The Majority Rules

As of this moment the US Senate has voted against the continuance of discussion with limited debate of the Immigration Bill. So that means the people living here and trying to better themselves the right way will have to continue living underground. Because as the Majority Leader was alluding to in his impassioned speech to support the Bill this morning, it is only the people with pale complexions that are really against the Bill.
I believe it is a racial thing, no way around it. As Bandwagonist said in his comment on the previous post they are afraid of losing their hold on society, of no longer being the majority. If there is such a need for exclusivity, why didn't they stay in Europe and leave the original peoples alone to live in harmony with the land? Why did they take Africans and use them as slaves? Chinese to build railroads?
Why do they keep accepting people to do what they do not want to, yet have a problem when these people demand compensation for what they have had to endure? Attonement for injustices? Treatment as equals?
Either the American Constitution or Declaration of Independence says that all men are created equal and the Pledge of Alleigance end with the phrase "One nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All". Many religions emphasize the fair treatment and love of their fellow man, their brother as being essential in the reflection of the love that the Divine has for them.
Unless your people hunted the buffalo and worshipped the spirit of the eagle and bear, you are related to an immigrant. So why is it that people who would not be here because of immigration hate on someone who is trying to do the same thing your ancestors did?
I agree with the fact that there should be penalties involved because you must respect the law of the land but if the person is already making or trying to make a positive contribution to society then he/she should be given a chance. If all the underground people seriously decide to protest then this country will shut down. Many people will actually have to spend time raising their own children, what horror! Clean and maintain their own yards, oh no! Born Americans will have to pick crops and work in factories etc. The work will have to be done by the people who benefit from the labour.
That is so unfair, like totally.


  1. i thought that the CHURCH and STATE (in the US of A) are supposed to be separate... what you talking about "One nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All" for.. ent it supposed to be separate?

    they really need to SHUT UP or get SHUT DOWN but I don't think that the people have the gusto... remember the INS looking for them

  2. Well it supposed to be seperate but is used as a matter of convenience when necessary. So I guess is back to the gigalo lifestyle for me.