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Dancehall artiste Mavado is getting set to make his first ever appearance onstage live with rap mogul Jay Z. The deejay says Jay Z is planning to call him up during an upcoming show in the U.S.

Mavado told THE WEEKEND STAR in an exclusive interview.

However, Mavado is keeping his fingers crossed as there remains one major concern. Mavado's recent visa problems are still looming, and there is the possibility that he might not be allowed to travel to the US But Mavado says he is remaining positive.

"From mi get fi guh it a guh mad, but mi nuh even know wah gwaan wid dat (visa). But mi jus a gwaan watch an si," Mavado said.

didnt i refer too this last week... if these artists stop living/singing about the lifestyle then maybe more people will see them as being positive or constructive and actually give them a chance...

Buju Banton not singing any GAY bashing tunes anymore so he getting to tour and get paid... and promoters arent getting the required approval because of the TYPE of behaviour associated with the genre of music...

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  1. fuss I doh understand nuttin dem Jamaicans does be singing ... I never knew Movado was ah ganster .... ah know he was supposed tuh be in some concert here in trini (recently) .... and couldn't come again cuz he get lock up .....

    but ganster or not ....dis could be de man big break ... cuz dat song real bad .... tho is de JZs lyrics ah really like ....'dust em off' :-)