King David - LIFE

The song that is probably going to be the best reggae anthem out of Trinidad & Tobago for 2007.

King David has created a beautiful track on an equally exceptional riddim by Studio 53.

Poetry in motion. Very VIVID images are set in one's mind when they hear the song. This is REAL REGGAE.

Kwesi... Jabari... Angelo... please don't water down this riddim with anymore tracks. Let King David have it all to himself.

Ministry Of Social Development, or anyone else for that matter, fork out the dinero to make a music video. The UN could use this too.

The song is a tragic reality of what everday life is for somepeople. To me it is a continuation to a previous offering "Live Here."


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  1. Anonymous25/3/08 21:06

    this song is wack. 0 star