Anthony B - Tease Her

just a post featuring a few of my favourites...

  • artist - Anthony B
  • director - Ras Kassa
  • topic - woman

I like the look of the video even thought it seems like a typical flossing video with ladies and fancy cars just for the sake. I wonder about Anthony B though. He isn't usually this expressive/sexual about women. He still has a long way to go to be classified with Sizzla and Buju Banton though...

Ras... I know you need to pay the bills... It still looks professionally done... GUiDANCE...


  1. Though this video has been here for a while I'm now getting around to seriously watching it. It seems reminiscent of Mystikal's video Shake it Fast(edited title) with the girls in mardi gras masks dancing in a house somewhere in the bush and the star drivin around in a car talking to girls through the window. Or maybe I'm just imagining things

  2. just a snippet from an interview with him "The song was done for the party lovers, and to bring the bang to the younger generation. The video was directed by Ras Kassa, his concept was creative and fun, he created a playboy ranch vibe with the girls all about gyrating themselves in masks, it felt good to step out into a different character for the video."

    I guess the playboy ranch vibe is definitely reminiscent of the Mystikal video.

  3. hmm anthony b ah didnt know yuh was so. i thought u is aman to yuh wife."doh puh no icckie on me neck.
    not judging i just thought........

  4. didn't know i was how... Anthony B is one ah mi favourite artists...

    and just for the record I am not married... yet ;)