TT$5 Doubles

the email circulating around that is seemingly from a National Flour Mills employee is there to show their maths on how much profit the Doubles Vendor is making...

doubles vendorHello Friends,
As a worker at NFM, I will give you a small insight to what I would call 'Highway Robbery'
The flour that most doubles vendors use (45kg) has been increased by $60.00. Do you know how many doubles can be produced from a 45kg of flour?
Let me tell you. 1,200 doubles, yes twelve hundred and some good doubles vendors can get 1,500.
So let's use 1,200. If your 45kg bag of flour has been increased by $60.00….Do the math.
OK OK, let me do it for you….Your doubles went up by 5 cents.
Still want to buy doubles for $4 and $5? …..Feel FREE !!!!!

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