Richie Spice - Spice In Your Life

Richie Spice delivers on his latest record, three years after the release of “Spice In Your Life,” the man who gave us anthems like “Earth A Run Red,” “Marijuana” and “Grooving My Girl,” adds to his creative resume the disc “In The Streets To Africa.” Spice has easily risen to the top of his game, thanks to a handful of hits, and his latest disc captures some of the most recent chart-toppers thrown in with some new delicacies.

Of course, “Brown Skin” is included, so too is the Billboard-charting single “Youths Are So Cold,” the New York Reggae chart hit “Open The Door,” and his almost ten-year-old recording “Grooving My Girl” (which was re-released and became a hit all over again two years ago). The material on the 5th Element/VP 15-track disc is enough to expand on Richie's fan base, and music lovers young and old should find the tracks appealing. “Digital Ways,” featuring the late Joseph Hill of Culture, “Sunny Day,” and “Baby Face” featuring Richie's brothers Spanner Banner and Pliers deserve a fair shake. An impressive lineup of musicians injected their talents into this album.

But the bonus thrill is the DVD which has been included. There are acoustic performances of Richie in the street in front of his 5th Element offices. The camera also accompanied Richie to various places around the country and this gives fans a close-up look at the man whose now familiar vocals have made him one of the most sought-after in modern-day reggae.

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