Thank You Mr. HD

I just wanted to thank Mr. HD for giving me access to the Jumbie Music Video that doesn't have the Synergy TV logo plastered over it.

I was just checking up on his MySpace page, that actually embedded the one I recorded and posted on YouTube, and saw a new link that sends you to his new HD website. There is a link to the music video that pops up in a media player but being the person I am I decided to see if I could JUMBIE it. I was successful it was too easy.

I forgot last time to point out SURGE, doing their Thriller routine in the video.


  1. Thx....
    You think they would have the video on lock.
    Thanks to hackers like you....being away from Synergy and T&T makes living away a bit easier. LoL

  2. i didnt have to hack it... it was a simple download... just knew what i was looking for :D