Machel Montano HD bus

Machel Montano HD busMachel Montano has definitely gone HD. The soca superstar has become the first artiste locally to have his own tour bus. In keeping with the 2007 HD concept, Montano and company have refurbished a 20-year-old PTSC bus and customized it. You cannot miss this bus with its big chrome rims, HD-themed exterior paint job and lighting system, complete with reflective tape and neon signage.

The bus contains an entertainment centre with a 42-inch plasma screen on an actuator; with ports for an Ipod, PlayStation 3 and Wireless Internet, walk-through closet, toilet facility and a bedroom, with a large comfy bed, and a 32-inch LCD monitor hidden behind a mirror in the bedroom. The sound system is straight out of MTV's "Pimp My Ride" tricked out with MTX Subwoofers, JVC DVD Head units, 8" speakers, tweeters, crossovers and transformers.

Betweeen the inside and the outside, the bus will use roughly 12,000 watts of power and has its own generator. The driver will have the benefit of reverse cameras, motion sensors all the way around and night vision cameras, as well as a fully-refurbished engine and fuel tank. Additionally everything inside is HD personalized: from the microwave, to the lights, to the windows. Put together in just over three weeks, the entire process of making of the bus will be shown as a special feature programme on Synergy TV.

For those of you who realised that I have put the cover of Xtatik's 1997 album Heavy Duty, I hope you have the same epiphany as I. Machel Montano is clearly the first human to go High Def as this album cover demonstrates. This HD transformation was 10 years in the making. Is it really just coincidence that Machel is celebrating 25 years in the SOCA industry and he goes HD? It was 10 years ago that Xtatik gave us Heavy Duty. Look at it carefully H... D... 10 years later we have HD everything flooding the market.

Machel must surely be commended on this achievement. I made fun of him claiming to be the first High Def Human but it all makes sense now. To all the detractors... look out fuh d JUMBIE!

I wonder if it is just bMobile doing the same for Machel Montano HD as they did for Beenie Man / Mafia House in Jamaica... story by yardflex.com

'Reggae' All Star Tour

Trinbago’s very own reggae crooners Isasha, Million Voice and Jah Bami will join other Caribbean artists like Naycha Kid, Fucha Kid and Lee Pee Ching for the “All Star Tour.” The tour kicks off in Antigua on February 8th, and has scheduled stops in Anguilla, St. Kitts and Montserrat.

The pre-Valentine event is a first for Antigua’s “Chosen Sounds;” the label with its finger on the pulse of Caribbean youth and musical culture. “Chosen Sounds” boss, Omari Harrigan said “we aim to spread good music.’ “Isasha’s song is a huge hit,” he added, “so, there’s lots of anticipation and demand. Everyone with a radio and a predilection for good music has swayed to this Trinis passionate lyrics and the contagious melody of “Don’t You Know”.

The All Star Tour brings him and brother Million Voice, face to face with their growing fan base.” Jah Bami, most familiar to regional audiences from Tempo's Cross Caribbean Countdown, is the other non-Chosen Sounds artiste on the bill.”


*This is a Trinidad ting*: This Carnival

*This is a Trinidad ting*: This Carnival one questions the HYPE of 2007 Carnival...


Blue Range All Inclusive

I was at the Blue Range All Inclusive last night and d place was ram out with people. This year I heard tickets were hard to come by. A man tell me he pay $380 fuh one. It didn't bother me... cause me eh buy any... I went to wukk...

We had to work some magic with the screen and camera positions but it was all good... good thing we had that ladder... the artist performances were good...

Crazy was first up and had the audience begging for some of his older hits. He sang "Nani Wine" and a little piece of "Paul (Yuh Mudda Come)." He then gave them "Cold Sweat" and "One Foot Cock."

Ziggy Rankin and the Barbados 'Crop Over' Road March Champ Jabae came after but didn't move the crowd as much.

Mr. Slaughter, who I believe has the Carnival 2007 Anthem in "Soca In Meh Blood", is probably suffering from hearing loss. He kept asking for more volume on d mic; this is a trait he has had from back when he was on the sound system circuit.

The Big Man in the Bizness Mr. Neil 'Iwer' George then took stage and sang the hits that made him change to "Mashing Up Fete is meh name"... they lapped it all up.

Shurwayne Winchester didn't thank all who PARTAKED in the making of his music video for "Don't Stop" as he did on both SynergyTV & Gayelle, the Channel. He and the DJ playing his tracks were out of sync. My experience with that particular DJ is that he always knows what you want not what you ask him for... so I guess Shurwayne's performance took a little hit for that.

Heinekin was there making people dance on camera for a Magnum. While newly opened Body Art of Movie Towne was there airbrushing tatoos onto willing paticipants.

When it was dun the 3 of us who worked the job together sat and waited for the JAM to clear out... drank some stuff that was left inna fridge and talked some $hit for a while. I think we left about 0535 and I just needed to get home. As soon as I sat down behind the wheel I started to feel sleepy. On approach to the Beaulieau Exit on d Highway, going faster than I should, I saw someone had already beaten me to running off the road lower down by the Montague Steps. About 7 cars had already stopped to help and I was too tired to stop. I went home, offloaded the car, made the call to say I reach hom safe, then heard the sirens now arriving on the scene of the accident. It was 0600 and sleep was calling... and then I got up about 1430 Sunday afternoon...

Give Thanks for the BLESSING of LIFE...


Consciousness or Cutlasses

I came across this video while browsing thru youtube and wondered to myself... What was he singing about... I don't think he really understands how to bring across a topic or I jus getting too old??? The video produciton is on the cheap but very effective at the same time... so too is the riddim. Like the lyrics, it too can get polished.

This video is a clear indication that we have alot of talented youth in Trinidad & Tobago who just need some GUiDANCE. They need to be properly taught in school about music so that they can truly make a career out of it. Teach them how to structure the song. Teach them how to produce, direct and edit the video.

Take a look and make sure to comment about it.

Skrewface - Nah Disrespect


Patrice Roberts interview

Patrice Roberts interview...

Sugar Sugar

Machel Montano HD interview

Here is the full interview from the first High Def Human, Machel Montano talking about some of his plans for 2007...

Higher Than High!


Total Control offered by Numark

Numark Total Control


A tabletop controller for DJs who yearn for the control they left behind when they switched from traditional mixers to the multi–processing power of laptop DJing. This fully class–compliant USB MIDI device is the ultimate for any performing computer DJ.

Total Control's 31 buttons, 20 knobs and 5 faders send MIDI data from the controller to your DJ software of choice, making the inconvenience of mouse or glide–pad software control a thing of the past. No assignment of software parameters for the Total Control is necessary – simply connect the controller to a computer with a USB cable, enable it on the user's computer's "config" menu, and watch the virtual controls respond to Total Control's actions.

The Total Control comes packaged with Numark's Cue LE and Native Instruments' Traktor LE software, with pre–mapped controls and overlay "skins" for both applications.


M-Audio's Torq Xponent

Torq Xponent is a cutting-edge performance system that brings professional-grade control to the world of the computer-based DJ. Engineered by M-Audio’s SynchroScience Design Group, the package includes the Torq DJ software that’s revolutionizing digital DJing and the Xponent hardware control surface that puts all that power right at your fingertips. With full-size tactile controls, an integrated USB audio interface and intuitive MIDI-learn capabilities, Torq Xponent bridges the gap between traditional DJ hardware and today’s powerful performance software once and for all. This completely integrated system combines the features of a standard two-channel DJ mixer with the controls of a pair of DJ CD players, letting you cue, mix and scratch digital files without touching the host computer.

High Def Human

I didn't think you could be so vain...

Machel Is HIGHER than WHAT??


The Return of Adesh?

Adesh SamarooIt has not been two years yet since his major accident, but Adesh Samaroo, former Chutney Soca Monarch, has refused to let anything keep him from getting on the big stage this year. In April of 2005, he was involved in an automobile accident that left him in critical condition.

After months of recovery in Trinidad, he journeyed to New York for further medical help. He returned to the local scene to perform seven months later on November 12 in Skinner Park, San Fernando. The concert, which was entitled “The Return Of Adesh, Thanks For Life” saw the soca star in full swing doing his dance moves and singing his top chutney tunes that propelled him to the top of the ladder.

January 2007 and all the soca stars are busy performing in both private and public functions in the lead up to Carnival. Adesh is one such performer who did not waste much time in producing his fourth album entitled, Rum Caused This Success. His tunes for the competitive stage this year are “Oh Julay” and “Rum Like That.” He is contracted to perform at least 26 shows in the lead up to Carnival.


Mr. Chucky - Out for the ladies

Mr. Chucky has come out for the ladies once again, this time he’s not just asking “To See” them but for them to “Turn Around” so he can wine on them. The groovy soca tune is according to the artist a wining song as well as a love story. Chucky’s voice is already a regular on the airwaves thank to a collaboration with Synergy TV Soca Star finalist Umi Marcano with “Move That Body”.

At 20 the talented entertainer is already proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with, having competed in the junior calypso level for a number of years and in 2006 successfully maked the transition to the soca world. Chucky was the only the second artist (Shadow was the first in 2001 with Stranger) to compete in the top levels of the industry in both Soca and calypso in the same year.

He made history as the second youngest person to make it to the finals (after Machel Montano) and also made it to the finals of the 2006 Groovy Soca Monarch competition, despite it being his first soca attempt. He was also the only Trini artist to be nominated for the Best New Male Soca Artiste for 2006 Soca Awards, as well as being nominated for the Top 20 Stars of Gold award in 2006.


Plymouth Jazz Festival ticket prices soar

Patrons will have to dig deeper into their pockets to attend this year's Plymouth Jazz Festival. The organisers, CL Communications, have announced that tickets for the April 27 show will be sold for US$90-$120. Tickets for April 28 will go for US$125-$155 and those for April 29 are going at US$150-$180.

A season ticket for the three nights will cost US$340 general admission and US$430 VIP. Hip-hop artiste LL Cool J and Jamaican-born reggae superstar Sean Paul will be the feature acts, along with local soca band Flame on the Friday night, while R&B singer and Broadway actress Heather Headley and reggae singer Beres Hammond will perform on the Saturday night along with local soca star Destra Garcia and the band Atlantik. The Sunday night show will include British pop singer and songwriter Sir Elton John, Earth Wind & Fire and Al Green, who will be joined by local star Machel Montano.

Olatunji - New Frontman for Roy Cape

After being benched from the Traffik frontline, soca vocalist Olatunji Yearwood has been invited to join the Roy Cape All Stars where he will share the stage with Blaxx and Trini Jacobs who replaced Rita Jones after the "Carnival Feeling" singer left the band.

Yearwood who had been with Traffik since October last year was told by the band's founder, Andy Joseph, that he was not performing at the level required by Traffik for Carnival. Joseph advised Yearwood to work on his vocals as well as stage presence during his time away from the band but said that there was still a place for him in Traffik once he improved enough to stand alongside Shurwayne Winchester and Candy Hoyte.

Yearwood proved an instant hit with the ladies at the several major events Traffik performed at over the past two weeks of the 2007 Carnival season.


Saucy Wow & Orange Sky team up

Denise Belfon

Soca diva Denise 'Saucy Wow' Belfon revealed earlier this week that she will be joined by the popular band "Orange Sky", for the 2007 Carnival season and then to tour internationally throughout the year. The band will be called S.O.S. (Saucy and Orange Sky) and will make numerous appearances at upcoming Carnival fetes.

'Orange Sky' is a 5-man rock band from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad known for it's blends of Soulful Rock 'N' Roll with elements of Reggae, Calypso and other Caribbean styles.

Over the past four years, Orange Sky has become the hottest, most popular band in the country; Trinidad and Tobago's Ministry of Tourism has even named the band as international ambassadors. Band members include lead vocalist / lead guitarist / chief songwriter Nigel Rojas, bass guitarist / vocalist Nicholas Rojas, rhythm guitarist Adam Murray, keyboardist / vocalist Richard Hall and drummer / vocalist Obasi Springer.


TnT Virgin Masquerader: Play meh Soca nuh!

found this and thought it would be an interesting read... TnT Virgin Masquerader: Play meh Soca nuh!

New Soca Band coming???

Mista VybeLook out for a new Soca band that will consist of the Big Artist Crew... Mr. Vybe, Terry Seales, Michelle Sylvester, Ms. Alysha and Nadia Batson. According to Patrick Gordon, better known as Mista Vybe, “A lot of international promoters are interested in the crew and they just thought they should start a band.”

Vybe also said that we can expect great things next year, 2008 that is, and a mini tour up the islands and in the U.S. is already on the drawing board for the band. But for now the members are focusing on their individual careers for Carnival 2k7, and the Big Artist Crew album, which drops on January 17th, don't buy it from the PIRATE on d street.

Scally Ranks - dUPPY aRT pRODUCTION

I watched these vids on youtube through a link on yardflex and finally linked with the person today... phew... sounded long... but it was worth it. Take a time out and see the world through claymation. Scally Ranks takes on the ongoing Beenie vs Bounty saga and even offers them both some advice.


UNITE 2007

On the 26th January 2007, promoter Roy Maraj (Tri Star Promotions) is bringing UNITE further East. The fete is now scheduled to be held in Trincity on the Trinity East football pitch. In 2006 it was held @ the U.W.I's Creative Arts and all attempts to get a venue in St. Augustine for 2007 were futile. The cast includes Alison Hinds and Peter Ram from Barbados, Shurwayne & Traffik, Bunji & The Asylum, KMC & Red White and Black, Denise 'Suacy Wow' Belfon and representing for the U.W.I. crew are Mr. Chucky and Keegan Taylor, finalist in the Synergy Soca Star 2007 edition. Also performing will be Beenie Man and Mr. Vegas out of Jamaica.

I hear my comps done lock so look out for the pics from UNITE 2007.

HOTT 93 Annual Carnival Burn

I got confirmation this evening of HOTT 93's Annual Carnival Burn for the following dates. Alternating Tuesdays & Thursdays starting on January 30th, February 1st, 6th, 8th, 13th & 15th. The venue will be the Movie Towne Car Park in front of Burger King.

Chow Lin On remembered today

A number of artistes have come in from abroad for today's funeral of music industry legend Ellis Chow Lin On. Among them are David Rudder, Carl Jacobs, Ralph Macdonald and Roger George. Unable to make it was his lifelong friend, Jamaican bandleader Byron Lee, with whom he linked up for the inception of Jamaica Carnival. Lee is ailing and undergoing treatment in Miami.

One of the highlights of the service today is expected to be a performance of "Memories" by Shurwayne Winchester and Rudder, whom Chow Lin On managed.

Patrice Roberts releases 'Sugar Boy' video

Reigning Road March Queen Patrice Roberts has released a video for the groovy soca song ‘Sugar Boy’. Shot at three locations, a canefield, a beachfront and inside a house, the video opens with Patrice walking along a shoreline carrying a radio and a handbag. Simultaneous shots of all three locations show Patrice dancing seductively throughout the entire video.

The video has apparently been paid for by State run 100.1 FM. It premiered after the CNMG News telecast and I subsequently saw it on Synergy TV which is run by Peter C. Lewis who sometimes performs with Machel Montano and Xtatik. Patrice has again teamed with Zan for the song ‘Hold me Close’, one of the many soca tracks for carnival 2k7.

I personally don't too fancy the video and I am most disheartened by the State spend money on a music video when there are better places that the money could have gone.

Youth Fest & the Bunji Garlin Concert in the west

Youth Fest and the Bunji Garlin Concert are scheduled to be held in the western end of Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain, says promoter Randy Glasgow. In fact, Youth Fest, which is scheduled for January 27th may be the first event to test the new site originally earmarked to host only the Panorama 2007 semi-finals.

However, Pan Trinbago president Patrick Arnold said yesterday the use of the venue for these events depended on the approval of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) board. Meanwhile, sources say the NCC clubhouse is scheduled to be demolished by the end of this week, given the Urban Development Corporation of T&T’s selection of a contractor for the project.

If the green light is given for the events, the fears of panmen that a private promoter would take advantage” of the relocation of the finals and host a “big concert” in PoS will virtually be realised. The premiere of the Bunji Garlin Concert is scheduled on February 17th, Carnival Saturday—the same day as Panorama finals. In a phone interview yesterday, Glasgow denied that the staging of the former International Soca Monarch concert would adversely affect the attendance at Panorama.

Rapso in the heat of Carnival

The 10th anniversary of Rapso Explosion will take place simultaneously in the heat of Carnival. The annual showcase features all aspects of the oral tradition including a variety of lyrical styles as well as drum and percussion experiences.

Rapso pioneer Bother Resistance says the event provides a platform for the nations poets and calypso artistes to give a voice to the festival.

Traditional characters will also be incorporated in the performances of the midnight robber (the original rap artiste), the Pierrot Grenade and the Tobago Speech Band. The festivities kick off at the National Library, on February 13th.


Soca Broadway heads West

The 2007 edition of Soca Broadway is heading West, Mobs 2, Chaguaramas, to be exact. The inaugural launch of Soca Broadway in 2006 took place on the northern side of the Hasley Crawford Stadium. This was very successful and Neil Iwer George knew he was on to a good thing. But with the ongoing wrangle about the Queen’s Park Savannah not being available and the stadium being an alternative, there was doubt about if the space at the stadium was available for Soca Broadway.

George and his team went out looking in different directions for another venue for the Soca Broadway and came up with Mobs 2, another popular party place in the west. Four big bands and 17 artistes will mark the occasion on the lush greens of Mobs 2. Leading the charge will be the newly wed team of Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann Lyons with The Asylum Band, KMC with Red, White and Black, Tony P and Surface and Ghetto Flex, Russell Cadogan and Imij and Company. Other artistes performing include Third Bass, Anslem Douglas, Patch, Nika, Crazy, Pelf, Sanell Dempster, Fireball, Ricki Jai, Maximus Dan, Jadee, Mr Vybe, Mrs Alysha, Bits, Naya George, Impulse and of course the big man in the business Iwer George.

Roy Cape on Rita Jones controversy

Roy Cape, leader of the Roy Cape All Stars is denying former vocalist Rita Jones was underpaid and disrespected during her tenure with the band. Music legend Roy Cape said he felt compelled to respond to the claims made by Rita in the yesterday’s express newspaper. Cape said he never paid $400 performance fees to his band members.

He revealed Rita’s monthly salary amounted to as much as $8500.00 minus sponsorships; endorsements and monies amassed from private gigs. In the article, Jones said she parted ways because of taxi fare salaries and management’s lack of respect.

The singer however, did say she was thankful to Roy Cape and the band for the break she got last year but the time has come for her to move on. Meantime, band member Juice Man said the singer is washing her dirty laundry in public and he would not do so. Band members chose not to elaborate but apparently Miss Jones was fired because of un-lady like behavior.

Ellis Chow Lin On passes

Soca music pioneer Ellis Chow Lin On passes

The TrinBagonian entertainment industry was plunged into mourning yesterday with the news that soca music pioneer Ellis Chow Lin On, had died. Chow Lin On died yesterday morning. He was rushed to the St. Clair medical Complex on Wednesday evening, after he fainted while supervising a recording session at Carl "Beaver" Henderson's studio for Shurwayne Winchester, whom he managed.

Referred to as Uncle Ellis by most people within the Caribbean entertainment fraternity, Chow Lin On devoted more than 50 years of his life to the advancement of calypso and soca, as well as development of the artistes. Chow Lin On was famous for having managed the careers of David Rudder and Charlie's Roots during their rising years. Along with managing Winchester, he had also recently begun managing calypsonian Crazy and was also serving as an advisor and virtual booking agent for several other artistes. He underwent bypass surgery three years ago and would have celebrated his 71st birthday on January 27th.