Machel Montano HD bus

Machel Montano HD busMachel Montano has definitely gone HD. The soca superstar has become the first artiste locally to have his own tour bus. In keeping with the 2007 HD concept, Montano and company have refurbished a 20-year-old PTSC bus and customized it. You cannot miss this bus with its big chrome rims, HD-themed exterior paint job and lighting system, complete with reflective tape and neon signage.

The bus contains an entertainment centre with a 42-inch plasma screen on an actuator; with ports for an Ipod, PlayStation 3 and Wireless Internet, walk-through closet, toilet facility and a bedroom, with a large comfy bed, and a 32-inch LCD monitor hidden behind a mirror in the bedroom. The sound system is straight out of MTV's "Pimp My Ride" tricked out with MTX Subwoofers, JVC DVD Head units, 8" speakers, tweeters, crossovers and transformers.

Betweeen the inside and the outside, the bus will use roughly 12,000 watts of power and has its own generator. The driver will have the benefit of reverse cameras, motion sensors all the way around and night vision cameras, as well as a fully-refurbished engine and fuel tank. Additionally everything inside is HD personalized: from the microwave, to the lights, to the windows. Put together in just over three weeks, the entire process of making of the bus will be shown as a special feature programme on Synergy TV.

For those of you who realised that I have put the cover of Xtatik's 1997 album Heavy Duty, I hope you have the same epiphany as I. Machel Montano is clearly the first human to go High Def as this album cover demonstrates. This HD transformation was 10 years in the making. Is it really just coincidence that Machel is celebrating 25 years in the SOCA industry and he goes HD? It was 10 years ago that Xtatik gave us Heavy Duty. Look at it carefully H... D... 10 years later we have HD everything flooding the market.

Machel must surely be commended on this achievement. I made fun of him claiming to be the first High Def Human but it all makes sense now. To all the detractors... look out fuh d JUMBIE!

I wonder if it is just bMobile doing the same for Machel Montano HD as they did for Beenie Man / Mafia House in Jamaica... story by yardflex.com

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