rootdoctorabe - WINE ROOTGAL WINE

i was sent this video through my YouTube account and well... all I can say is that I will give credit to the actual Video Production.
The song itself is weak... a collection of hooks and phrases that are popular within the dancehall arena... the singer's tone is flat and uninspiring far from the direct quote on the profile page

"You truly have potential as a Roots Reggae artist and your message in your music is sure to reach beyond the genre."
....TAXI - (The World's Leading Independent A&R Company)

maybe its because it isnt Reggae that he sound off... to me.



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the outsourcing continues

this country is really being run by the most unpatriotic people ever...

US firm to pick new CoP

i dont know how Jumbie didnt see this article...


you say Potato

I am just using this video to compliment Mani's latest post on the Manicou Report. Mani spoke of Trevor Paul but here are the words of Martin Joseph...

Martin Joseph (and the rest of those in charge of National Security) keep on playing these number and word games with the citizenry. ONE DAY, ONE DAY...

I haven't been posting cause these fellas have me depressed and I lettin Jumbie do all the duncey postings... he does get to read the papers b4 me :D