Pixie Dust or Man Playing God?

Man Playing GodI once called a very good friend of Mine... MPG... Man Playing GOD... but its reference was in no way scientific... Many believe that those who are Scientists are unGodly... especially those who seek the Fountain of Youth...

It appears that researchers have created a Pixie Dust that has re-grown a man's severed finger... wait wait wait... it wasn't his whole finger just the tip from below the nail but the researchers are still very pleased... and have big ambitions... I feel the think they have stumbled on the next VIAGRA...

have a read here... The man who grew a finger

If they can perfect the technique, it might mean one day they could repair not just a severed finger, but severely burnt skin, or even damaged organs.

"I think that within ten years that we will have strategies that will re-grow the bones, and promote the growth of functional tissue around those bones. And that is a major step towards eventually doing the entire limb."

video Links here
'Pixie' dust helps finger grow
The man who grew a finger
Growing a new finger

this is sure to cause a stir from Religious Leaders the world over but our friends in Bahrain are concerned about a brewing storm...

Haifa Wehbe has a reputation for wearing revealing clothes
She did well in a list of the most desirable women compiled by the website, AskMen.com, and she has featured in People Magazine's most beautiful list.

...she moved every possible part of her body including parts that have no muscles in them...

...a sexual singer who spoke with her body, not her voice...

I know my fans want me and I am there for them


Busy Signal - Jail

Greensleeves Ragga Ragga Ragga 2008From the Greensleeves Ragga series
Ragga Ragga Ragga 2008
Instores May 6th 2008

the album features

  1. Mavado - On The Rock
  2. Demarco - Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten
  3. Busy Signal - JAIL
  4. Serani - Study People
  5. Mykal Rose - SHOOT OUT
  6. Busy Signal - Wine Pon The Edge
  7. Vybz Kartel - Money Fi Spend
  8. Collie Buddz - Rise It
  9. Bugle - Cyaan Look Inna Me Eye
  10. Elephant Man - Cater To The Poor
  11. Vybz Kartel - My Scheme
  12. Black Ryno - Ay Ya Ay Ya
  13. Busy Signal - Knocking At Your Door
  14. Fire Links & Tony Matterhorn - This Is How We Grow
  15. Charly Blacks - Buddy Buddy


On The Rock

Dancehall artiste Mavado is getting set to make his first ever appearance onstage live with rap mogul Jay Z. The deejay says Jay Z is planning to call him up during an upcoming show in the U.S.

Mavado told THE WEEKEND STAR in an exclusive interview.

However, Mavado is keeping his fingers crossed as there remains one major concern. Mavado's recent visa problems are still looming, and there is the possibility that he might not be allowed to travel to the US But Mavado says he is remaining positive.

"From mi get fi guh it a guh mad, but mi nuh even know wah gwaan wid dat (visa). But mi jus a gwaan watch an si," Mavado said.

didnt i refer too this last week... if these artists stop living/singing about the lifestyle then maybe more people will see them as being positive or constructive and actually give them a chance...

Buju Banton not singing any GAY bashing tunes anymore so he getting to tour and get paid... and promoters arent getting the required approval because of the TYPE of behaviour associated with the genre of music...


U.N. Chief declares Food Crisis

following up on the Tsunami story... World Leaders continue to play 'politics' with FOOD...

“Now we know that biofuels, intended to promote energy independence and combat climate change, are frequently energy inefficient.

“We need to look closely at the impact on food prices and the environment of different production methods and to ensure we are more selective in our support.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Britain

Bad agricultural policies and changing eating habits in developing nations are primarily to blame for rising food prices, not biofuel production as some critics claim
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington suggests that biofuel production accounts for a quarter to a third of the recent increase in global commodity prices. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations predicted late last year that biofuel production, assuming that current mandates continue, would increase food costs by 10 to 15 percent.

“There are two solutions: end subsidies everywhere, or give them to everyone,” Jacques Diouf told Agence France-Presse. “I prefer the latter.”

read Tug-of-War Between Global Crises By MIKE NIZZA for more...


I took no offence

Dr. Lenny Saithsome humour in the mix of Prime Minister Patrick Manning's random poll... what was the margin of error?..

Fifth Minister:
"I took no offence."

Which four squealed?

and apart from that are we seeing the start of electioneering for the Party's Convention later this year?

Humpty Dumpty is falling

Prime Minister Patrick Manning's unceremonious dismissal of Keith Rowley as Minister of Trade has now exposed to the entire country what discerning political observers have known for a long while now, which is that the PNM party is badly fractured and now faces the prospect of becoming broken beyond repair.

remember when it was said "I voting for Valley!"

Jamaica won't Bow to Gays

the issues herein don't only apply to Jamaica but also to Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean Region... who rely on Tourism...

Jamaica won't bow to gays

Prime Minister Bruce Golding has announced that the island's buggery laws will not be repealed, despite enormous international pressure.

Egale Canada, a human rights group based in Toronto, Canada, recently announced its intention to call for a tourism boycott of the island, as well as a ban on the country's goods and services. The group issued a May 12 ultimatum on the Jamaican Government and threatened to make a public announcement five days later, encouraging the ban if its demands were not met.

The group appealed for the production of public service announcements denouncing homophobia/transphobia, called for a national homophobia/transphobia education campaign and lobbied for the abolition of the buggery law and any other law that stigmatises or criminalises consensual same-sex acts.

The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) had expressed concern about the threats, and added that the Canadian market was a particularly viable one. Wayne Cummings, head of the JHTA, told THE STAR in an earlier interview, "They are a very forward-thinking, liberal country, and I'm sure there may be some credibility to the argument that they could affect us."

Ignoring the issue
However, Prime Minister Golding, speaking at his post-budget press briefing at Jamaica House yesterday, said he has seen nothing yet to cause him to consider a review of the buggery laws. The Prime Minister, who has been accused of ignoring the issue by the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (JFLAG), said: "There is a road down which I'm not going to allow this country to go under my leadership."

He also voiced his opposition to same-sex marriages. "There are people who use the same philosophical kind of basis to seek, for example, legislative changes to redefine marriage so that marriage in law must mean something different from what marriage is now. Once we embark on that express way I am not certain at what point we are going to get off."

He continued, "As far as this Prime Minister is concerned, marriage means a union sanctified and endorsed by law between a man and a woman. And I don't want to speak with any ambiguity about where this yah Prime Minister rest."

so while the Canadian's agree that "there's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation"... we in the Caribbean have to continue living with our Christian Leaders decisions... even when they lie...

meanwhile they begging for a VISA
ARTISTES SING 'VISA' BLUES by Krista Henry, Staff Reporter, Jamaica Star.


Sean Paul and Leftside - Back It Up

Leftside aka Mr. Evil and multi-plantinum VP/Atlantic reggae artiste, Sean Paul

Cali P - Keep In Touch


Who say TSUNAMI?

Josette Sheeran of the World Food Program holds up a cup to illustrate the food ration given to children. (By Lefteris Pitarakis-AP)I have posted about the current 'World Food Crisis' that our leaders apparently didnt foresee... and well I saw a headline today that stood out from the rest...

Food Crisis Is Depicted As
'Silent Tsunami'

Sharp Price Hikes Leave Many
Millions in Hunger

"Hunger is a moral challenge to each one of us as global citizens, but it is also a threat to the political and economic stability of poor nations around the world,"

"With one child dying every five seconds from hunger-related causes, the time to act is now,"

Holding up the kind of plastic cup that the WFP uses to feed millions of children, Sheeran told reporters that the price of a metric ton of rice in parts of Asia had risen from $460 to $1,000 in less than two months.

I went to the grocery yesterday and there were signs asking consumers to take one bag of Flour/Rice... they only had 10Kg bags on offer anyway... no 5lbs bags were available... and it cost TT$12 MORE THAN THE PREVIOUS MONTH... AN INCREASE OF 25%... so i wonder what is the markup being used by the Supermarket?... can somebody at NFM tell us the price they selling at... i could do simple math...

I left all the luxury items in the grocery and still spent TT$1000... and I eh buy any fruits, vegetables or rice... I even try to buy in bulk but some of the items more expensive when I did the math... imagine that... the market will hopefully provide the fruits and vegetables at a cheaper rate... no I can't grow anything in a Grow Box... I eh have a front or backyard...

I really wonder how people who earn less than me survive...

In some parts of the world, Sheeran said, the WFP needs to provide food to people who have none. In other countries, she said, food is plentiful but prices have risen so much that people cannot afford it. She said the WFP is considering programs in those countries to provide cash assistance or emergency food vouchers.

Food experts have said such programs could help lower domestic food prices without hurting local farmers -- the kind of balance Sheeran said WFP officials are trying to strike as they deal with a crisis that has different faces in different parts of the world.

In contrast to the WFP position... 'Our' own Government, through Consumer Affairs Minister Peter Taylor, still can't understand the WHY? factor...

"Why should the price of soft drink at the retail end increase from $3 to $5 in the space of a mere four months? Why should the price of indigenous foods such as doubles and bake and shark increase by 75 per cent in the space of three months, when there has not been a corresponding increase in the price of raw materials and other inputs such as labour, equipment and overheads to this extent?"

"This Government therefore serves fair notice to all concerned that it will not hesitate to implement necessary legislation, as it is empowered to do, to discourage any such adverse trade practices which are inimical to the best interests of consumers," Taylor threatened.

I wonder why he didn't just lay the legislation instead of making a speech to do it... we all know that words are just words...

amm... where is the Minister of Agriculture in all this... is this only about the prices at the grocery/market... we cant wait six months for the Cubans to come and plant... we have farmers here... do we need to get all of our labour from foreign... i know i write bout dat before...


Cyber Crime

cyber crime
I was checking out a Jamaican Press article and it said that there is no legislation for cyber crime (in Jamaica) and that the perps are getting away with a crime...

I wonder how many Trinbagonians are victims of these types of crime... how many are slandered in this manner... how many people may have lost their job because of it...

in this time where the Government Speaker of the House of Representatives is clamping down on the use of 'new technologies' what then are the MPs seeking to do about this problem?.. the Ministry of Education has set guidelines for the use of cellular phones and other electronic devices within school premises... but what is the 'punishment' for those that break the rule?.. and what about the degree to which it is broken?.. within the guidelines it is entirely up to the school to implement/enforce...

I shall search the Ministry of Legal Affairs site extensively for any pertinent information... their search box is a waste of time...

hey if found one reference to cyber-crime in the Draft Policy Paper - Consumer Protection in the 21st Century and eleven to the word internet...

TV Pilot


Stack$ & Jah Cure - Flyin' High


Jah Cure, reggae star and new addition to SoBe Entertainment in a joint deal with Danger Zone Music Group, collaborated with Stack$ on the track "Flyin High," recorded in Jamaica. The music video was filmed all throughout Jamaica in locations never filmed before and was released on 4/20 for national smoke day.

Stack$ is a rapper out of Miami, FL signed to SoBe Entertainment. His first single was "Money Ova Here" featuring Lil Wayne which was followed by the single "What You Lookin At?" featuring Swizz Beatz. Young Jeezy recently collaborated with Stack$ on the mix-tape single "Talk Is Cheap" featuring Nu Jerzey Devil and Phylissia. Stack$ album "CraZee & ConfuZed" is scheduled to drop late Summer 08.



The Food Chain

A Drought in Australia, a Global Shortage of Rice

Scientists and economists worry that the reallocation of scarce water resources — away from rice and other grains and toward more lucrative crops and livestock — threatens poor countries that import rice as a dietary staple.

and the article speaks of hoarding in Hong Kong and the Philippines, and set off violent protests in countries including Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Italy, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, the Philippines, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

The drought is making rice harder to find. For instance, SunRice, the Australian rice trading and marketing giant owned by the country’s rice growers, began preparing to mothball the Deniliquin mill five months ago, when it noticed that Australian farmers were planting almost no rice.

rice plants droughtSo allyuh see how the Government not lying to allyuh... is a GLOBAL problem

“Rice is a staple food,” said Graeme J. Haley, the general manager of the town of Deniliquin. “Chardonnay is not.”

If you dont want to read the article at least watch the video...


Taking Offence from Nonsense

now why do some people so easily riled up... especially at Homer Simpson... come on its Homer...

the Argentines are a bit peeved at some comments made in a recent Simpson episode and while there are sensitive topics you have to realise that is 'The Simpsons'... an American view... a view that seeks to keep playing on how America views others...

One can easily be offended about many things but even in this GLOBAL Village there are something that arent created for some markets... I am not advocating that we be ignorant about other people's beliefs/customs tho... absolutely not...

I can make arguments FOR and AGAINST this joke... when you read the article you will be see that the views put forward by the characters are inaccurate.. but guess what... they probably are accurate when it comes to the 'Average Joe' in the US' opinion on the topic...

yet again... if you Educate yourself on a topic you will be Informed... you will be able to see it as it is and be like the dasheen bush leaf... just let it slide right off your back...

lemme see if i can post the vid... it isnt the best resolution but its the most complete clip... to understand the totality of the furor...

State of Mind

"I do not wish to leave the place where I have decided to build my home, where my friends are where my work is, where my kids grew up and have friends and bonds, where my community is."

I took this from a blog titled Life must go on in Gaza and Sderot. Even though I do not live in similar circumstances (and pray I never do) I feel a strength and determination. If you read the post and the blog you may understand what I mean...


CASTING CALL for Triumphant

CASTING CALL for Triumphant, Fighting Cancer through Fashion

Fashion with a purpose (Cancer Awareness)
A call for all male and female models (both new and old faces)
Anyone that wishes to work in the fashion industry, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, etc...
All ages, heights are all welcome

Triumphant - Fighting Cancer through FashionDate: Saturday 19th April 2008
Location: Long Circular Mall Level 2
Time: 2 pm - 6 pm

Special Prize: A free makeover by Senses on the spot (Mac Cosmetics)


  • Walk with your tallest heels or we will give you one
  • Walk with photos both full length and face shot
  • Don’t hesitate for any reason
  • Come as you (nice personality always work)
  • Have fun, look nice, girls work and guy look it

Tickets will be available
For more information call:

Chris at 763-8964
Kevon 725-6024
Nakiesha 748-6987

Wild West Blood Bath

A turf war among drug cartels has claimed more than 210 lives in the first three months of this year. Many of those killed were young gunmen from out of town. The number of homicides this year is more than twice the total number of homicides for the same period last year.

That is the state of crime in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico... it was filed under the headline 'Mexico Drug War Causes Wild West Blood Bath' and written by James C. McKinley Jr.


So to all of you Trinbagonians... on behalf of the Minister of National Security I remind you that this is a Global problem...
LIVE WITH IT... or die...


Guess who was speechifying in Mexico as well...

T.O.K. - Unbelievable

The single Unbelievable speaks to the seriousness and unfortunate circumstances which leads to violent killings in our society. It features the bwoy band T.O.K outfitted in full camouflage gear and in full black suits, protesting “It’s unbelievable how much people are dead”. Each member illustrates their own individual style while the director takes viewers on a visual journey of grimness and employs the use of interchanging animated backgrounds of warfare, guns, violent acts, and armed soldiers scenes. Along with the use of red and black to illustrate the messages in the song.

Headline Entertainment | 8 Haughton Avenue, | Kingston | 10 | Jamaica


Gary gets it wrong

The Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board held a function on Sunday 'Honouring Brian Lara' and his achievements. The Minister of Sport, MP Gary Hunt, spoke and well... what can I say... he kinda got some things wrong... I could have let them slide but what he got wrong is shameful...

First thing... Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board of Control... Gary... they are known as the Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board... ok when they were incorporated by an Act of Parliament there was the word Control but it was subsequently dropped... long before you came into office too...

Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board

The national authority for the promotion of the game of cricket in Trinidad and Tobago was founded on the 26th June 1956 under the name Trinidad Cricket Council.
The Board was incorporated under Act 34 of 1989 on the 28th day of July 1989.
A review of the Constitution was made at a Special General Meeting held on Saturday 28th June 2003 after a draft was submitted to all stakeholders for comment and amendments.

Article 1
The organization (formerly known as the Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board of Control) shall be called the Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board.

read their constitution for even more info...

the next mistake is the REAL thing... d man got Brian Lara's records wrong... well not all of them... Mr. Lara, who is perhaps the best batsman (not cricketer) ever, had world record scores of 375 and 501*... not 365 and 556... as the Minister of Sport you shouldn't have erred on these matters... considering you had the correct info for other stats...

Mr. Minister next time call the man and ask him... call the TTCB and ask them for his stats... you could even check Wikipedia (I dont consider it a reliable source)... so instead of promising the stadium would be completed and big games to be played in it... get the stats correct...

watch the vid of his entire speech... blunders included

Red Bull Music Academy

Red Bull Music Academy
I just heard that Red Bull Music Academy may be having something in Trinbago this week... I know that there is a scheduled Workshop in Jamaica next week featuring Lloyd James, Ibo Cooper, Dean Frazer and Stephen McGregor... mmm... if its true I wonder who will be here in/from Trinbago... mention was made of a King so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I better get my invite...


Thursday 17th, 8pm, Starlift PanYard, Mucarapo Road, St. James... Open to the Public...


just a stumble upon kinda read... on one of my favourite topics...



Barbados and Trinidad invited to join OECS

Saint Lucia's Prime Minister Stephenson King has issued an invitation to Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago to join the OECS... and I think we should but Mr. King has an argument...

“If it is going to be another LIAT I’m not interested in it."

I heard this reported on the news today and well here is where you can read it...

Carbonation is back

DJ Carbon has started back posting new podcast(s)... listen here and you can catch him Saturday's 9pm to 12pm on 94.1FM... or on Facebook...

the Law is an Ass

Picture this...

Monday morning... you arrive at 8:30... Court 'starts' at 9:00... Shirt in pants, search yuh bag, Cell phone off, Metal Dector?, Empty Pockets for Hand Swipe... then onto the Court... that is supposed to start at 9:00...

Sit and wait... No Talking, No Chewing Gum... a list of NOs... Wait for the presiding Judge (who is paid enough to never call in sick or reach late)... but guess what... Judge late...

ALL RISE... get up show respect for the lady who walk in an hour late... sit quietly... call a case... a Child Custody matter at that... quickly informs both parties that this case will be adjourned until June... calls another case...

all parties are not ready... "I am here to represent the representer who isnt here yet..."... Judge realises that it have plenty cases and makes the statement that all the other cases will have to be adjourned to hear this one... ALL RISE... she exits...

wait a couple minutes more... ALL RISE... calls your case and the earliest available date is in May... your lawyer has another case on the same day... so June it is... you ask the lawyer... WTF? why wasnt the case heard?.. oh they have a Murder Trial...

spent about 2 hours at the Court and nothing happened but an adjournment... you realise one of the reasons why the LAW is an ASS

Now I question...

Child Custody and Murder in the same Court... overhead in the gallery "Trafficking Cases are in another Court"... Trafficking? Drug Trafficking or the Vehicular kind?.. I thought that we had separate courts for separate offences... I thought that they had a Family Court... why they fighting over children in the same Court with Murders and House-Breakers... I doh understand...



I was unsure if to actually post this but I have to give in to my internal struggle... my own Jihad if I dare say so... because the day after I wrote it I was asked by a colleague about my religious persuasion, did my explaining and he totally understood my views as he hold some of the same thoughts on the subject... so the following is the unedited version of thoughts that came to me during and immediately after I watched the material...

as I sit in work today (07APR08) and look at the controversial FITNA... I realize that one can be easily mislead if one doesnt educate oneself.... and sad to say that many of us are indeed uneducated... we look at topics from one one perspective... most of the time... I have never consciously professed to be a Muslim because I always maintain that the word means 'one who submits'... I have never submitted and Time/God alone knows if I ever will... one thing I maintain though is that I try to follow the teachings of Islam... herein lies the problem...

I have no formal education when it comes to Islam... and its my own fault... I dont blame that on anyone else... but from my life experiences I dont need any one religion to teach me how to live... beacause even as Islam maintains that 'we are all born as Muslim' but we have the ability to choose how we want to live... I live as righteous as I can... and I still have faults... will always have...

I posted the Boy Kills Man post and purposely left out and created sensationalised statements... the film FITNA is all about doing that... all of the outrage generated is real and while I dont agree with the film I also dont agree with the protesters... because the problem is two fold...

we allow some of our scholoars/teachers to lead us along a skewed path and we dont question or educate ourselves on topics related to the Quran and the Sunnah (ways and teachings of Muhammed pbuh)... as I watch, I see shots of women being killed, all in the name of Islam?.. most of that comes from the Tribal heritage that the Arab world has never seen fit to leave behind since the revelation of the Quran... they are relics of the past... the SYMBOLS of ISLAM?.. the traditions that however haram they are we hold onto...

read Quran for yourself... research for yourself... question yourself about what you see/hear being said about Islam... is it really Islam they are speaking about? or is it someone who claims/claimed to be Muslim...

the video ends with the statement... "the Islam ideology has to be defeated"... it isnt the Islamic ideology but those of the leaders who seek to twist the words to support their own agenda that need to be defeated... we need to get up and walk out, show our displeasure, however disrespectful it may seem when our Mullah/Imams/Scholars are preaching this violence and hate against the non-muslim... there is a teaching of Muhammed that goes...
If one of you sees something evil he should change it with his hand.
If he cannot, he should speak out against it, and
if he cannot do even that he should at least detest it in his heart,
this being the weakest form of faith.

Why do we continue to keep ourselves IGNORANT... the biggest problem within Islamic diaspora is Illiteracy...

the film only seeks to divide us all... whoever we are... these type of statements only seek to help the creator some more attention.

I found an interesting post that may help some in understanding some of what ISLAM is about here...
Racism and Islam


False Lie

PNM Arouca Maloney Alicia Hospedalesho hum, ho hum,
hum a happy song,
ho hum, ho hum,
nothing can go wrong...

I was watching the Parliament Channel (re-runs) and the Member of Parliament for Arouca/Maloney, Alicia Hospedales (PNM), said that those on the other side were telling False Lies...

the MP for Siparia, Kamla Persad-Bissessar (UNC-A), then continued to use it as she said if the Speaker allowed it, it must be OK to use...

well I thought that a False Lie would actually be a Truth so I checked online sources... according to the Urban Dictionary a False Lie maybe

  1. an untrue lie
  2. a contradictional statement negating what is known as false
  3. another way of saying a statement is true
  4. an over-extended version of the truth

go figure... give it too the young lady representing Arouca/Maloney, which coincidentally was my polling are for the 2007 General Election, to bring some new terminology to the Parliament... but I wonder which definition she actually meant?

State of Mind

quotes that may reflect the current state of...

the first one comes from an employee at Yahoo! on the Microsoft/Yahoo!/Google? deal... I guess the same can be said about me at work right now... or the country for that matter...

"There's a lot of pent-up creativity...
Morale is in the sh**ter."

There's a lot of pent-up creativity... Morale is in the sh**ter.

How much is the TT$ worth?

I remember that within the last few years the IMF kinda told the Government that they should re-evaluate where the dollar was in relation to the US$... now after years of the same China has done just that... well that's what i read in this article from the New York Times World Business Section... the Chinese Yuan is worth nearly as much as ours... or is it really?

China's population is over a billion and we just over a million... thats a difference of one thousand million
China's land mass is 9,596,960 sq km and ours is 5,128 sq km... thats... damn... a ratio of 1800:1
China's history predates Christ... or whenever they started the calendar... Trinidad's is Tuesday 31st of July 1498, Christopher Columbus' 3rd voyage...

After reading the article I surveyed the internet looking for info about what the IMF said...
an excerpt from the IMF Public Information Notice (PIN) No. 07/127

Directors noted the appreciation pressures on the TT dollar in the context of buoyant energy exports. Some Directors were in favor of a nominal appreciation, especially as it would also help reduce inflation. Some other Directors, however, noted the uncertainties regarding the estimate of exchange rate misalignment, and that nominal appreciation may have only a limited effect on inflation because of local supply bottlenecks.

somebody please help me understand why China did what the IMF asked... was it the pressure? is it because of the current Tibet/Olympic situation? can someone help me to understand... please... what 'local supply bottlenecks' exist?

I know that we are different Nations at different stages but the Government likes to keep comparing us to other Nations when it comes to Crime among other Social Issues...

Could digital music kill the 'record' promotion?

French singer Yelle (Credit: EMI Music)very interesting article by Greg Sandoval

being bombarded on a daily basis with a whole heap of digital download promos... its pleasing tho that even after all of this success there are some who still wanna be released on Vinyl...

"I don't know whether it will come out. I think it's a bonus if it does. It's a plus. I think now you can download music, buy CDs, and that's what people really want. But I would be really proud if my album will be out in vinyl."


Legal Tripz - "Serving the Stoner Community"

I happened upon this advert online while browsing Allyuh.com's Blog. I just had to click on it as I recently posted an article I read on Recreational Drugs...

Legal Tripz



sometimes I really don't think people have a real grasp...





that is an advert for a concert that I got thru Facebook... notice what is starts off with Losing a Loved One to 'An Act of Violence'

Have we become so numb...

What will there be at this festival... More Bloodshed... Death & Destruction... will I be subject to an Act of Violence? Will I be able to Escape...

So who is this ad supposed to appeal to... the Lady who had her Son killed by his Father, the other Lady who was witness to her Daughter getting Shot for no apparent reason (so says the Police)... the list can go on and on...

Judging from this Advert... I know for sure now that I want to Escape... Escape from the stupidity... Escape from (as Jumbie says) Monkey Island...

Also where is the VELADROME... illiterate guys (who incedentally host parties in a 'room' in Arima)...
the word is spelt V-E-L-O-D-R-O-M-E
for those who didn't know a Velodrome is an arena for track cycling... Spell 'friggin' check nah... steups... NUMB

oh yeah one last thing... what was with all of the CAPS... don't you know its impolite to be SHOUTING all the time...

Boy Kills Man

"I knew I had to kill him"
"I told God that I had stabbed him... I know he understands..."

The 12-year-old boy had finished his homework and was playing a video game when he heard his mother cry out. Rushing to her aid, he found her on the kitchen floor... click on it to read more...

I just had to manipulate the statements to sensationalize the story... I've grown accustomed to the way media creates sound bytes and well being an editor who sometimes has to rephrase speech i wondered how many more visits I would get...

Wired - Top 5 Recreational Drug Experiments

Most of the research is about Marijuana.... there is even a guide to make THC from scratch... something to experiment with ;)

you can check them all out here in the article by Aaron Rowe... Top 5 Recreational Drug Experiments


Mr. Vegas - Hot Gal

Brand New Mr. Vegas Music Video featuring a Talk show called "Talk Di Tings", similar to the Jerry Springer show but hosted by Miss Kitty. In which a variety of females all fight over two men they are all dating. The video was shot in Kingston Jamaica and Directed by Jay Will (Game Over).

Mr. Vegas - Nuh Fight Over Man

Video now on myspace... i wonder if he gonna delete it from here too?

aye it back on youtube... can you spot any differences?


TT$5 Doubles

the email circulating around that is seemingly from a National Flour Mills employee is there to show their maths on how much profit the Doubles Vendor is making...

doubles vendorHello Friends,
As a worker at NFM, I will give you a small insight to what I would call 'Highway Robbery'
The flour that most doubles vendors use (45kg) has been increased by $60.00. Do you know how many doubles can be produced from a 45kg of flour?
Let me tell you. 1,200 doubles, yes twelve hundred and some good doubles vendors can get 1,500.
So let's use 1,200. If your 45kg bag of flour has been increased by $60.00….Do the math.
OK OK, let me do it for you….Your doubles went up by 5 cents.
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HandSolo... the future is at hand


HandSolo is amazing! After one day of using HandSolo, I threw out my smart-phone because I had no use for it anymore. I don't need to worry about forgetting my cell phone anywhere, because it's always with me – in my hand!
Greenville, SC; Bill D.


All systems are GO for the JET

If any of you Trinbagonians out there heard/saw/read the Prime Minister's Address to the Nation (of Trinidad & Tobago) last night you would have realised that the whole address, which was not shot well, was basically about getting a JET... everything else was recycled from the 2007-2008 Budget Speech... I don't know what kind... if he going to lease or buy... but I just know that our esteemed PM will soon be JETsetting across the Globe.

Our Government decided to host 2 Major Summits during 2009 and as the Chairman of these PM Manning has to meet with these peeps before they come. They are the Summit of the Americas and the Commonwealth Heads of Government.

I don't know, but can't they use like NetMeeting... OK OK... Windows Meeting Space (name change in VISTA)... use SKYPE (like Oprah) or MSN/Yahoo! Messenger something that has Audio & Video transmission capabilities... what about DimDim?.. oh gosh use a bloddy PolyCom... the Oil & Gas fellas use it all the time... they realise that its cheaper than JETting off everytime they wanna discuss something. We already have seen some use of this introduced into the court system... I don't know if it is still used but they made a big hullabaloo about it a while back...


Recycled SOCA

HOT new SOCA riddim... not really just a nice walk thru on how simple the process is ;)

How 2 Make A Soca Riddim