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Save A Life

Directed by: Jay Will [Game Over]
Produced by Carleene Samuels
DP: Richard Lannaman
Editor: Jay Will [Game Over]
Color: Joel Burke

A music video featuring Shaggy, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Gramps, Chris Martin, Tessanne Chin, Etana, Daville, Luciano, Marcia Griffiths, D Major, Freddy Mcgregor, & DLYNX. Shaggy and Friends are having a benefit concert on January 3rd 2009. All proceeds will go towards getting new equipment and technology For Aid the Bustamante Hospital for Children. Please support this cause, the children needs our help.

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Peter Ram - Tight

Dir: Jay Will (Game Over)
Producer: Carleene Samuels
DP: Richard Lannaman
Editor: Mykal Cushnie
Pyramid Music Group




Austrias Reggaelabel Bassrunner Productions is back with another joint by studio-dream-team Luke R.I.C.H.
The dynamic duo was responsible for last years dancehallcrasher "GhettoRide" (voted top 5 german riddims 2007) and hits again with a partystomper called "Outlaw". This bouncing, hipshaking production features tracks by jamaican topacts like T.O.K. and LEFTSIDE aka MR. EVIL, as well as european topsellers like ILL INSPECTA, BONGO CHILLI and 3GGA.

This one is definitly another masterpiece not to miss!


Don't eat Dog

anonymous accusations about others in society... I am referring to a SMS I saw put on the screen during IBN/Inshan Ishmael's Breaking Barriers program tonight. I was recording SynergyTV Soca Star and flicked during a commercial break. Now Inshan's comments were his usual self but I was dismayed at seeing the comment approved for broadcast...

The real issue http://www.ttmissingpersons.com/

comment appears @ 0:41


Brick and Lace - Bad To The Bone

Brick and Lace complete video for Bad To The Bone

The grounds of the old railway station in Downtown, Kingston were transformed into a virtual dance floor on Sunday, for the shoot of Brick and Lace's latest video Bad To The Bone. The track, which was produced by Christopher 'Langmann' Birch for Birchill Records, is being piped as the new single from the duo's upcoming rereleased album on Geffen.

"Bad To The Bone is the next big single for the girls and we're giving it the biggest treatment and taking the elements to the next level," an ecstatic Chris Smith, manager for Brick and Lace, said in an interview at the set of the video shoot.

According to Smith, Brick and Lace's stocks have risen within the past year, having dented several mainstream music charts across Europe with the hit Love is Wicked. The video for Bad To The Bone was directed by Nadia Sampson and Tim Naylor, who also worked on the Love is Wicked video. Featured in the new video are dancers MOB, Craigy Dread, Chris aka Dark Angel, Mystic and Shady Squad.

Said Smith, "The girls felt it was important to do the video in Jamaica. We didn't want to take the chance to try and duplicate Jamaica outside of Jamaica and miss the mark. You cannot find these gathering of dancers anywhere."

With the attention from international media and travelling the world over, the sisters of Brick and Lace, Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne have adjusted to the demanding rigours of the career path that they chose. "We're really excited about all that has been happening. We have been travelling so much but it's so good to be back home," said Nyanda.

Asked what was the story behind the song Bad To The Bone, Nyanda said: "It's about anyone who is bad to the bone. But we really wrote the song for the guys. It's a fun record. We love dancehall music and we try to stay true to who we are."

Source: jamaicaobserver.com

fan video by mizzskittlez69

Beniton - Recession



no audio...


Max Romeo - The Love of Money

From The Album A Rubadub Sunday in Copenhagen Produced By Pharfar For Food Palace Music.
Available on iTunes.
Video By Rosforth.


An Eye for an Eye

I caught this story and immediately thought to myself that ISLAM/Middle East would take a bashing for it so I decided to read the comments... and one stuck out...

they should take both his eyes and a arm... not punishing people is major cause of crime ..having a long history of problems with law when I was young. in my 20's and escaped punishment for crimes it was not till I recieved a long prison sentence That I realized had I needed punished .This forgive stuff is for birds! I and many others i talked to had same idea.These people who want to forgive especialily violent offenders only push problem down the road.Wake up do the crime do the time.

I totally agree that crime is spurred on by the lack of punishment.

We in Trinidad & Tobago have passed the 500 (known murders) mark and there seems no end. A Police service that is corrupt/corruptible, where officers like to use the phase "You eh know how I is? I is a Police!" I guess I am supposed to be intimidated by them but when Private Security Officers make the same threat, "I could arrest u, u know!" I realise its just Penis Envy.

Back to the post now... We need to ensure that people in society know that crime doesn't pay. We need to set examples. Bring back Capital Punishment. The Earth cannot sustain all of us so if some have to die so be it. But! We should have the right to live and not have it taken by force... except if that was our own action. Capital punishment for Capital offences. A Murderer should be Murdered. A Rapist should lose the tools required for Raping. And YES! Baseball rules... 3 Strikes and your out!


one for WUZ

I've seen my share of misspelt posters and signs so here is one dedicated to WUZdeSCENE. I snapped it today while making a stop for Alloo/Channa Pie...

I love that they are going on a CRUZ... but I really want to see the Chutney Arabian Tassa Dancer...


Konshens - This Means Money

Its better to have plans and schemes than hopes and dreams
Hard work is the KEY to SUCCESS...