Reality from Studio 53

The first riddim release from Studio 53 for 2007 is REALITY featuring 10 cuts:

Studio 53 Reality riddim 2007

  1. King David - Answer To Jah (3:10)
  2. Lady Meeka - Heart Of A Lion (3:25)
  3. Zebulun - Mama (3:25)
  4. Daniel Bless - Keep I Safe (4:13)
  5. Khari Kill - Smoking Around (4:21)
  6. Jah Bami - These Words (3:25)
  7. Mr. King - Gangsters Paradise (3:25)
  8. Firestone - Trod It (3:53)
  9. Levi Myaz - They Only Talk (3:53)
  10. Jungle - Everywhere I Go (3:53)

There are also a couple of CDS' (CD Singles) released that are voiced on the REALITY:
  • Gounz Man - Praises (3:07)
  • Jah Legend - The Way (3:12)

Studio 53 did some riddim promotion on Synergy TV...


Hip-Hop & CNN which one is Art, News or Poison?

RAPproject.tv asks “CNN: News or Poison?”

This has been around for a couple of weeks now but I finally decided to post as I posted a vid on YouTube featuring a new outit from Malabar, Arima who are doing Hip-Hop. When I saw them they raised my eyebrows cause it sounded good but I can't stand the same topics all the time... I guess that's mainstream and why SOCA irritates me.

Chuck D addresses one of the problems within Hip-Hop and it really is more than that alone. This interview was a response to one he had with CNN and I think some people took offence.

CNN asks “Hip-Hop: Art or Poison?”

Paula Zahn made some pertinent comments, things that I do understand but as a journalist blanket statements should not be made.

This is along the lines of my rant on Tempo's Badness Outta Style.

Its all about responsibility.


King David - LIFE

The song that is probably going to be the best reggae anthem out of Trinidad & Tobago for 2007.

King David has created a beautiful track on an equally exceptional riddim by Studio 53.

Poetry in motion. Very VIVID images are set in one's mind when they hear the song. This is REAL REGGAE.

Kwesi... Jabari... Angelo... please don't water down this riddim with anymore tracks. Let King David have it all to himself.

Ministry Of Social Development, or anyone else for that matter, fork out the dinero to make a music video. The UN could use this too.

The song is a tragic reality of what everday life is for somepeople. To me it is a continuation to a previous offering "Live Here."



RED1 - No Fuss feat. Barrington Levy

RED1's "No Fuss" feat. Barrington Levy
Directed by Ali Visanji
Produced by Red1 and Pratik Ruparell
Edited by Piet Suess and Red1
Cinematography by Gerardo Madrazo
Art Direction by Ali Visanji
Intro is RED1 & Junior Gong


Iriepathie feat. Morgan Heritage - Never Give Up

Music: Iriepathie
Director: Bernd Kranebitter
Camera: Antonin Pevny, Katharina Gruzei
Producer: Iriepathie
Riddim: Lovebird (IrieVibrations)


Stephen Marley Album Release


Stephen Marley
Five time Grammy winning producer, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Stephen Marely, Bob Marley’s second son, will make a special appearance at J&R Music and Computer World to perform and sign autographs in celebration of his debut album Mind Control on the day of it’s release, Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 12:30PM. Mind Control is a blend of reggae, rock, R&B, nyabinghi rhythms, flamenco and hip-hop.

Stephen Marley, first appeared on record in 1979 at the tender age of six when he and his younger brother Ziggy recorded the single "Children Playing in the Streets," for charity with the profits going to the United Nations to aid efforts during the International Year of the Child. The single would also mark the beginnings of the Ziggy-fronted Melody Makers, a band that included Stephen and his other siblings. Stephen played a supportive role in the Melody Makers from the beginning as guitarist, singer, and occasional songwriter and would go on to work behind the scenes in production. Over the course of his career, Stephen has worked with Eve, Krayzie Bone and Erykah Badu.

In 2001, his production work for brother Damian's Halfway Tree helped win the Grammy for Best Reggae Album. In the year 2006, Stephen scored his fifth GRAMMY award for his co-production work on brother Damian “Jr.Gong” Marley’s acclaimed RIAA certified Gold disc Welcome To Jamrock, garnering him more GRAMMY awards than any other Reggae artist in history.

Mind Control is Stephen’s highly anticipated debut album, placing him center stage for the first time in his 27 year career.

  • WHEN: TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2007 AT 12:30 PM

For more information on the autograph signing or J&R Music and Computer World, contact Gillian Kocher of Dan Klores Communications at 212-685-4300.


Munga - Flipping Rhymes / Bad From mi Born

One of David House hottest artists Yes yess! aka Munga Honourable was born in Islington, St.Mary. Munga Honourable gives respect and love to the music fratrnity, those who made serious impact on him are, also hailing from St. Mary, Capleton, Sizzla, Tiger & Ninja Man. Munga has songs on the High Altitude, Sweat, Heavenly, Untouchable, Operation Blaxx, Full Clip, Seizure, Billback, 12 Gauge, Soap and many more riddims.

David House Office
1 876 755 4328
1 876 882 9716

1 876 423 2885
1 876 572 6999



Thank You Mr. HD

I just wanted to thank Mr. HD for giving me access to the Jumbie Music Video that doesn't have the Synergy TV logo plastered over it.

I was just checking up on his MySpace page, that actually embedded the one I recorded and posted on YouTube, and saw a new link that sends you to his new HD website. There is a link to the music video that pops up in a media player but being the person I am I decided to see if I could JUMBIE it. I was successful it was too easy.

I forgot last time to point out SURGE, doing their Thriller routine in the video.


Jah Cure scheduled for July 2007 release

Jah Cure scheduled for July release by Karyl Walker, Sunday, March 11, 2007

Barring any breaches of prison rules over the next four months, Jah Cure and his many fans will get what they have longed for, the reggae singer's release. Jah Cure could perform at Reggae Sunsplash.

Major Richard Reese, who heads the Correctional Services Department, said on Friday that the singer is due to see the inside of a cell at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in Kingston for the last time in July.

"If he doesn't commit any institutional breaches he will be released," Reese told the Sunday Observer. Jah Cure, whose real name is Sycatore Alcock, was found guilty of robbery, rape and illegal possession of a firearm and was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 1998. He served the first part of his sentence at the St. Catherine Adult Correctional Centre, but was transferred to the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre after he was held with what prison officials described as 'contraband'.

Word on the street was that Jah Cure was found in possession of recording equipment and illicit drugs during a search of his cell. Jah Cure also had an appeal against his conviction turned down and was denied parole on two previous occasions.

During the trial, the court was told that the singer and an accomplice held up two women and two men at gunpoint. The police said Alcock and an accomplice chased the men away before robbing and raping the two women on a dirt track in Montego Bay. Jah Cure was eventually arrested and convicted but his accomplice, who it is alleged raped the other woman in a pile of gravel, has never been brought to justice.

It is widely believed in law enforcement circles that the other man was subsequently shot and killed by gunmen. If Alcock is released in late July, he could perform on Reggae Sunsplash in early August. However, a source close to the singer said Jah Cure was planning on organising a major concert to celebrate his freedom.

A stream of singles over the last three years has worked wonders for Jah Cure's popularity, therefore, his re-entry into the entertainment scene should be warmly welcomed by his legion of fans.
Alcock joins a list of entertainers who have spent time behind bars.

Among them are:

  • Living reggae legend Bunny Wailer, who was sentenced to 14 months for possession of marijuana in 1967. He was found guilty after a police officer testified that Wailer stashed a bag with ganja in a barrel.
  • Two years earlier, Toots Hibbert was sentenced for the same offences. Ska trombonist Don Drummond was found guilty of murdering his wife in 1964 and was interned at the Bellevue Hospital in Kingston where he died five years later. His death has officially been listed as suicide.
  • Crooner Gregory Isaacs has spent time behind bars,
  • while dancehall artiste Alozade was sentenced after he assaulted a cop inside the Half-Way-Tree court.
  • The once popular deejay Zebra is now serving time on sexual offence charges.


Machel Montano HD - SOLD OUT

Mr. High Def has sold out the Theatre...

this is a comment i stole from one of my YouTube vids:

this is CRAZY!!! Machel is the 1st artist to sell out Madison Square Garden without a major record deal. i just paid US$130 for tix to the 11:59 show. Im bring mi flag and a bucket of powder!!

Pirates (again)

I am still in disbelief as to how fast they truely operate. They work on Radio and in the Studios of the riddim producers.

I've been shopping around a particular riddim and finally got some takers late 2006/early 2007. The tracks got recorded and they haven't been to COTT officially either but they all over the file sharing networks. When I first saw it I was a bit amused; cause I did not receive my copy yet. I made the relevant calls as to who got the release on Ash Wednesday and realized that the leak didn't come from the Mastering studio but more likely from a radio station.

For those of you who are accustomed to using these file sharing networks as a means of getting your music you might have an idea as to what I am referring to when I talk about the NFO (info) file of a release. Here is a sample that has been edited...

Title:.......... ()*$& &@^ Riddim
Artist:......... VA
Language:....... English
Genre:.......... Reggae
Tracks:......... 13
Size:........... 58,0 MB
Quality:........ VBRkbit 44.1kHz
Playtime:....... 40:35 min

Ripper ......... HLC 2K7
Supplier .........
Songs .......... 13
Rip Date ......... 03-01-2007
Source ......... CDDA
Street Date ...... 00-00-0000
Mode ........... Joint-Stereo
Label ...........

The Label information was not 100% accurate and this is how I have confirmation that a radio station actually leaked the riddim. The original information did not include the labels/production houses involved. This leak comes from the first set of discs that were sent to the radio stations. A subsequent release that was dispatched one day later actually has more tracks... and there are more tracks to come. This is also just one incarnation of the riddim release that I've seen online.

In the past I've often heard various artists/producers say that its the pirates that play their music on the street and then radio discovers them. But when you send your music to the radio station and instead of playing it they pirate it and put it on the street, it doesn't make sense. These same radio stations then play it on radio when the listeners clamour for it to be heard. These are the same radio stations that SWITCH on Ash Wednesday.

One of the radio stations actually involved want some of the songs for legitimate sale on a website. I have no problems with that request but how can they guarantee that I will see any of the profits from this when members of their staff are actively pirating/sharing this same music all over the internet.

a music pirateWho remember this post pirates-of-caribbean.

It fall in meh garden and the same thing I said then is the same thing I say now.

The guy in the picture is one of those pirates stupid enough to have their picture within their file sharing profile.


Prophet Benjamin Birthday Bash

Prophet Benjamin Birthday Bash


Anthony B - Tease Her

just a post featuring a few of my favourites...

  • artist - Anthony B
  • director - Ras Kassa
  • topic - woman

I like the look of the video even thought it seems like a typical flossing video with ladies and fancy cars just for the sake. I wonder about Anthony B though. He isn't usually this expressive/sexual about women. He still has a long way to go to be classified with Sizzla and Buju Banton though...

Ras... I know you need to pay the bills... It still looks professionally done... GUiDANCE...


Headliner... Alaine

  • Multi-talented and charismatic personality
  • Beautiful singer and songwriter
  • Exploding, captivating and sexy performances
AlaineSinger/songwriter Alaine possesses a sweet voice, songwriting skills that show a depth of experiences and a smile that could brighten any day. This American born, Jamaican raised singer is generating quite a buzz in her home Jamaica and is ready to launch her career internationally.

Her song No Ordinary Love, on Don Corleon’s Seasons Riddim, is climbing up the Jamaican and various Caribbean charts and is on several play lists throughout the Caribbean and internationally. The music video has also quickly become a favorite among young viewers. . Her song Deeper is included on the Kingston 5 compilation which was released earlier 2006 (Sony Europe). Her songs Chaka Chaka Love, Anything, Go and Love Sound, a duet with Beres Hammond, are in regular rotation in the Caribbean territories.

Alaine performed at Reggae Sumfest 2005 and 2006 to positive reviews. She is one of the twenty artists being showcased in the movie Made in Jamaica directed by Jerome Laperrousaz.

Official Website

Music Videos
Love Sounds with Beres Hammond
No Ordinary Love

If one were to describe to you a cheerful, multi-talented and charismatic personality that is full of life, energy and determination in combination with a beautiful, fresh face that is always accented with a smile, one would think that a Miss Jamaica contestant was being described. But, the person that fits this description is new singer and songwriter Alaine Laughton. Read the full story.

I recently did a song with Wayne Marshall called Dying for a Cure. It deals with HIV prevention" says Alaine in a recent interview with the Jamaian Star. Read the full story.

Booking Details:
Available for performance on tracks with DJ to open
Set length of up to 30 minutes
Travels from Kingston, Jamaica
Shared travel expenses for proximity bookings


Machel Montano, You, Satan and God.

An email has been circulating with the subject line "Machel Montano, you, Satan and God."

It is a presentation deconstructing Machel Montano's new HD (High Def) image. I decided to upload it to get your comments.

I did not create it and have no idea as to the creation/origins of this presentation.

Click on the album below to view the slides.


Tuff Knott Entertainment interview

Part ONE of TWO

Part TWO of TWO