Pixie Dust or Man Playing God?

Man Playing GodI once called a very good friend of Mine... MPG... Man Playing GOD... but its reference was in no way scientific... Many believe that those who are Scientists are unGodly... especially those who seek the Fountain of Youth...

It appears that researchers have created a Pixie Dust that has re-grown a man's severed finger... wait wait wait... it wasn't his whole finger just the tip from below the nail but the researchers are still very pleased... and have big ambitions... I feel the think they have stumbled on the next VIAGRA...

have a read here... The man who grew a finger

If they can perfect the technique, it might mean one day they could repair not just a severed finger, but severely burnt skin, or even damaged organs.

"I think that within ten years that we will have strategies that will re-grow the bones, and promote the growth of functional tissue around those bones. And that is a major step towards eventually doing the entire limb."

video Links here
'Pixie' dust helps finger grow
The man who grew a finger
Growing a new finger

this is sure to cause a stir from Religious Leaders the world over but our friends in Bahrain are concerned about a brewing storm...

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