Olatunji - New Frontman for Roy Cape

After being benched from the Traffik frontline, soca vocalist Olatunji Yearwood has been invited to join the Roy Cape All Stars where he will share the stage with Blaxx and Trini Jacobs who replaced Rita Jones after the "Carnival Feeling" singer left the band.

Yearwood who had been with Traffik since October last year was told by the band's founder, Andy Joseph, that he was not performing at the level required by Traffik for Carnival. Joseph advised Yearwood to work on his vocals as well as stage presence during his time away from the band but said that there was still a place for him in Traffik once he improved enough to stand alongside Shurwayne Winchester and Candy Hoyte.

Yearwood proved an instant hit with the ladies at the several major events Traffik performed at over the past two weeks of the 2007 Carnival season.

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