How much is the TT$ worth?

I remember that within the last few years the IMF kinda told the Government that they should re-evaluate where the dollar was in relation to the US$... now after years of the same China has done just that... well that's what i read in this article from the New York Times World Business Section... the Chinese Yuan is worth nearly as much as ours... or is it really?

China's population is over a billion and we just over a million... thats a difference of one thousand million
China's land mass is 9,596,960 sq km and ours is 5,128 sq km... thats... damn... a ratio of 1800:1
China's history predates Christ... or whenever they started the calendar... Trinidad's is Tuesday 31st of July 1498, Christopher Columbus' 3rd voyage...

After reading the article I surveyed the internet looking for info about what the IMF said...
an excerpt from the IMF Public Information Notice (PIN) No. 07/127

Directors noted the appreciation pressures on the TT dollar in the context of buoyant energy exports. Some Directors were in favor of a nominal appreciation, especially as it would also help reduce inflation. Some other Directors, however, noted the uncertainties regarding the estimate of exchange rate misalignment, and that nominal appreciation may have only a limited effect on inflation because of local supply bottlenecks.

somebody please help me understand why China did what the IMF asked... was it the pressure? is it because of the current Tibet/Olympic situation? can someone help me to understand... please... what 'local supply bottlenecks' exist?

I know that we are different Nations at different stages but the Government likes to keep comparing us to other Nations when it comes to Crime among other Social Issues...

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