Music to fight crime

The National Anti-Crime Music Campaign (Trinidad & Tobago) on the Praise Circuit intends to use music to fight crime. This new campaign to fight crime in the country was launched Saturday on Brian Lara Promenade in Port-of-Spain. “Music and lyrics combined is recognized as powerful tools of social re-ordering in developed countries,” explained Rachael Guzman De Vlugt, one of the main organizers of the campaign. The campaign continues in San Fernando on March 31st and will then visit seven other places including Chaguanas and Point Fortin. Performing at the function were Rev Angela Williams and Band, Rizon, Koen Duncan and his band, Isaac Blackman, Delamo and JD Sellier and Altar Call. De Vlugt said various other artistes would be provided by the Copyright Organization of T&T at the other venues. She also said anyone with positive lyrics in a song could join the campaign.

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  1. Keeping in mind the lyrical content of Mavado's work and others who promote themseleves as gangster rappers, this anti-crime music campaign is not a bad idea. To suceed in getting the message out to help young people to be selective in what they listen to, however I believe the organizers would have to get a full committment from the media. See the following link for an update on the group's work.