Roy Cape on Rita Jones controversy

Roy Cape, leader of the Roy Cape All Stars is denying former vocalist Rita Jones was underpaid and disrespected during her tenure with the band. Music legend Roy Cape said he felt compelled to respond to the claims made by Rita in the yesterday’s express newspaper. Cape said he never paid $400 performance fees to his band members.

He revealed Rita’s monthly salary amounted to as much as $8500.00 minus sponsorships; endorsements and monies amassed from private gigs. In the article, Jones said she parted ways because of taxi fare salaries and management’s lack of respect.

The singer however, did say she was thankful to Roy Cape and the band for the break she got last year but the time has come for her to move on. Meantime, band member Juice Man said the singer is washing her dirty laundry in public and he would not do so. Band members chose not to elaborate but apparently Miss Jones was fired because of un-lady like behavior.