JA Broadcasting Commission Bans Konshens

Konshens will have to be extremely persistent if he intends to be a winner this year, this after the Broadcasting Commission placed a ban on his break out single Winner.

According to the Broadcasting Commission, the single is not fit for airplay and as such should be removed from the playlist of radio disc jocks.

I really don't understand this one it may well be some serious politics involved...

read more of the article here... Broadcasting Commission Bans Konshens


MixMeister Scratch

I don't usually do software review but here is an interesting app for your iphone... for the microwave DJs out there...

Download MixMeister Scratch


Tony Rebel - Fire

classic Baltimore riddim


Coming Home

Coming Home... fighting AIDS with culture takes a look at how various cultures in the Caribbean (case study Trinidad and Tobago) - deals with the problems of HIV/AIDS

How did YouTube allow this length to be posted?

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread - No Games

i was really gonna post the video for one of the songs playing in the background... Serani's "No Games".... but the audio in the vid was high and low... so I ran a search for Trinidad and got this...

It just as expensive as sliced bread too... well if u wanna full yuh belly...

and for those who would still like to see the video...


Rap Attack 2000

DJ Carbon Rap Attack 2000a freebie mix done by DJ Carbon in 2000 with Rap/Hip-Hop hits all chopped and screwed... Long John Silva entertainment

download Rap Attack 2000

7 days or 100 downloads...



I've been trying to stay away from the politics but this one has really done it for me.. the PNM Government is once again going to seek postponement of the Constitutionally due Local Government Elections...

buh whey de a$$


SIPARIA MP Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday hit Government for its plan to extend, for a third time, the life of local government bodies, as proposed in a Municipal Corporations (Amendment) Bill 2008, which Government plans to debate on Monday in the House of Representatives.

buh this place is peer lawlessness...

yuh doh wah d man who allyuh create a process for... and now this...

Merv is bess u kill me now... cause nex thing after dem elections finally call go be removal of the Gas Subsidy... how d F I gonna be able to transport meh family to school and work... cause d Taxi go hadda raise dey fare too... and it never have enuf bus runnin... like u wah me become a criminal.... cause is only if i tief, kill or kidnap I go be able to make ends meet...


Etana - Blessing feat. Alborosie

not a music video ... but my favourite track off the album "the Strong One" that I am currently reviewing for reggaetown...


Konshens - Winner


you may notice a widget floating near the bottom of your window... Facebook users will recognize the resemblance... I am trying out this feature as opposde to the cbox alternative as I can easier access IM clients than be on the website... feel free to participate



Behind the Riddim - Big Drew

very interesting interviews with an artist who definitely knows what the CRAFT needs from him...

more vids http://www.youtube.com/user/SOCAHDviewtube