Politics Time Again

In casual discussion last night someone close to me offered up opinions on who we should vote for in the upcoming General Election. The statement was made that over during the last few years our area has had a proper water supply, no real problems with electricity (I think it went only once without advertisement), the streets are cleaned by both CEPEP and Local Government and there is now a pavement that people can use to safely walk to and from the Mall to access a plethora of services or to just go and create clutter in the mall. So all in all if you look at it from this stand point... we should keep the current regime.

I immediately agreed and added that "It is the responsibility they are charged with." I also offered up a major problem in our area that the Government will surely dismiss as not being created by them.

TRAFFIC exiting Trincity is horrendous on a morning if you approach the traffic lights after 0700, the only other time we get traffic like that is on a Friday/Saturday evening. The entire roadway from Highway to the Roundabout is cluttered with cars... and unless you are heading East there are no real alternatives.

  • Cane Farm Road is turned into the old Broadway with PH drivers using the road as their taxi stand. If you manage to get through this you then face another traffic situation at...
  • Dinsley Junction... you can also try to exit here by navigating through the many BARS, the DVD Club and the Mini Marts that have setup shop along this stretch but upon exit you are then faced with the NP Gas Station, on the Eastern Main Road, the food sellers, Jerkys & D.R. Burger, the Drug Store and there is also a Vegetable stall... then the road is clear
  • those heading East should exit via the Trincity Central Road and take the EMR to Arouca where they can the return to the Highway via Golden Grove Road or continue on the EMR all the way to Sangre Grande
Now I said that the government will seek to lay the blame on everybody else instead of saying "OK! We EFFED UP!"

Traffic is not created by the Government it is created by us... WE THE ROAD USERS... and by road user I am not only talking about people in a vehicle. I talking about people who walking in the road like they indestructible. Those who cross and say "BOUNCE MEH NAH..." I will bounce you! just stand up in the road long enough... Don't run! Steups...

I remember when I was younger and we had one television station there used to be community tips from the Fire Service. They taught us how to cross the road safely among other things. So here is where I blame the Government... WHEY D SHOWS GONE? Sure they were made on some old magnetic tape, some were probably lost and destroyed accidentally on purpose, but why can't we create produce new ones that deal with NOW.

Our Parliament has passed the Breathalyzer Bill (not yet proclaimed so it isn't LAW). Inform us how it affects us as users of the nation's road ways. What about the set of flashing amber lights that have been/are being installed at Zebra Crossings? Who has the right of way? The Pedestrian or Driver?

There is talk from the Police about limiting the use of mobile phones while driving... I am all for "Hands Free" but more for "Pull to the Side," because it is just as easy to link accidents to many other things; Heavily Tinted vehicles, the Noisy "CLUB INSIDE" Car, the Cars that have whole heap a SMOKE coming from the tail pipe, the driver who talking to other passengers and distracted for a couple seconds. Yes... plenty things here that are created by the road user alone but it has happened because no one has bothered to enforce the law and properly educate road users of their responsibility.

So Please... Teach people again what the Crossing signals mean. Police presence on the road ways wouldn't hurt either... after all it is their JOB!

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  1. Good read, good post. We still have a long way to go!