Mas on d’ road for 2K7

Culture and Gender Affairs Minister Joan Yuille-Williams finally broke her deafening silence on the controversial and hotly debated topic of Carnival 2007, during yesterday’s special sitting of Parliament, when she announced her plans for T&T’s marquee cultural event which is a mere eight weeks away... read the article online


Soca 2K7 review - 01

I just browsed one hundred and thirty (130) SOCA tracks on d trot... FWDing the tracks that didn't touch my soul within the first 30 seconds... The same tief a melody here, tief a riddim there.

How many CHORDS does this music use anyway? I keep hearing the same instruments played the same way over and over. Oh gwaam when will these guys stop tiefing other people catch phrases too. RAH RAH RAH!

  • RucuRar Riddim - emanating from a phrase from Sunny Bling rucurar has been made into a riddim by fellow City 94.1 FM announcer Journey. Ziggy Rankin leads with the title track explaining what exactly is a rucurar. Leighanna & RKG, Brown & Journey and Billy d King & Terry Seales also feature.
  • Greatest Riddim - a veteran in his own right Richard 'Char Su' Ahong brings us the riddim that has taken Trinbago by storm. Featuring the 2006 SynergyTV Soca Star Rohan 'Fireball' Richards, Ziggy Rankin, Bitts & Juicy a.ka. Jah Bami, Klass, Jabbi, H2O Phlo, Ghetto Flex, 3 Suns among others.
  • Til Morning Riddim - sounds more like a dancehall riddim than anything else. Lil Rick & Lexxus, Bunji Garlin.
  • Estrogen Riddim - You can guess that this is supposed to be a Woman Empowering thing. Precious, Nadia Batson, Ms. Alysha and Daria.
  • Spiderman Riddim - featuring some lesser known artists like Spiritual, Silver and Mr. Shack, along with Mega Banton, from Jamaica, and singer/songwriter Impulse.
There were quite alot of singles in between these riddims but none have really taken root with me as yet. The only standout so far has been... Patch as usual proves he is more Calypsonian than SOCA artist by Singing Nothing. One of the best offerings that I have heard in a long time. He basically reinforces all that I have asked about the genre.

You can check out DJ Carbon Copy's weekly SOCA chart.

I still have to make my usual SOCA CDs for export though... only need about 50 tracks.


Experiment in Resonance and Fractal Geometry

just a video that i found... some tones to see in action


Press Play

Industry respected Remix / Mixtape Kings, Lexxxus Superior get set to drop the mixtape Press Play. The name not that innovative. I guess Lexxxus want us to just do that...

Press Play features HITS that we have grow accustomed to Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and even Reggaeton. Remixes abound... it would not be a Lexxxus CD if there were not any. Tony Matterhorn 'Dutty Wine's on an 80's riddim... me nah sell out... you have to listen to the CD. I don't think I would have ever though I would have heard Delly Ranx sing alongside Prodigy. I still feel that there are some dated riddims on the CD. The remixes are a welcome change and all I can say is to take a listen. Red Bull & Guiness is the latest riddim here.

Press Play Comes on the heels of the 100% Local Grade Vol.1 featuring the Riddims and Artists from Trinidad & Tobago. You may be able to download both CD samplers here.

1oo% Local Grade Vol.1

Press Play