Caribbean creative community, MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation and local NGO’s in HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness messaging, and programming.
  • VIOLENCE Awareness & Prevention: Tempo works to encourage the cessation of violence, in partnership with the YMCA in Trinidad and will expand this program throughout the Caribbean.
  • Creative Arts Education: Tempo is committed to educating our audience about issues that affect them and using the creative arts to both engage young people and to enhance the educational process. Our messaging of music education in the schools, prisons, etc. in partnership with artists and other Caribbean thought leaders will advocate the use of creative arts as a means of addressing and tackling many of the social issues that affect the region.
  • Disaster Preparedness and Relief: Funds and awareness will be raised throughout the year to prepare for the frequent category 4 and 5 hurricanes that the region often experiences. Tempo will also identify partners and participate in fund-raising drives, benefits and online auctions. Additional new on air, online, wireless, and grassroots initiatives will be rolled out throughout the year, all in the spirit of One Love!

... back to my views now...

This posting is just the first part in my deconstruction of Badness Outta Style. I do not advocate BADNESS but I am a bit bemused with TEMPO's stand. This initiative stands side by side, hand in hand... whatever else escapes me at the moment... with music videos/songs that portray and embelish the BADNESS lifestyle. I am trying to get the PSAs to then show along with some of the videos that TEMPO plays.

The first time I saw one of the PSAs, it was Mr. Morton himself, along with Jah Bami. Followed minutes later by Mavado's video for 'Dreaming'. Now it was the TV edit but I know the unedited song and in it Mavado (Gangsta for LIFE) says

"...and if u touch my paper,

FUCK my dream up,

then you gonna get kill..."

Kinda sounds like self-defence...

I wonder if TEMPO is now going to censor these videos that portray BADNESS. And will it stop with BADNESS alone. Maybe the next step is to ensure that the videos that are overtly sexual are followed by the PSAs for HIV/AIDS (STIs in general).



HD in the MSG Theatre

I wanted to blog on this topic ever since I saw a post by SaucyTrini on hers. I decided to do it now, after I read a post on YouTube in reference to the Machel Montano HD Jumbie music video I upped. I don't know why people continue to pull the wool over their own eyes. I've had calls from people in New York who are amused when they hear that Machel is playing The Garden...

I am glad that Machel is able to hosts shows at reputable establishments but people please don't shortchange yourself... it isn't at Madison Square Garden.

Madison Square Garden, The World’s Most Famous Arena, is located in Manhattan on Seventh Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets. Tickets to events at Madison Square Garden are available at the Garden Box Office, and Ticketmaster online, phones and outlets.

Also located in the heart of Manhattan on Seventh Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets, is The Theater at Madison Square Garden. It has been the venue for annual family shows and theatricals, the NFL and NBA Drafts, CBS Television's Fall Premiere, Con Edison's Shareholder Meetings, Product Launches for Infinity and Intel, Oxford Health Plans Award Ceremony, Corporate Employee Meetings, college graduations, and religious conferences.

Machel Montano HD Machel Montano HD and Friends - Click here to watch a Machel Montano music video!

Category: Concerts
Venue: Theater at Madison Square Garden
City, State: New York, NY
Event Date / Time: Mar 23, 2007, 8:00 PM ($54.50 - $129.50)

Christina AugileraChristina Aguilera Back To Basics Tour
Category: Concerts
Venue: Madison Square Garden
City, State: New York, NY
Event Date / Time: Mar 23, 2007, 7:30 PM ($54.50 - $99.50)

As you can see Mr. HD isn't really in the Garden. He is in the Theatre which is in a completely different pyhsical space. Go out and support in your numbers but remember to tell the cabbie to drop you by the Theatre and not infront of The Garden...


Detrick Rhodes - Man In Desperation

A Couple of months ago I heard this song and asked to give an opinion. I liked it. The video has been completed and has been upped to YouTube. Check it out along with the rider info...

It’s time to drop an update on all of the friends and fans of Houston’s hottest unsigned artist, Detrick Rhodes. First, we’ve got a new video for the smash single “Man In Desperation” available on YouTube.

The video was directed by yours truly on location in Houston and Hempstead, Texas. Check for cameos from Devin the Dude and super producer/engineer Cory Mo.

If you need a DVD copy for your video shows or just for your own personal collection, get at me. Also, if you’d like a copy for your video iPod or PSP click the link below to download:


We’re still looking for ALL the radio and Mixtape love we can get on this track. If you need drops, please make sure to hit me up with your scripts and we’ll get those out to you. If you’ve got Detrick on your Mixtapes or have been hitting his records on your radio shows let me know as well.

If you’re looking for more material from D.Rhodes, be sure to hit up http://www.myspace.com/detrickrhodes for more tracks and you’ll also find him on iTunes and Rhapsody.

We at Element 9 Hip-Hop want to thank everyone for their continued support for D.Rhodes and appreciate all the great feedback you’ve hit us up with. Keep the feedback coming and if there’s anything we can do to help you out, hit me up.

"Put Me In The Mix!"
Element 9 Hip-Hop
New York, NY
Mobile: 646.239.9256
Mobile E-Mail: element9@tmail.com (hit me w/your Vcard)
AIM: xplosive1200


JW & Bionic Blaze set to win SOCA Monarch??

The competition isn't over but I believe they just put on a performance that can't be surpassed. They were lucky enough to come on after Iwer George woke up the Stadium crowd and put himself in the lead.

JW & Blaze performance was near perfect. Drawing on the styles of other artists like Bunji Garlin and Machel Montano they then completed their song with a run down of the alphabet.

They definitely should 'Eat A Food.'

this post edited after I got the results

Groovy Soca Monarch
  • 1st - Biggy Irie
  • 2nd - Mr. Chucky
  • 3rd - Nadia Batson
  • 4th - Shurwayne Winchester

Power Soca Monarch
  • 1st - Iwer George
  • 2nd - Nadia Batson and Kees
  • 3rd - Shurwayne Winchester
  • 4th - Patrice Roberts

...Well I guess I wasn't looking for the same thing as the judges. Even after taking as much time as others entire performance JUST TO SET UP, Shure-is-LAME Winchester, who flooded the stage with a multitude of persons, complete with a Big GATE, still turned in a decent placing. Continuing with the same lyrical style/sound for the past 3/4 years is definitely paying dividends for him.

If you find a winning formula... STICK WITH IT... I cyar vex... right?

I would really liked to have seen JW & Blaze place in the top 4. Coming from being hosts last year (2006) to finalists with a very clever ditty is an accomplishment itself. Mr. Chucky deliverd and was deservedly place as he didn't match up good enough to Biggy Irie of Barbados. The SOCA Monarch has truly gone International as I believe we have the first non-Trinbagonian to win the title.

The show was well produced and flowed fast most times:
  • Performers need to be restricted in their setup time like they do for PANORAMA.
  • The BIG FLAGS are a real nuisance/menace to a competition like this. That is one reason why I stopped going to fetes. I can't see the stage. They block the presentation by the artists and the cameras trying to shoot the video for the closed circuit screens/broadcasters.
  • Patrons who pelt/storm the stage need to be thrown out. We cannot continue to condone such behaviour.

Congrats to the all the winners... Caribbean Prestige Foundation for a wonderful show, TV6 for their coverage and all the sponsors who aim to keep SOCA music alive.

Watch International SOCA Monarch FINALS online @ Jump.tv... enjoy.


IGNITE (Tribe - Drinks inclusive event)

...well I now reach home from Tribe's IGNITE, all drinks inclusive fete, and believe me I can't remember when I last had this much fun.

Tonight was kinda difficult for me but IGNITEing at the same time; personal issues that I will not delve into but it shaped my outlook on the entire night, as most things personal tend to shape our lives.

Nadia BatsonWe arrived just before 2300hrs and Kes the Band featuring Nadia Batson were performing. I didn't really pay them much attention as i didn't yet settle; and I don't like Kees. Nadia Batson has a big tune on her hands and can well run away with a SOCA Monarch title this year. I was actually in a meeting earlier in the day where Mrs. Helen Batson, Nadia's mother, gave a brief sermon and ministered to a small group. What she had to say was very enlightening and I actually tried to implement some of the lessons immediately... but I digress...

After being served a BLACK, a new Rum & Cola drink from Fernandes, as I entered the venue I proceeded to make my normal MACO. It seemed that Johnny Q was responsible for everything (Sound/Video/Lighting), including the 'Johnny-on-the-Spots' and I figured Fireone Fireworks was responsible for the CO2 and Flames. Just a note on the BLACK... it reinforced why I don't drink RUM... bleech!

I did not like the video screen layout for the venue, considering I worked at the same venue for three nights in 2006, TRIBE fete included. There were three screens installed. One on stage left and two on stage right. Stage right had two different size screens but it was nauseous at times; my naseau may be attributed to the switching of the closed circuit coverage for the venue. I saw a total of five cameras. Two mobile on stage, one on a jib/boom that was stage right, one just slightly off center-stage by one of the lighting posts and the last was on the scaffolding tower above the main mixing board, all complete with talkback for the director.

Two big Bars with some tubs littered around the venue filled with beer for self service. The Benson & Hedges team were also there along with a Gatorade booth. I finally found out what B&H were giving as gifts for the cigarette buying public. It was a cheap plastic digital camera that needs a couple of AAA batteries for power. And guess what... you had to get your own batteries. Imagine giving a gift that one should be able to be put to immediate use but you leave out a most important element... I digress again...

Mysterious of the Curtain CrewBunji Garlin & the Asylum came and performed as excellent as they could ever be. There was point in time when Mysterious of the Curtain Crew came up on stage and threatened to steal Garlin's thunder. Garlin informed him that if he wanted to dive off the front of the stage he would have to performg a song. Mysterious delivered 'Suck d Bress & Squeeze d Bumcee' and had the crowd beggin for more. Bunji then sang one of my favourites 'Blessings'. A much needed song for the times that we are in and my general mood. Garlin also invited Devon Stuart to demonstrate his dexterty with our national instrument, the steel pan. This man played the pan in all imaginable places. Upside down and even directly on the floor.

Iwer George continues to mash up 'Fete After Fete,' even when Mysterious comes back and is made to perform yet again. Fay-Ann kinda killed the Asylum's performance by giving too many instructions to the Curtain Crew and some Red Devils in the crowd.

Hypa Hoppa & DJ Dane saved the day with some classic Calypso/Soca. This was a beautiful segway to introduce the next band.

Imij & Co.Imij & Co. came on and I wondered if I was going to be as bored as I was for Jamboree. I wasn't. Really. Most of the performance had me grooving to the music. And as I said to Terry Seales, who I later saw in the crowd, the problem I had was that their set was just too groovy. Too groovy for me who had come with a 'Jump and Wave' expectation. I made the point that they were being different. Joey as usual, chose to use songs that have much more variation/music within their pages for the band to perform and really show off their skills. Michelle and Terry need not sing their entire song though. And Ghetto Flex doesn't need to follow them with a whole rendition of Machel Montano HD's 'One More Time' either. The overall performance was good. Mr. Slaughter came on to their backing and as usual he "flattened the tanker." Talk about a HIT song. A definite song to help us 'Spread The Love' all year through.

I really have a different outlook on Destra & Atlantik though; and no it was Sobieski's fault. Destra was coming off a cussin incident from the previous night and sought to apologize to the crowd for her behaviour. She claimed that she was provoked and let the situation overcome her normally rational self. She also maintained that DIGICEL was still behind her... 100%.

Destra GarciaOne of the people who really inspires me to write my blurbs may jest at my newly found defense for an artist whom i had previousely held no brief. Destra really did win me over. She came on with 40 minutes of performance and I wondered how she was going to do her set in such a short time; this after expressing the view that she is often rushed off the stage for other performers. Destra tantalised the crowd by 'Dutty Wining' and 'HOT F*$KING' (WUK for you radio friendly people). I was eargerly anticipating Nya George's 'Las Lap', another song that is definitely one of my party favourites, when i realised that Destra was actually singing. She had her tracks/band but was actually singing over them.

I think one of my feet is now on the Destra bandwagon. Destra & Nya had me going 'down d road' for over five minutes.

I haven't slept a wink since yesterday about this same time so I have my one official 24 hours for 2007. I really have to go do my real work and I will hopefully get a piece of cardboard on which to lay my head. Thanks TRIBE for an excellent Fete.

d bandwagonist gonna try to get some shuteye... ban-d-wagonist...


Machel Montano HD - Jumbie (music video)

Is Machel Montano HD shaping himself like Michael Jackson? Are we waiting to see if Machel soon has a whole heap of molestation charges being brought against him?

Machel Montano HD In his 2007 REZZARECK(tion) Machel and his team of designers/stylists have decided that a good person to model HD after is the great Michael Jackson; probably one of the best entertainers ever... well imitation... flattery... you know...

The HD bus (for which I have video too) is/was a flop, or should I say... it BUSS. It is definitely something different for Trinidad. It improved on the Shurwayne & Traffik 25 seater from 2006. When the 'Taipan of SOCA' is performing at venue now I guess they do not need to set up an area for him. I guess he can stay on the bus and come out when he is already 'Higher Than High'. It saves the promoter the trouble of having to cater to the needs (whatever they may be) of Machel Montano, the rest of the enterouge aint that important... ;). Machel has really impressed this Carnival though... he is the 'King of Soca' as his website maintains.

I first heard Jumbie at a LIVE performance and immediately thought ROAD MARCH. I have had alot of fun jumbie... jumbie dem... jumbie... jumbie dem (RAH)ing unsuspecting people but Jumbie has actually lost some points after my viewing the video. Walt Lovelace too. I can't believe that the video looks so cheap. No real thought went into it. If compared this to Shurwayne's 'Open the Gate' and we can see who is the preferred face of bMobile Trinbago. Even though Shurwayne has junkyard scenes that look very similar to Junior Gong's 'Move', it looks finished; Lisa Wickham has a history of not being original. Jumbie looks unpolished... a ruff cut for review purposes. I guess this is what happens when you rush to do a video for a song and don't get proper treatment (concept/storyboard).

Walt Lovelace's work is usually exceptional. Think of Ataklan's 'Naked Walk' and 'Shadow'. Visually stunning pieces. I guess if he did not agree with the concept he should have gone the way of Ras Kassa... (excerpt from an interview by Whaddat.com...)
There are instances where he becomes so fed up with the end result of some of videos (those instances where the artist plays director) that he opts to not have his name put on the final cut. "They have the tackiest ideas... When things like that happen, it f*$k you up. Is like yuh girl hurt yuh so yuh don't even feel like being a part of it. I just don't put my name on it." After much cajoling, he gives a hilarious recount of what he'd consider his worst video experience, "It was their video, their idea," he says setting the record straight... "I respec' dem still caw dem a try do dem ting. They've worked clubs overseas…dem a try mek dem money…and that's why I chose to work with them but dem f*$k it up."

I have seen better makeup in a Jouvert band. If you want to imitate or STEAL a concept do it properly. You are now in an age where everyone is a critic. Most have access to or are exposed to more than what you may think. MTV & BET are now staples in the diet of many a Trinbagonian. W.I. have Tempo that more than likely is going to pick up these videos because their audience wants to see their favourite Caribbean artists.

Mr. High Def has credited Kernel Roberts with writing Jumbie and Kernel has a proven track record for not hearing a song... I will make the excuse/assumption that he has never seen Michael Jackson's Thriller either. The choreography comes straight out from Thriller with a little of the Hot Wuk too. Machel twitches his neck like a soucouyant biting him. I would have liked to see more traditional mas characters associated with the DARKER elements of life portrayed in the video; not just Moko Jumbies.

The really sad part about this video is the intro... if I was a SELL-EBB-RI-TEE and had a tour bus with a bed in it I gurantee that it would not be filled with a whole heap a Mann.



Of Stars and Stripes: The Colours of We

On February 6, 2007, TriniHits.com was formally launched in Trinidad... click here to read more...

Jamboree in d Park

I had a good time at Jamboree yesterday considering that they didn't start me off good. The Jamboree was carded to start @ 1600hrs and this Trini is one who is a stickler for time. I was there from 1610hrs and when I reach music wasn't even playing. I laugh @ myself remembering when I was leaving home my sister asking me where I was going so early... any way I wasn't the only one early... I met up with Raj who was early too. We talked about Crime on my work place and watched as others arrived and wondered how long the wait would be. Fire officers and BARS staff were still strolling in late and apparently in no hurry. The Benson & Hedges girls came strolling down in some clothes that didn't fit them too good and still no music.

1700hrs and some music began to come out from the sound system but no entrance to the people gathered. I guess we were the ones who didn't go to AC5 the night before. Finally, the wait was over at 1710hrs when after drinking a Carib from the corn soup vendor they heeded Shurwayne's call and opened the gate.

First ting was to get a proper drink... CARIB is all good but when Scotch or Vodka is available... Why drink a BEER? I stopped by the Blu Vodka booth to get a little taste with some Ocean Spray... you might as well drink d freebees until they either run you or run out... My companion had some Capaccino ting that mimics Baileys and I then proceded to scope the venue.

I feel the need to know who doing what with regard to Sound/Video/Lighting. AD Sound company (Gus) was doing the overall sound and lighting while I surmised that the video screens and closed circuit coverage came from Media 21. STAG, a Man's beer, was trying ting with a video projector in a big white ball but they didn't place it to get the greatest possible audience. Benson & Hedges had a whole Tent/Booth with complimentry Bar and a couple 43" Plasma Screens constantly running ads. High Fidelity was running a SOCA mix down from the Laptop and I was drinking my Vodka enjoying myself in the cool evening.

Mr. Slaughter @ Jamboree 2007Imij & Co. arrived in a 25 seater and immediately proceded to set up. DAMN they took long. It seemed to me like an hour cause I was begining to loose the buzz I created by downing a fair amount of Blu & Sobieski Vodka. I usually try not to drink alcohol when gearing up to follow instructions. I saw Mr. Camps constantly checking lines on the Main board, like one was giving trouble. I couldn't let the buzz completely go away so off I went to get a screwdriver to help my cause.

Imij finally came on about 1925hrs and their performance wasn't as good as I expected. I am a big fan of the band and the best part of their performance came when Mr. Slaughter entered the stage just before 2000hrs. I had actually gone for something to eat and returned to the stage for Slaughter. I had to Spread The Love... set completed Imij & Mr. Slaughter gone back to the DJ...

Bunji Garlin @ Jamboree 2007Bunji Garlin is the Fire Man. Coming on at approximately 2050hrs he gave us hits from the past and led us into a beautiful display of the Steelpan's versatility. Garlin freestyled on a multitude of topics even taking up the challenge by a patron who gave him a bottle of Scotch to wet his throat; the video here.
Ninjitsu gave Jouvay from 2006 and SkaFace came with Audrey also from 2006. I don't think he was well received by the audience. I was drenched in sweat after Garlin & The ASYLUM tore up the stage.

'Mashing up Fete is Meh Name' also made an appearance... for those who don't know that is Neil Iwer George's new name. After hearing and seeing him in Blue Range All Inclusive I knew what he was coming with but this time I had the opportunity to 'Show Meh Hand' for him to 'Read my Palm'... I did most certainly Jump Up & Get on BAD...

Iwer George @ Jamboree 20072230hrs and I decided it was time to leave. I have no idea if Destra came with Atlantik... and I eh really bizness either... not really a Destra fan... but assume she had to come cause ah d amount of DIGICEL signage and rags.

I look forward to the 2008 edition and I hope to enjoy Euphoria on the coming Saturday even more...


MacFarlane does Elephant Man

brian mcfarlane - raj kumar boyle
one of the most innovative designs for d mas... my pic for King of the Bands this Carnival.

Slaughter Spreads the Love

Derek Pereira is again riding the soca wave for Carnival. This year, the 29-year-old deejay, producer, singer and songwriter, who is known in the music industry as Mr. Slaughter, wants to spread the love around with his third album, interestingly and appropriately titled Port-of-Spain.

His C2K7 hit—Spread the Love—which comes off the album, is already blasting in the parties and in heavy rotation on the airwaves. According to Slaughter, he is well on his way to a bumper season.

Dressed in a cocoa-brown, short sleeved shirt, a brown pair of sneakers and blue jeans, complete with a blinging brown and gold shades, Slaughter who visited the Guardian said he wrote Spread the Love because he wanted to venture into something different.

The song, he said, was penned after returning home from a gig in Japan along with the Xcalibar Entourage sound system last November. What we need to do is start to spread the love around,” said Slaughter during an interview on January 10, 2007. And, by extension, to our Caribbean partners.”

He added that the culture was also in need of more support. We need to love up the culture even more and it must begin with loving our own stars, especially the ones who do not get credit.”
People just need to listen to the song,” he advised.

The album, which was due for release at the end of January in stores, has 17 tracks. Among the songs are title song Port-of-Spain, Stage, By request and Over Standing. Originally from Santa Cruz, the lyrical artiste who began the musical journey at the age of 11, started by getting involved in a church choir as well as a school parang band. Though his first love is dancehall, Slaughter has managed to fuse it with soca, incorporating what was intrinsic to his culture.

The Diego Martin resident who was responsible for founding Xcalibar in 1998 has moved up a notch from his 2006 album, Living Legend. His recent album also carries the similar life-altering messages which includes the mega hit.

Slaughter is known for some major track records which include; Carnival I love you and West Indies (2006); Leh Meh See and Feeling Nice (2005); We Doh Play and It’s Not Easy (2004); and, Tic Toc (2002). He is expected to share the stage with Roy Cape All Stars, Traffik, Bunji Garlin & The Alysum Band, and KMC’s Red, White and Black band.

He would be also accompanying mas band Island People on the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Although not working (permanently) alongside a brass band, Slaughter is not phased.
Having a band is every artiste’s dream, but it is also very high maintenance,” he said.

Slaughter said Spread the Love was a song he always had on his mind to do. He added when he first thought about the song, he wanted a song to not only speak about T&T, but one that would appeal to people across the board. When I was structuring the song and putting the beats together I wanted the song to send a clear message and also have a catchy tag line to it,” he said.

Recalling his 2004 selection, Trample, Slaughter said people did not take time to listen to the words of the song and thought it was all about “jump and get on bad.” He said, “I need for them to listen to the song again.” Trample was an experience. Many people thought that the sound was about wildness, but it was far from that. It was all about religion and trampling the evils of life,” he said, while singing a verse and a chorus of the tune.

On February 4, Slaughter earned a spot in bmobile International Soca Monarch Final, taking place at Hasely Crawford Stadium on Fantastic Friday (February 16), having placed seventh in the semifinal round of the competition. When ask what his fans could look forward to when he steps on the big stage, Slaughter was quick to respond: “My fans could look out for 100 per cent purity as I step forth on the stage because I would be going out there with Jah,” he said confidently. I am going to give it my best shot because I already have my blessings.

I have a message and I want to spread it,” he ended.

I just had to post this article from the Saturday 10th February 2007 edition of the Trinidad Guardian newspaper, written by Avalene Harris and photo by Wendy-Ann Duncan.