Collie Buddz debut Album

Collie Buddz albumIts in stores TUESDAY July 3rd 2007...

  1. Come Around
  2. Blind To You
  3. Defend Your Own (feat. Krayzie Bone)
  4. Tomorrow's Another Day
  5. Mamacita
  6. Wild Out
  7. Lonely (feat. Yung Berg)
  8. What A Feeling (feat. Paul Wall)
  9. Movin' On
  10. Sensimillia (feat. Roache)
  11. Let Me Know
  12. My Everything
  13. Love Deh
  14. Come Around (Remix) (feat. Paul Wall, B-Real, Shaggy, Aztek & Ray Cash) (Bonus Track)
Been listening to it (promo) and its definitely got some quality tracks. Songs that we already know and appreciate too.

Track 10 Sensimellia feat. Roache Killer really stands out cause Roache gots a voice. I thought it was Garnett Silk or Ras Shiloh (more Ras Shiloh)... ok ok the track is another mariajuana anthem so I wouldn't go into that again...

Track 14 the Come Around remix is rally done well to... production separates all verses so you can really hear everyones take on the topic... yeah yeah its a song about marijuana too...

And i am very pleased that Love Deh was included on the album... Its good to hear Massive B's "No Borders" riddim truly crossing the borders now...


The Majority Rules

As of this moment the US Senate has voted against the continuance of discussion with limited debate of the Immigration Bill. So that means the people living here and trying to better themselves the right way will have to continue living underground. Because as the Majority Leader was alluding to in his impassioned speech to support the Bill this morning, it is only the people with pale complexions that are really against the Bill.
I believe it is a racial thing, no way around it. As Bandwagonist said in his comment on the previous post they are afraid of losing their hold on society, of no longer being the majority. If there is such a need for exclusivity, why didn't they stay in Europe and leave the original peoples alone to live in harmony with the land? Why did they take Africans and use them as slaves? Chinese to build railroads?
Why do they keep accepting people to do what they do not want to, yet have a problem when these people demand compensation for what they have had to endure? Attonement for injustices? Treatment as equals?
Either the American Constitution or Declaration of Independence says that all men are created equal and the Pledge of Alleigance end with the phrase "One nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All". Many religions emphasize the fair treatment and love of their fellow man, their brother as being essential in the reflection of the love that the Divine has for them.
Unless your people hunted the buffalo and worshipped the spirit of the eagle and bear, you are related to an immigrant. So why is it that people who would not be here because of immigration hate on someone who is trying to do the same thing your ancestors did?
I agree with the fact that there should be penalties involved because you must respect the law of the land but if the person is already making or trying to make a positive contribution to society then he/she should be given a chance. If all the underground people seriously decide to protest then this country will shut down. Many people will actually have to spend time raising their own children, what horror! Clean and maintain their own yards, oh no! Born Americans will have to pick crops and work in factories etc. The work will have to be done by the people who benefit from the labour.
That is so unfair, like totally.


Something must give

At this very moment the American Senate is discussing the Immigration Bill that they voted to re-address this morning (Tue 26th). It seems that Georgy Porgy has called in a few favours and maybe promised some more in order to bring more of his fellow Republicans to support this endeavour. With Oil Wars part II: Attack of the Clowns on his permanent record as president he is racing to do something to balance that out in his final year and a half as El Jefe.

Why is this bill such a problem?

We have these palefaces running around saying that all these illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans. Really? I don't see that many Americans if any lining up to pick fruit or be janitors or work in certain types of kitchens or factories. Yet there is that cry. It has been my experience that many Americans feel that certain jobs are beneath them and should only be done by certain people. They are too good to clean up after others etc yet they claim to want employment. My thing is if there are people willing to do something that you do not want to and this ensures that your society continues to run with relative smoothness then leave it alone.

However I can see the other side to this. There are certain jobs that require a certain level of skill and/or training for example construction where many contractors look for cheap uninsured labour. Exploitation of this nature is wrong and should not go on. As someone who has experienced a degree of this, desperation to have some inkling of improvement for yourself and your family will make you tolerate certain conditions. A tangent on this deals with language. If I am living or hiding in someone else;s country and trying to blend in at least make an effort to learn the language. I don't expect to go to France or Nigeria and expect them to automatically cater to my English tongue. I will at least buy a dictionary to know if they cussin me out and to respect the people who live there. But I digress.

What does this bill hold for people like myself with 1 and 3/4 degrees since it seems to be primarily concerned with Mexicans and securing the border then dealing with the 12 million people. My guess is that they trying to reclaim their former properties of Texas, California and the space in between that was stolen by the US. Remember the Alamo and the banditry that went on.

Prayerfully something good will come out of this and people like me who are stuck in the cracks and trying to do the right thing and not revert to the life of a gigalo will benefit. Otherwise ah want back all the taxes they take from my pay cheques.

Alborosie - Kingston Town

This video didn't exactly have a "treatment" per say. It was more like an idea, and a vibe with my Director of Photography, Aaron Phillips. It just all came together well. The Panasonic Varicam certainly impressed me on this one. It was my first time working with that camera and we got some real good stuff out of it. The quality is right up there with film and the speed options are great.

So here were my "notes" around my ideas for the video going into the shoot.

Open with time lapse crack of dawn. Aerial shot bird eye view. Show tropical island waterfront vibe. Then punch into concrete city (jungle), then concrete Kingston streets. Shots of the city is slow motion or with time lapse and deep colours. Shot of police car on road side doing a variety of spot checks and issuing tickets in time lapse.

Then in studio with Alborosie... voicing dub plate. Start cutting to vignettes.
Aerial – police car chasing another car – throughout video...
Kids playing football inside colourful dilapidated building.

The opening scene with the brown guy with the Mohawk, well he's our caretaker at my office at 10A. He's great. That scene originated with a treatment I did for the Damian Marley track "Master Has Come Back". That opening got thrown around a bit. I even thought about using this for Collie Buddz 'Come Around'! Finally, it found its home with Alborosie and I actually like how it came off.

Maybe you will notice, the gate used for the opening with Alborosie and my caretaker - it's the same location used for the performance scene in Collie Buddz "Come Around". I like that spot. It has a lot of history and character - right in the heart of Downtown Kingston. The record store is right upstairs.

I edited the project myself and I'm really proud of the edit. First video I edited on Guru Films' new Mac Pro. The machine is sweet, especially with the 30" monitor, it all looks crystal clear. Final Cut Pro served me well again. Thanks Mac!

Hope you like the project as much as I do.

Ras Tafari Live!
Ras Kassa, the Guru

Don't Change - Music Video Launch

Laurenzo Gonzales Kimberly AbrahamLaurenzo Gonzalez, Trinidad's newly founded 'Soca-Reggaeton' Artiste, will be launching his new music video named 'Don't Change', also featuring Bellydancer Kimberley Abraham. Its happening Tuesday 26th June, 2007 at Nemo's, at 9pm. There is also a performance of the launching single, the best dressed lady will be serenaded by Laurenzo, he will also be performing 2 other songs along side a live band, there will also be a Belly Dacning Performance by Kimberley Abraham with authentic arabian music. All media is invited, also VIP guests, anyone can come. Plese come and support. Many surprises are also in store!
Dress code: Elegantly Casual

Event Info

Name: 'Don't Change' - The Launching of a Music Video
Tagline: Must see viewing!
Host: Sham G. Ali
Type: Music/Arts
Time and Place
Start Time: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 7:45pm
End Time: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 12:00am
Location: Nemo's
Street: Mucorapo Road
City/Town: Port-of-Spain
Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Contact Info
Phone: 868.730.3022
Email: kimabe22@hotmail.com / sexay30@hotmail.com


Digicel Rising Stars - Arima

Well I went to the first audition of Digicel's Rising Stars (Trinidad & Tobago) 2007 edition this weekend. It was held at the Living Room in Arima. The major culling process happened on Saturday with full finalist taping on Sunday. Some even came from Point Fortin to the audition... glad to say that 'they' made it into the next round.

Sorry no pics to offer up.. only the comment I have is that Trinbago has alot of talent... look out for Loose Change.




School Teacher Arrested @ Piarco Airport

I just had to post this after reading it in my email today... I don't know how true it is though ;)

oxford geometry setA Secondary School teacher was arrested today at Piarco International Airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a set square, a slide rule and a calculator. At a press conference, Attorney General John Jeremy said he believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-gebra movement. He did not identify the man, who has been charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction.
"Al-gebra is a problem for us," Jeremy said. "They desire solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in search of absolute values. They use secret code names like 'x' and 'y' and refer to themselves as 'unknowns', but we have determined they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country. As the Greek philanderer Isosceles used to say, 'There are 3 sides to every triangle."
When asked to comment on the arrest, PM Manning said, "If God had wanted us to have better weapons of math instruction, He would have given us more fingers and toes."


The Manicou Report: Put the blame on Me - Akon

I have linked to "The Manicou Report: Put the blame on Me - Akon" cause I too lazy to write a next article on the CON man...
also found a nice vid created to have you laughing while listening

oh yeah AKON didn't write the song either its written by Clinton Sparks.

here is a sample of the response to the song/vid

Akon is still a fraud! Take note that he didn't even write the song!
In fact, if he threw the guy off the stage before this song was written the song writer would have penciled in
"Sorry for throwin that guy of the stage,
really gotta learn to control my rage,
but the guy threw a snow cone when I was on,
so he had to go ahead and get gone!"
Lol .. he's still and idiot, and an ego maniac!

Shanty - A Story of Life, Love & Class

Shanty - A Story of Life, Love & Class

Already in a pre-prodution stage with Casting Calls made I am just adding to the info for all interested... featured in the Gurdian and also on TriniPULSE. Judging from the trailer the Production looking like it should have good production value.


Party to the MAX

well not really much going on in musical entertainment (that I wanna BLOG about) anyway... these days the politics really have me thinking though; and well I kinda have extra time to think too.

I see that the President has once again suspended the Chief Justice. I say that is President MAX do it cause he cudda tell Patrick dat is dotishness he pushing and see what the PM wudda do next... remove him... MAX dunn doh do anything... except go to members clubs.

The President should be setting the example for the citizens of any country. Just because is the current Government nominate you and put you there you shouldn't allow them to do what they please... Aren't you the Head of State? oh sorry the Prime Minister sent a letter of advice. I know is a 'BIG BOYS Club' kinda thing going on... but remember MAX, Patos wanna outlaw the gambling industry/members clubs. I will correct myself, he only after the one armed bandits (SLOT MACHINES), the table games could stay, the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) and all of the games they have could stay too; the PNM did create it as a source of revenue... and doh lemme leave out the Racing Pools. Horse Racing at Santa Rosa Park in Arima anyone?

I doh know if d Chief Justice did really try to influence Sherman's judgment when it came to Basdeo Pan-daze case buh Sherman fraid to testify... is not only murder case have witness who fraid to testify... is a Trini ting.. we like it so too... back on track now... but what is the PM trying to get out of this... It really looking more and more like he juss trying to tarnish people name... it looking like he taking the BAD pages out of the World Leaders Handbook.

He doing like da fool in Pakaskas... was he name nah... Mu-SHERRIF... de fella who lead military coup and promise democratic election, d fella who W leave in charge, d fella who know whey Bin hiding? well ok, even he know dat Bin eh hiding... but is like we really living in a country that has a real STUMBLING dictatorship.. I cyar say creeping cause is TT$150,000,000 spent every day since the budget pass last year.


YES people the Government has gone through TT$34 BILLION already, and just like the previous years they only want TT$3 BILLION more. whey da money going... certainly not in my pockets... i really need to get a contract to build box drain...

the Government actual expenditure for 2005-2006 stood at TT$38.1 billion which included a transfer of approximately TT$3,159,863,000 to the Interim Revenue Stabilisation Fund... I guess they wanna take back that money they supposedly saved last year... and do you notice the word INTERIM...

interim - adjective - provisional or temporary

so wa they doh plan to leave any money fo a rainy day... and it real raining these days... doh worry allyuh head in that TT$3 BILLION, they are supposed to be setting aside TT$30 Million for some insurance against Hurricanes and other Natural Disasters... like they gonna pay Mother Nature to spare us... HAHA... ROFL... the Government paying PROTECTION MONEY... nah da money going to the World Bank or some one ah dem organization da does keep Developing Nations UNDERDEVELOPED.

So I think I gonna start to do like the President and just take advice and don't use my own brain... Don't question a thing... they words Who? What? Where? When? How and Why? are no longer part of my vocabulary... so sumbody juss tell me when d next PARTY LAUNCH and i go be dey...


Politics Time Again

In casual discussion last night someone close to me offered up opinions on who we should vote for in the upcoming General Election. The statement was made that over during the last few years our area has had a proper water supply, no real problems with electricity (I think it went only once without advertisement), the streets are cleaned by both CEPEP and Local Government and there is now a pavement that people can use to safely walk to and from the Mall to access a plethora of services or to just go and create clutter in the mall. So all in all if you look at it from this stand point... we should keep the current regime.

I immediately agreed and added that "It is the responsibility they are charged with." I also offered up a major problem in our area that the Government will surely dismiss as not being created by them.

TRAFFIC exiting Trincity is horrendous on a morning if you approach the traffic lights after 0700, the only other time we get traffic like that is on a Friday/Saturday evening. The entire roadway from Highway to the Roundabout is cluttered with cars... and unless you are heading East there are no real alternatives.

  • Cane Farm Road is turned into the old Broadway with PH drivers using the road as their taxi stand. If you manage to get through this you then face another traffic situation at...
  • Dinsley Junction... you can also try to exit here by navigating through the many BARS, the DVD Club and the Mini Marts that have setup shop along this stretch but upon exit you are then faced with the NP Gas Station, on the Eastern Main Road, the food sellers, Jerkys & D.R. Burger, the Drug Store and there is also a Vegetable stall... then the road is clear
  • those heading East should exit via the Trincity Central Road and take the EMR to Arouca where they can the return to the Highway via Golden Grove Road or continue on the EMR all the way to Sangre Grande
Now I said that the government will seek to lay the blame on everybody else instead of saying "OK! We EFFED UP!"

Traffic is not created by the Government it is created by us... WE THE ROAD USERS... and by road user I am not only talking about people in a vehicle. I talking about people who walking in the road like they indestructible. Those who cross and say "BOUNCE MEH NAH..." I will bounce you! just stand up in the road long enough... Don't run! Steups...

I remember when I was younger and we had one television station there used to be community tips from the Fire Service. They taught us how to cross the road safely among other things. So here is where I blame the Government... WHEY D SHOWS GONE? Sure they were made on some old magnetic tape, some were probably lost and destroyed accidentally on purpose, but why can't we create produce new ones that deal with NOW.

Our Parliament has passed the Breathalyzer Bill (not yet proclaimed so it isn't LAW). Inform us how it affects us as users of the nation's road ways. What about the set of flashing amber lights that have been/are being installed at Zebra Crossings? Who has the right of way? The Pedestrian or Driver?

There is talk from the Police about limiting the use of mobile phones while driving... I am all for "Hands Free" but more for "Pull to the Side," because it is just as easy to link accidents to many other things; Heavily Tinted vehicles, the Noisy "CLUB INSIDE" Car, the Cars that have whole heap a SMOKE coming from the tail pipe, the driver who talking to other passengers and distracted for a couple seconds. Yes... plenty things here that are created by the road user alone but it has happened because no one has bothered to enforce the law and properly educate road users of their responsibility.

So Please... Teach people again what the Crossing signals mean. Police presence on the road ways wouldn't hurt either... after all it is their JOB!

Mr. Vegas - You're Gonna Need Me feat. Jovi Rockwell

You're Gonna Need Me feat. Jovi Rockwell


Not Many 'Came Around'

oh gawd d Collie Buddz show (casue nobody in dey right mind could believe he could have a concert yet) had less dan 200 ppl. Yes I say it...


and I counting the staff who work at STING Night Club in that total.

Ky-Enie was the first to perform starting with "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley... the performance was aight seeing that not many had even heard of him before. I still don't understand why he did not sing his tune on the "Stock Track" riddim... at least he wudda get forward cause people know the riddim. He gave us a little acoustic treatment as he sang 'RAIN' one of his songs from the SHOTTAS Soundtrack... he looks a little like Chrisinti but the voice aint as sweet.

King David followed and got the small crowd totally involved. Belted out hit after hit and got an encore. LIFE is such a powerful tune and he had all singing.

There was a brief break between performances and then came the headline act.

Collie Buddz came on and told us immediately that when he landed he was feeling under-the-weather, but a CARIB, a ROTI and the SEXY TRINI Girls had him feeling better. Coming to sing to that small and naive of an audience would do well for any young performer. Especially after admitting that he cannot dance... anybody say a next Sean Paul... da remains left to be seen cause Collie have some tune with lyrics.. i eh know if is he writing them but they definitely have some hits in there.

Of all the songs he sang is only one I didn't already have but I was kinda upset as he didn't offer up "Give Me Da Love" and "Blind To You" two of his more recent singles. I went to hear dem tune... rootical riddim... at least I hear the "No Borders" riddim...

I need opinion on the following topic though... WHY do artists need to sing about MARIJUANA so much? Yes d man name is Collie and d tune is about HERB but oh gosh.. is like every tune have to do with weed... smoking, selling, growing, promoting... Ky-Enie was the main culprit here and King David didn't even approach the topic.

One last ting... da bwoy COLLIE is one MWAGA BWOY.. i tort he had a lil muscle on him but is either he was/is SICK with something or... he is a lil boney white bwoy from the Southern USofA... ;)


Collie Buddz @ J&R Summerfest NYC

collie buddz @ J&R

COLLIE BUDDZ Is Front and Center in The Source’s Celeb Look Book:
“The Hottest Looks Featured on This Summer’s Hottest Artists”

Don't forget on the 9th June Trindad @
Club Sting in San Fernando


Ah have to say it

My weekend and birthday was spoiled by the news on CNN about four idiots who decide to put their countries on the world scene in the most negative of lights. Now, this has nothing to do with religion because I have very close and important friends of that faith and have total respect for it. This is about people who took leave of their senses. Defreitas sound like a madman. When he used to work at JFK he used to think bout doin all kinna foolishness, so he loco from 19 o-long. If he had such a problem with America why he didn't give up his citizenship and go back to Guyana?

The sayin is that you could find a Trini in the mix no matter where you go, but this is one time you wanted that to so not be true.

Maybe all a dem fall on dey head plenty when they were small. Or maybe it is one big conspiracy by the babylon system.
pasport issues
The bottom line is that regardless of the reason it happen, the damage has been irrepairably done. Now it could be nigh impossible for somebody to get a visa to come up. It was done at the point where you had to swallow yuh pride an take all kinna abuse and spend yuh hard earned non refundable money in order for some peon in the embassy with an unnecessary attitude to blank yuh for no valid reason except that yuh save up enough vacation time an feel to go somewhere other than Maracas durin yuh time off. An we eh even goin to talk bout those who already up here an tryin to get a foothold in the system because the gov't back home have a limited mindset and vision when it comes to industry, people and development which is why the crime rate so high and would not drop till the old people who cut all kinna deal an bobol get move out and some new blood and ideas come in. Nah, we eh go talk bout dat.

Ah couldna cry or get vex. All ah coulda do was laugh. And pray.


Summer Jam 2007