IGNITE (Tribe - Drinks inclusive event)

...well I now reach home from Tribe's IGNITE, all drinks inclusive fete, and believe me I can't remember when I last had this much fun.

Tonight was kinda difficult for me but IGNITEing at the same time; personal issues that I will not delve into but it shaped my outlook on the entire night, as most things personal tend to shape our lives.

Nadia BatsonWe arrived just before 2300hrs and Kes the Band featuring Nadia Batson were performing. I didn't really pay them much attention as i didn't yet settle; and I don't like Kees. Nadia Batson has a big tune on her hands and can well run away with a SOCA Monarch title this year. I was actually in a meeting earlier in the day where Mrs. Helen Batson, Nadia's mother, gave a brief sermon and ministered to a small group. What she had to say was very enlightening and I actually tried to implement some of the lessons immediately... but I digress...

After being served a BLACK, a new Rum & Cola drink from Fernandes, as I entered the venue I proceeded to make my normal MACO. It seemed that Johnny Q was responsible for everything (Sound/Video/Lighting), including the 'Johnny-on-the-Spots' and I figured Fireone Fireworks was responsible for the CO2 and Flames. Just a note on the BLACK... it reinforced why I don't drink RUM... bleech!

I did not like the video screen layout for the venue, considering I worked at the same venue for three nights in 2006, TRIBE fete included. There were three screens installed. One on stage left and two on stage right. Stage right had two different size screens but it was nauseous at times; my naseau may be attributed to the switching of the closed circuit coverage for the venue. I saw a total of five cameras. Two mobile on stage, one on a jib/boom that was stage right, one just slightly off center-stage by one of the lighting posts and the last was on the scaffolding tower above the main mixing board, all complete with talkback for the director.

Two big Bars with some tubs littered around the venue filled with beer for self service. The Benson & Hedges team were also there along with a Gatorade booth. I finally found out what B&H were giving as gifts for the cigarette buying public. It was a cheap plastic digital camera that needs a couple of AAA batteries for power. And guess what... you had to get your own batteries. Imagine giving a gift that one should be able to be put to immediate use but you leave out a most important element... I digress again...

Mysterious of the Curtain CrewBunji Garlin & the Asylum came and performed as excellent as they could ever be. There was point in time when Mysterious of the Curtain Crew came up on stage and threatened to steal Garlin's thunder. Garlin informed him that if he wanted to dive off the front of the stage he would have to performg a song. Mysterious delivered 'Suck d Bress & Squeeze d Bumcee' and had the crowd beggin for more. Bunji then sang one of my favourites 'Blessings'. A much needed song for the times that we are in and my general mood. Garlin also invited Devon Stuart to demonstrate his dexterty with our national instrument, the steel pan. This man played the pan in all imaginable places. Upside down and even directly on the floor.

Iwer George continues to mash up 'Fete After Fete,' even when Mysterious comes back and is made to perform yet again. Fay-Ann kinda killed the Asylum's performance by giving too many instructions to the Curtain Crew and some Red Devils in the crowd.

Hypa Hoppa & DJ Dane saved the day with some classic Calypso/Soca. This was a beautiful segway to introduce the next band.

Imij & Co.Imij & Co. came on and I wondered if I was going to be as bored as I was for Jamboree. I wasn't. Really. Most of the performance had me grooving to the music. And as I said to Terry Seales, who I later saw in the crowd, the problem I had was that their set was just too groovy. Too groovy for me who had come with a 'Jump and Wave' expectation. I made the point that they were being different. Joey as usual, chose to use songs that have much more variation/music within their pages for the band to perform and really show off their skills. Michelle and Terry need not sing their entire song though. And Ghetto Flex doesn't need to follow them with a whole rendition of Machel Montano HD's 'One More Time' either. The overall performance was good. Mr. Slaughter came on to their backing and as usual he "flattened the tanker." Talk about a HIT song. A definite song to help us 'Spread The Love' all year through.

I really have a different outlook on Destra & Atlantik though; and no it was Sobieski's fault. Destra was coming off a cussin incident from the previous night and sought to apologize to the crowd for her behaviour. She claimed that she was provoked and let the situation overcome her normally rational self. She also maintained that DIGICEL was still behind her... 100%.

Destra GarciaOne of the people who really inspires me to write my blurbs may jest at my newly found defense for an artist whom i had previousely held no brief. Destra really did win me over. She came on with 40 minutes of performance and I wondered how she was going to do her set in such a short time; this after expressing the view that she is often rushed off the stage for other performers. Destra tantalised the crowd by 'Dutty Wining' and 'HOT F*$KING' (WUK for you radio friendly people). I was eargerly anticipating Nya George's 'Las Lap', another song that is definitely one of my party favourites, when i realised that Destra was actually singing. She had her tracks/band but was actually singing over them.

I think one of my feet is now on the Destra bandwagon. Destra & Nya had me going 'down d road' for over five minutes.

I haven't slept a wink since yesterday about this same time so I have my one official 24 hours for 2007. I really have to go do my real work and I will hopefully get a piece of cardboard on which to lay my head. Thanks TRIBE for an excellent Fete.

d bandwagonist gonna try to get some shuteye... ban-d-wagonist...

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