All systems are GO for the JET

If any of you Trinbagonians out there heard/saw/read the Prime Minister's Address to the Nation (of Trinidad & Tobago) last night you would have realised that the whole address, which was not shot well, was basically about getting a JET... everything else was recycled from the 2007-2008 Budget Speech... I don't know what kind... if he going to lease or buy... but I just know that our esteemed PM will soon be JETsetting across the Globe.

Our Government decided to host 2 Major Summits during 2009 and as the Chairman of these PM Manning has to meet with these peeps before they come. They are the Summit of the Americas and the Commonwealth Heads of Government.

I don't know, but can't they use like NetMeeting... OK OK... Windows Meeting Space (name change in VISTA)... use SKYPE (like Oprah) or MSN/Yahoo! Messenger something that has Audio & Video transmission capabilities... what about DimDim?.. oh gosh use a bloddy PolyCom... the Oil & Gas fellas use it all the time... they realise that its cheaper than JETting off everytime they wanna discuss something. We already have seen some use of this introduced into the court system... I don't know if it is still used but they made a big hullabaloo about it a while back...

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