Consciousness or Cutlasses

I came across this video while browsing thru youtube and wondered to myself... What was he singing about... I don't think he really understands how to bring across a topic or I jus getting too old??? The video produciton is on the cheap but very effective at the same time... so too is the riddim. Like the lyrics, it too can get polished.

This video is a clear indication that we have alot of talented youth in Trinidad & Tobago who just need some GUiDANCE. They need to be properly taught in school about music so that they can truly make a career out of it. Teach them how to structure the song. Teach them how to produce, direct and edit the video.

Take a look and make sure to comment about it.

Skrewface - Nah Disrespect


  1. i also checked out his myspace thru youtube and gave him a holla... had to compliment him on the effort... its alot better to be singing and making progress than to be robbing or kidnapping someone.

  2. dis man skrewface is one misguided soul. he sings a concious which he generally says dat if you disrespect he will kill your family. We need more people like you to breed more bandits. i saw a baby some months old i wonder if he/she would rob me because of listening to your conciousness or watever.. i give you 5 stars eat ah food