Hip-Hop & CNN which one is Art, News or Poison?

RAPproject.tv asks “CNN: News or Poison?”

This has been around for a couple of weeks now but I finally decided to post as I posted a vid on YouTube featuring a new outit from Malabar, Arima who are doing Hip-Hop. When I saw them they raised my eyebrows cause it sounded good but I can't stand the same topics all the time... I guess that's mainstream and why SOCA irritates me.

Chuck D addresses one of the problems within Hip-Hop and it really is more than that alone. This interview was a response to one he had with CNN and I think some people took offence.

CNN asks “Hip-Hop: Art or Poison?”

Paula Zahn made some pertinent comments, things that I do understand but as a journalist blanket statements should not be made.

This is along the lines of my rant on Tempo's Badness Outta Style.

Its all about responsibility.


  1. Ahhh boy. Why is it that whenever my Trini people doin any kinna music that is not strictly Soca they feel the need to change their accent? Yes you could adopt the musical rhythms but leave the accent in the other country. I am all for expanding the scope beyond Calypso and Soca, I love all kinna music, but ah cyah stand when the Trini soundin more Jamaican and American than the people who born in those countries (yes Mr. Marlon Asher and friends, ah talkin to alyuh). Take d beat, keep d accent.

  2. Anonymous26/4/07 14:48

    You didnt hear that track by one of the Marley boys singing "If you watch BBC and CNN you into deep"?