False Lie

PNM Arouca Maloney Alicia Hospedalesho hum, ho hum,
hum a happy song,
ho hum, ho hum,
nothing can go wrong...

I was watching the Parliament Channel (re-runs) and the Member of Parliament for Arouca/Maloney, Alicia Hospedales (PNM), said that those on the other side were telling False Lies...

the MP for Siparia, Kamla Persad-Bissessar (UNC-A), then continued to use it as she said if the Speaker allowed it, it must be OK to use...

well I thought that a False Lie would actually be a Truth so I checked online sources... according to the Urban Dictionary a False Lie maybe

  1. an untrue lie
  2. a contradictional statement negating what is known as false
  3. another way of saying a statement is true
  4. an over-extended version of the truth

go figure... give it too the young lady representing Arouca/Maloney, which coincidentally was my polling are for the 2007 General Election, to bring some new terminology to the Parliament... but I wonder which definition she actually meant?

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  1. this is very funny .... I've never heard of a false lie .... kinda reminds me 'honest truth' ....