Blue Range All Inclusive

I was at the Blue Range All Inclusive last night and d place was ram out with people. This year I heard tickets were hard to come by. A man tell me he pay $380 fuh one. It didn't bother me... cause me eh buy any... I went to wukk...

We had to work some magic with the screen and camera positions but it was all good... good thing we had that ladder... the artist performances were good...

Crazy was first up and had the audience begging for some of his older hits. He sang "Nani Wine" and a little piece of "Paul (Yuh Mudda Come)." He then gave them "Cold Sweat" and "One Foot Cock."

Ziggy Rankin and the Barbados 'Crop Over' Road March Champ Jabae came after but didn't move the crowd as much.

Mr. Slaughter, who I believe has the Carnival 2007 Anthem in "Soca In Meh Blood", is probably suffering from hearing loss. He kept asking for more volume on d mic; this is a trait he has had from back when he was on the sound system circuit.

The Big Man in the Bizness Mr. Neil 'Iwer' George then took stage and sang the hits that made him change to "Mashing Up Fete is meh name"... they lapped it all up.

Shurwayne Winchester didn't thank all who PARTAKED in the making of his music video for "Don't Stop" as he did on both SynergyTV & Gayelle, the Channel. He and the DJ playing his tracks were out of sync. My experience with that particular DJ is that he always knows what you want not what you ask him for... so I guess Shurwayne's performance took a little hit for that.

Heinekin was there making people dance on camera for a Magnum. While newly opened Body Art of Movie Towne was there airbrushing tatoos onto willing paticipants.

When it was dun the 3 of us who worked the job together sat and waited for the JAM to clear out... drank some stuff that was left inna fridge and talked some $hit for a while. I think we left about 0535 and I just needed to get home. As soon as I sat down behind the wheel I started to feel sleepy. On approach to the Beaulieau Exit on d Highway, going faster than I should, I saw someone had already beaten me to running off the road lower down by the Montague Steps. About 7 cars had already stopped to help and I was too tired to stop. I went home, offloaded the car, made the call to say I reach hom safe, then heard the sirens now arriving on the scene of the accident. It was 0600 and sleep was calling... and then I got up about 1430 Sunday afternoon...

Give Thanks for the BLESSING of LIFE...


  1. sandochick28/1/07 22:28

    Thanx one hell of a lot, for some reason blogging isnt big in TNT and I am stuck a few latitude points south of the North Pole and missing TNT like I never though possible.
    D videos from synergy are spot on. Keep the talks coming.

  2. just a note about the accident... 4 people died. They had to be cut out of the car. ARRIVE ALIVE!