An Eye for an Eye

I caught this story and immediately thought to myself that ISLAM/Middle East would take a bashing for it so I decided to read the comments... and one stuck out...

they should take both his eyes and a arm... not punishing people is major cause of crime ..having a long history of problems with law when I was young. in my 20's and escaped punishment for crimes it was not till I recieved a long prison sentence That I realized had I needed punished .This forgive stuff is for birds! I and many others i talked to had same idea.These people who want to forgive especialily violent offenders only push problem down the road.Wake up do the crime do the time.

I totally agree that crime is spurred on by the lack of punishment.

We in Trinidad & Tobago have passed the 500 (known murders) mark and there seems no end. A Police service that is corrupt/corruptible, where officers like to use the phase "You eh know how I is? I is a Police!" I guess I am supposed to be intimidated by them but when Private Security Officers make the same threat, "I could arrest u, u know!" I realise its just Penis Envy.

Back to the post now... We need to ensure that people in society know that crime doesn't pay. We need to set examples. Bring back Capital Punishment. The Earth cannot sustain all of us so if some have to die so be it. But! We should have the right to live and not have it taken by force... except if that was our own action. Capital punishment for Capital offences. A Murderer should be Murdered. A Rapist should lose the tools required for Raping. And YES! Baseball rules... 3 Strikes and your out!

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