Machel Montano, You, Satan and God.

An email has been circulating with the subject line "Machel Montano, you, Satan and God."

It is a presentation deconstructing Machel Montano's new HD (High Def) image. I decided to upload it to get your comments.

I did not create it and have no idea as to the creation/origins of this presentation.

Click on the album below to view the slides.


  1. What a load of rubbish...It's all so random.

    when I get stuff like this via email I normally just shift delete.

  2. It missing the exhortation to repent, burn yuh machel records and go to a evangelical church.

    Muss be machel heself put that out to tie people head out...

  3. tell rich if he so righteous he should tell dat to people who saying kill a n***a,b****es,h@@s,sell drugs,kill your wife,carry guns,beat women etc... he should burn all their records also. lataz- dont hate