Garrison Hawk - Sweet Music

Recording artist Garrison Hawk. The video was shot on location in Kingston Jamaica and directed be Jay Will (Game Over). Also featuring legends Joe LickShot and King Jammy at Jammy's Studio.


Germaica Digital

Wha gwaan GERMAICANS, PIONEAR launched his all new label today:


check the next GERMAICA Riddim "Opium" feat. bounty killer, ill inspecta, cobra, natasja (r.i.p.), ronny trettmann and lexie lee here:


have a krazy weekend,

keepin' it real,

the germaicans


Positive - Never Let Go

currently the best 'local' tune on the airwaves... and my current state of mind...


Konshens - Rasta Imposter

Konshens representingKonshens Lashes Out Against Fake Rastas
By Kon-Vick
OutAroad.com Writer

“Dem a nuh Rasta - Dem a ‘Ras Hair,’
Talk this loud mi nuh fear”

Jamaica’s fast rising star, Konshens is in the spotlight again, and this time there is a bit of controversy surrounding same. The deejay who burst on the scene with the mega hit Winner (This Year Mi Affi Be Di Winna), has launched an assault on people who wrongfully associate themselves with Rastafarianism.

In some nail biting and rather witty lyrics Konshens chastises artistes that “natty up dem head”. Already there are words on the street that several Rastafarian individuals are pondering whether or not he (Konshens) is ‘throwing words’ at them.

Here are some of the lyrics that will have some artistes sweating:

“Mi si nuff a dem a natty up dem head fi get exposure,
But a real Rasta Man nuh run down riches like Dover,
Dem impersonating Rasta,
But mi Rasta friend dem seh bun up a Rasta imposter
Natty up dem head fi ketch a hype up,
Seh dem a rasta, but Rasta livity dem nah hoist up,
Wha’ kind a food that dem a bite up,
Dem seh dem a Ras, what kind of girl that dem a wife up”

According to Konshens, he was inspired to write the song Rasta Imposter after several persons approached him with the argument that he should become a Rastafarian as it was the easiest way to ‘buss’. “They were also of the opinion that I sounded like a Rastafarian on several of my tracks,” Konshens explained to OutAroad.com.

OutAroad.com took the time out to write the lyrics for this smashing single so that you, our readers, can get familiar with this hard-hitting track. You can also tune in to our media player at the top right to listen to the song.

Here goes the chorus:

But mi nah Ras fi sell nuh cd,
(and mi nah) - Ras fi guh pon tv,
(and mi nah) - Ras fi get nuh airplay
(no mi nah) - Ras fi get di payday
(so mi nah) - Ras fi sell nuh cd
(and mi nah) - Ras fi guh pon tv
Mi nah turn Rasta fi shot a Europe,
Renta dread fi move up.

the whole article and comments on OutaRoad.com


Patrice - Clouds

Single "Clouds" Release 05/09/2008
Album: "Free-Patri-Ation" 05/23/2008


Sojah - Mi Madda

for my moms 2day... even if she doh be online...


Dalai Lama Smoking With Raz In Jamaica

Oh, it's hard being a man!

BLAKKA's BOXits been said time and time again... but BLAKKA takes it on in this commentary... I can actually hear BLAKKA saying these words as he is very good when it comes to speaking about Male vs. FeMale...

"Gee Blakka, you look nice. I love how those shoes match your belt, and your shirt, pants and socks are so well coordinated colour-wise. Only gay men dress that well." No wonder most men just give up and dress like ragamuffins.

just a random post especially after watching the premiere of "The REEF" last night on C...


Michael Franti - All I Want Is You

"...wise man count his blessings..."

  • Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • 'All I Want Is You'
  • Anti-/Liberator/Village Again
  • director: Ras Kassa the Guru
  • producer: Damali Little-White
  • DOP: Jeremy Rogers
  • editor: Ras Kassa
  • A 2008 Guru Films Production
  • running time: 04:23

More Ras Kassa / Franti collaborations to come!
"Little Bit of Riddim"
"Say Hey"


jointpop - Mystery

the music video for Mystery, from the launch earlier this week, from the album The January Transfer Window from Trinidad & Tobago band jointpop. Directed by Stefan Jones.

SumFest will go on

Despite Red Stripe not being on board as title sponsors this year, Reggae Sumfest is still on course as it has already signed several big acts to its line-up for the event that will take place in Montego Bay from July 13-19.

Some of the artistes include Beenie Man, Richie Spice, Anthony B, Vybz Kartel, Wayne Marshall, Etana, Tarrus Riley, Demarco and Mavado. Robert Russell, chairman of Summerfest Productions , says the production team is in negotiations with several other local and international acts.

"We hope to offer the usual top-class entertainment package with all the best entertainers locally and some special overseas acts," said Russell.

"We will still ensure the same level of state-of-the-art lighting, sound and stage production that have characterised Sumfest."

While the Red Stripe brand has pulled out as title sponsors for the event, it is still the liquor sponsor. He says there are two major companies vying for title sponsorship but the discussions have not been concluded. He says discussions might not be completed in time for this year as the event will take place in two months but commitments have been made for years to come.

In addition, Digicel, Ocean Spray and Air Jamaica, the Jamaica Tourist Board and VP Records have once again signed on as major sponsors of the event. Supreme Ventures has signed as a Silver sponsor, Red Bull a Gold sponsor, and Jamrock Magazine is a Platinum sponsor.

Russell was also keen to point out that sponsors play a big role but the production team, especially the directors, helps to make the festival 'the greatest reggae show on earth'.

Reggae Sumfest and Summerfest Productions won Concert of the Year and Promoter of the Year awards at the 27th Annual International Reggae and World Music Awards on May 4. Russell says the production team is proud of the achievements.

"I am very proud that we have received international recognition for a show that has been running since 1993. I want to thank the directors, artistes, musicians and security forces that put a lot of effort into putting on the show. Everybody worked hard to ensure that the festival is a success," he said.

Russell promises that the event will be a good one. It has been afforded the privilege of going beyond 2 a.m. because it has been designated as an national festival. This status, he says, might be the same for other events like Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival and Jamaica Carnival.

"We have been designated as an national festival. That consideration is because of the amount of foreign visitors we attract. That is about 5,000 visitors and US$5 million in revenue. So we have been afforded the privilege of going later than 2 a.m. We will close the festival at the normal times," he said.

Shaggy - Feel the rush

If this doesn't feel or sound Caribbean and get you in the mood for some beach football well da is you... Simple song but Great promotional tune for EURO2008


935 Lies

935 falsehoods led to war

Gargamel speaks

Buju BantonGreetings, good people of the earth! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the love and support over the years and for your continued support in the future.

By now most have already heard about the separation between myself and Penthouse Music Group. Let me assure you that it was one of mutual understanding, and that I sincerely wish Mr. Donovan Germain all the best. With much respect I say to Mr. Germain, thank you for the many years of service and for the eye-opening experience.

To the haters, hate on. To the well-wishers, we will be victorious because JAH LIVE. As for me personally, I am fine. Glad I now have the medium to communicate to my fans and friends all over the world.

Here at Gargamel we are cultivating a new awareness in the minds of music lovers everywhere. Over the past three years, I have been steadily building. The trials were many and the lessons arduous. However, it has made me much more informed and knowledgeable about this business of music. Learning how everything works behind the scenes is crucial in this age. I am proud to announce that the studio renovation is now complete, give God almighty the glory -- yet our works have just begun.

There are so much things to discuss and share with you but where to begin? I am of the belief that there is a certain force at work in this, our beloved island of Jamaica: a force working to further undermine us as a people who should know by now where we are coming from, and where we are going. Where is unity? Where is trust? Where is loyalty? Where is conscience?

How long will brothers be placed in the uncomfortable position of being the buffer between the rich and poor in this country, all in the name of security? The scale is not a balanced one when it comes to dealing with those they say have not, as opposed to those who have.

In Jamaica today we have a terrible problem with the guns, the gunman, the politicians, the dons, the deejays, the lesbian and gays, you name it. We are suffering a social decay yet no one, not a single one of our entertainers, have seen the need for a change in the lyrical content they are selling.

In times past, entertainers were such a vocal set that even church leaders would quote them during service. What happened? Have we all become followers now, instead of leaders for our people? No wonder these political snipers are getting away with blue murder. Everybody is afraid of what speaking out might bring.

I have no friends in high society. My friends are those I can identify with, those who have a heart conscience, those who see our country -- overrun by crooks and cut throats -- and are calling deep inside for their champions to restore their pride and dignity so we Jamaicans can once more hold our heads high and serve this great nation with our all. We have a responsibility. Let's pull together.



Local music group "jointpop" will release their new music video on...

  • Tuesday 13th May 9pm
  • The Nex Dor Pub
  • Ariapita Avenue, Woodbook.
  • Cost of entry is $40 and
  • jointpop CD's and DVD's will be on sale for $100.
For more info call 765-3182, 620-9205 or
visit www.jointpop.com and www.myspace.com/jointpop

take in an oldie but goodie

Israel's 60th Birthday: History of Conflict

the vid has some dumbed down info on the Isreal/Palestinian saga... all in all good intentions...

EDUCATE yourself on the HISTORY of this Conflict don't just watch the video... understand what really has happened... not just the last 60 years...


Sponsorship and Social Responsibility

Should Private and Public Sponsors demand a better Society?

Over the past weeks the Red Stripe saga has become a talking point in Jamaica and in Guyana the Government basically shutting down performances by artists whose lyrics are generally of a violent nature.

the following excerpt from Red Stripe blackmailing dancehall?
A word to everyone, though hardcore dancehall can not be stopped or tamed, it will be what the society needs it to be. When Jamaica becomes more civilised the sounds from hardcore dancehall will change too. Until then, it reflects an ugliness that is uncomfortable for some of us to hear and see - but it is quite real.
and this is from Guyana gone too far?
However, there are several issues with which to contend when one contemplates where the line should be drawn between artistry and the incitement of violence.
Now I believe that the Guyanese Government should have a say... but wouldnt it have been better to revise laws or simply enforce existing ones.

Monopoly NCN Radio Bans Bounty Killer & Mavado Songs
According to a report carried on livinguyana.blogspot.com the move follows the government banning the two Jamaican dancehall artistes from traveling to Guyana to perform or for any other purpose. On air presenters were informed of the move late yesterday afternoon.
We see it every year for Carnival... Litter laws, and the best one Lewd Dancing... all of this only leads to ANARCHY... and I believe that it has already started... especially in our Third World Region... no apologies...

Now the Artistes on warpath Second attack launched on Red Stripe
The artistes say they are now prepared to perform for free during at least one major event as long as there are no Red Stripe products being sold or consumed at the venue.
"We can all sit here an beat 'roun di bush, Diageo don't give a ... about violence in Jamaica, the real reason, personally, I think it has a lot to do with the gay-bashing lyrics and Red Stripe don't want to come out and say this is the legitimate reason why we are pulling out."
Now this is an auotpost I just complied some of the stories I saw...

One thing to note is that Red Stripe currently sponsor of Pardon the Interruption (PTI) on ESPN and this show is on everyday just before SportsCenter in the evening... major viewership...

RedStripe was once just a Jamaican brand then it became a Caribbean brand... Ive still never tasted one tho... they have now become an International Brand and are associated with Jamaica... becasuse they are Jamaican... this is just a move by a Corporate entity trying to distance themselves from controversy... remmeber what happened to A certain KONvict...

unless the dancehall artistes start singing Globally marketable and apparently acceptable song I dont think that RedStripe will back down... the artistes who host many a dance in Jamaica on a weekly basis could certainly put a dent in RedStripe's Jamaican profits but then the company may very well take those lackluster sales on home soil and carry it international...
 If on the other hand the artistes get total support at home and people walk-off the line in the factory... and also garner international support... which I doubt will happen in either case... then RedStripe will have to reevaluate its role...

I remember some years ago in Trinidad when Luciano tore down the banner of one of the Sponsors on a show... Craven A... I guess that it was they who actually paid for his performace on the show because they were made in Jamaica (at the time) and were trying to get into the Trinidad market... I doh know what happened to them...

in the end SumFest will still go on and this will not be the last time we hear of music being banned/regulated by Government or Private Sponsor...

Germaican Records - Opium Riddim

Germaican Records Opium Riddim

Download/Listen to the FREE MegaMix here

1000 Bullit a FLY


Boynes gets $20M tax break

Salybia Resort and Spa
After being left out of the PNM's slate of candidates for the 2007 General Election the former Minister of Sport is getting even more backpay payback. It wasnt enough for the Government and its Ministries to hold daily/weekly/monthly retreats in the Resort/Spa... I hope that Roger utilised the Spa for treatment after back surgery...

Boynes gets $20M tax break
By SEAN DOUGLAS Friday, May 9 2008

FORMER Minister of Sport and Toco/Manzanilla MP Roger Boynes and his brother Ronald Boynes, chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation chairman, have enjoyed a $20 million tax break on their Salybia Resort and Spa.

This was revealed by Legal Notice 54 in the Trinidad and Tobago Gazette of April 10.

The document cited an order, made under the Tourism Development Act, for a tax-break in the form of a capital allowance on the brothers’ investment of $20,566,731 on the resort as an approved tourism project.

The order also exempts the resort from paying any tax on its gains or profits for five years.

The capital allowance is for five successive accounting periods from 2007 to 2014 at a rate of one-fifth of the $20,566,731 million, or an estimated $4 million per period. This means that no taxes would be paid on the first $20 million the resort makes, as this sum represents the cost of the Boynes’ investment.

The TT Gazette also carried other legal notices announcing similar tax-breaks for the Marriott Courtyard Hotel (which had been built at capital cost of $48 million), Kapok Hotel ($14 million), Stonehaven Villas in Tobago ($36.7 million) and Paria Suites ($14 million). While the main tax-break — the $20 million capital allowance — can be claimed in a period between January 1, 2007 and March 2014, the Legal Notice states the order is deemed to run from January 1, 2002 to December 31, 2006, a period when Roger Boynes was a government minister. The order also gives generous tax-breaks on equipment depreciation, business losses and dividends earned on the project. In a recent interview, Ronald Boynes assured Newsday that everything was above-board regarding the Salybia resort.

“Under the Tourism Act hotels including ours are entitled to apply for the relevant tax exemptions allowed by law. It’s been operating since 2003. Initially there was some problem with the legislation which had to be rectified, and now lots of hotels including ours are now coming on-stream.”

So, how had the Boynes’ funded the project?

Ronald Boynes replied: “Through the usual bank facilities. It is a commercial venture, so the bank would be satisfied as to its viability.” He did not name the bank when asked. Ronald said the resort was a venture in a fledgling industry in that region so that incentives were important. “I hope other people will follow. There are several guest houses in the area. We have a long history of pushing for development in the area, including eco-tourism.”

Had there been a conflict of interest between Roger’s involvement in the hotel and his public duties? Ronald said this was not so and that Roger was not a government minister, but an Opposition member when construction had begun.

“We started building the hotel in 1999 or 2000 and it was opened in 2003. I could tell you of the struggles and fights we had faced from the then government (that is, the former UNC administration), but that’s another story.” Ronald said the resort was backed by the banks based on his presentations to them. He said Roger did not make any presentations and had been nowhere near the seat of political power. “Everything is above board.” Ronald said Roger became a minister in 2001, “when the hotel facilities were well advanced.”

Ronald said he did not think any commercial bank would give preferential treatment to a minister because they needed to act prudently in their shareholders’ interest.

Should politicians take a vow of poverty?

Roger replied: “People should conduct their affairs to comply with the ethics of public life and the Integrity in Public Life Act.”

Roger said the resort was located on “family property” which the brothers then directly acquired. “Initially it belonged to an aunt of mine who sold it to us when she decided to migrate. It is a small hotel, but with full service capacity.”

The resort was utilised by Prime Minister Patrick Manning who hosted a five-day induction retreat for his newly-elected Cabinet in November 2007, which a Newsday story had estimated to cost from $328,000 to $369,000 for accommodation and meals, based on a per person daily rate of roughly $1,600 to $1,800. Roger Boynes was Minister of Sport in the previous Manning administration but did not stand for re-selection last election because he had undergone back surgery.

Now why was there no mention of which BANK lent the funds... was it the Government's Bank aka First Citizens...

...he did not think any commercial bank would give preferential treatment to a minister because they needed to act prudently in their shareholders’ interest...

Anthony B - Life Over Death

One of my favourite artiste...

"The Trendsetter" Anthony B is poised to make waves in the reggae world with his exclusive digital release of "Life Over Death" at anthonyblifeoverdeath.com

His 12th album breaks new ground as Anthony shows his versatility with a phenomenal mix of tracks that reflects his evolution as a trend setter in the music industry! The title track "Life Over Death" captures Anthony's vision of his struggles in life and his ability to overcome all obstacles. The song "Territory" is a powerful anthem calling all to stand for their community, and "Jungle" speaks to his experiences within the music community and the trials that came along with his success.

The album's first digital single "Bad From Long Time" coins Anthony B "The Trendsetter". A new road is being forged as Anthony B blazes a trail in uncharted territory for the reggae industry within the realm of the digital revolution. Bornfire Music has partnered with Zojak World Wide to independently release "Life Over Death" at anthonyblifeoverdeath.com Join "The Trendsetter" in the digital revolution by supporting his work at anthonyblifeoverdeath.com!


Marketing Strategy

This is/was posted on Facebook's Marketplace and it immediately had me ROFL... Do you think it is a marketing ploy to have spelling errors in advertising a service where you do the typing for someone?

Not so good at typing? Don't want to do the work (typing)?
Have essays, projects, and other documents you need typed and printed?
Meet all deadlines without the fuss!

I can type but I can't spell that well... no fuss

VP Records - Soca Gold 2008 Trailer

  1. Get On - Fay Ann Lyons Alvarez
  2. Breathless - Roy Cape - (featuring Blaxx)
  3. Gyal Farm - Shal Marshal/Kerwin Dubois
  4. Feel Like I'm Home Again - Edwin Yearwood
  5. Soka Junkie - Mr. Dale
  6. Bring It - Bunji Garlin - (featuring Hunter)
  7. Pressure Boom - Ricky T
  8. Girls Gone Wild - Lil Rick
  9. Wukking up on Me - Surface - (featuring Tony Prescott)
  10. Wukking Up - Patrick Roberts
  11. Chippin' - Farmer Nappy
  12. Kick It Off - El-A-Kru
  13. Me & You - Don Trent
  14. Work of Art - Jamesy P
  15. Down Dey - Sean Caruth
  16. She Push He - Andy "Blood" Armstrong
  17. Don't Call My Phone - Jadine


Ronny Trettmann - New Jersey

He’s back!.. but still he’s never been gone! No Dancehall artiste performin in German language did have so many hits in such a short period of time like he did: "Kaffee“, "Deutsches Patwa“, "Der Sommer ist für alle da!", "Was läuft hier falsch?“, "Bizziniz“, "Glover“, "Gretchen“, "Unser Fahrer“, "Amerikkka“, "Feierabend", "Regentropfen“ and "Hand Ab!“ - all of them whithin 18 Months! Nobody of the genre has so much style, coolness and originality - nobody so many clicks on "myspace“ – "iSpace“ as he calls it.

Until now almost only known for his One-Drop-Anthems the DeeJay from Saxony opens the Dancehall chapter of his career indicated already by his Top3 German Reggae tune of the last year "Hand Ab!“ talking about the topic of chemical pollution of Marihuana which came to prominence in his Hometown, Leipzig, with 9 people being hospitalized for lead-poisoning late last year.... Trettmann is clearing the clubs with realness and invites ladies and fans to dance with him and creates the long overdue authentic "Deutscher Dancehall“! "New Jersey“ is the first single from his second Mix-CD-Album to be released in early summer 2008.

The song is on the yet to be released "Leipzig“ Riddim and the first single on mentor PIONEAR's all new all digital GERMAICA imprint. It comes with witty, aggressive but yet humorous lyrics talking about his label finally buying and shipping a new jersey for him from New Jersey to Europe after people starting to ask him, if he has only the one he wears since he skyrocket to fame entering the official German Billboard Charts whith his debut single in 2006. A Yellow jersey which became his trademark outfit, now in the new black one he sings: "Me in my new jersey /from New Jersey/I win gold with it/just like Jackie-Joyner Kersey...“

RONNY TRETTMANN proves another time that he’s fully capable of tranforming and translating the original flavour of the Jamaican Dancehall into German reality into "German Patwa“.

RONNY TRETTMANN is Germany’s New Dancehall Sensation!


N.Y. court upholds school cell phone ban

It seems that everything is global

The Chancellor's determination that a mere ban on cell phone use would not be sufficiently effective was not irrational. It is now routine before theater, movie and other cultural presentations attended by adults, for patrons to be asked to turn off their cell phones. Even then there is no guarantee that the cell phone of an inattentive person will not ring at an inopportune time. While the vast majority of public school children are respectful and well-behaved, it was not unreasonable for the Chancellor to recognize that if adults cannot be fully trusted to practice proper cell phone etiquette, then neither can children.

What It Means To Be POOR!

Excellent letter to the editor in the Jamaica Star today.


The Bible says: "Whosoever much is given, much is expected." The prime minister is one of the most powerful men in the society. He has supreme power and much is expected of him. He is like a shepherd leading a flock of sheep.

On the other hand, the members of parliament who sit in the House of Representatives and those who are members of the Cabinet have great responsibility and political power. Therefore, good example, good administration, honesty and sincerity are the main things that will make them successful and will result in good governance. The people look up to them for guidance, good leadership and trustworthiness.

While no one is perfect, it is sad, alarming and embarrassing when members of parliament and politicians are dishonest. It is very sad and disappointing when people we look up to have their hands dirty, and are involved in bribery. And this leads me to the next point.

No wonder many people hold on to their belief that poverty is a crime - a serious one at that. But I have good news for them, good news for all those who are feeling unhappy, isolated and depressed because they are poor. Poverty is not a crime. And this is a fact, not an opinion.

Poverty is not a crime
The Bible did not say that poverty is a crime. And Jesus was one of the poorest men in this world, yet He was the richest, if you know what I mean. Listen to what Jesus said in St Luke 9 verse 58: "Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head."

A crime is an action that breaks the law. How then can poverty be a crime? If it was, millions of people throughout the world would be arrested and sent to prison.

Poverty contributes to crime, and many are stealing, killing and are involved in all manner of evil because they are poor and have a negative mindset. But they don't have to steal; they have a choice. There is an alternative to poverty. No one has to steal because he or she is poor.

Poverty comes in different ways too. For example, a poor educational background. And there is spiritual poverty - the worst kind. Even the wisest and richest man, King Solomon, knew it. This is what he said in Ecclesiastes chapter 1 verse 2 and 3. "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. What profit has a man from all his labour in which he toils under the sun?" Poor mannerism is also seen as poverty.

Do you remember these words: "If you want to feel rich, count all the things you have that money can't buy."

I am, etc.,
Donald Jefferson McKoy
St Catherine

Doniki - Stand Up


A Story to think about

I just had to link to this post by Jumbie... very insightful...

Duppy Art Bonus Video


Sleepy Hollow Tips - From A Place

Sleepy Hollow Tips brings a visual to Jamican inner city lifestyles. Directed by Archi Kapachi for Kapachi Films.

Elephant Man - Gully Creepa


Jamelody - Be Prepared Album

Love Crazy

Since You've been Away (Acoustic LIVE)

Mr. Vegas - Mus Come A Road

Man accused of destroying 'informer's' stuff

The allegations are that Brown was part of a group of men who broke into the complainant's home and destroyed several pieces of furniture. The court was told that the complainant was labelled an informer and was reportedly being tormented so he would leave the community.

and Mr. Vegas replies with Mus Come A Road


State of Mind

Money cyaa change ME

ME ah Money Changer