'Reggae' All Star Tour

Trinbago’s very own reggae crooners Isasha, Million Voice and Jah Bami will join other Caribbean artists like Naycha Kid, Fucha Kid and Lee Pee Ching for the “All Star Tour.” The tour kicks off in Antigua on February 8th, and has scheduled stops in Anguilla, St. Kitts and Montserrat.

The pre-Valentine event is a first for Antigua’s “Chosen Sounds;” the label with its finger on the pulse of Caribbean youth and musical culture. “Chosen Sounds” boss, Omari Harrigan said “we aim to spread good music.’ “Isasha’s song is a huge hit,” he added, “so, there’s lots of anticipation and demand. Everyone with a radio and a predilection for good music has swayed to this Trinis passionate lyrics and the contagious melody of “Don’t You Know”.

The All Star Tour brings him and brother Million Voice, face to face with their growing fan base.” Jah Bami, most familiar to regional audiences from Tempo's Cross Caribbean Countdown, is the other non-Chosen Sounds artiste on the bill.”