Pirates (again)

I am still in disbelief as to how fast they truely operate. They work on Radio and in the Studios of the riddim producers.

I've been shopping around a particular riddim and finally got some takers late 2006/early 2007. The tracks got recorded and they haven't been to COTT officially either but they all over the file sharing networks. When I first saw it I was a bit amused; cause I did not receive my copy yet. I made the relevant calls as to who got the release on Ash Wednesday and realized that the leak didn't come from the Mastering studio but more likely from a radio station.

For those of you who are accustomed to using these file sharing networks as a means of getting your music you might have an idea as to what I am referring to when I talk about the NFO (info) file of a release. Here is a sample that has been edited...

Title:.......... ()*$& &@^ Riddim
Artist:......... VA
Language:....... English
Genre:.......... Reggae
Tracks:......... 13
Size:........... 58,0 MB
Quality:........ VBRkbit 44.1kHz
Playtime:....... 40:35 min

Ripper ......... HLC 2K7
Supplier .........
Songs .......... 13
Rip Date ......... 03-01-2007
Source ......... CDDA
Street Date ...... 00-00-0000
Mode ........... Joint-Stereo
Label ...........

The Label information was not 100% accurate and this is how I have confirmation that a radio station actually leaked the riddim. The original information did not include the labels/production houses involved. This leak comes from the first set of discs that were sent to the radio stations. A subsequent release that was dispatched one day later actually has more tracks... and there are more tracks to come. This is also just one incarnation of the riddim release that I've seen online.

In the past I've often heard various artists/producers say that its the pirates that play their music on the street and then radio discovers them. But when you send your music to the radio station and instead of playing it they pirate it and put it on the street, it doesn't make sense. These same radio stations then play it on radio when the listeners clamour for it to be heard. These are the same radio stations that SWITCH on Ash Wednesday.

One of the radio stations actually involved want some of the songs for legitimate sale on a website. I have no problems with that request but how can they guarantee that I will see any of the profits from this when members of their staff are actively pirating/sharing this same music all over the internet.

a music pirateWho remember this post pirates-of-caribbean.

It fall in meh garden and the same thing I said then is the same thing I say now.

The guy in the picture is one of those pirates stupid enough to have their picture within their file sharing profile.



  1. yesterday a coworker of mine, also a riddim producer and one of the instrumental persons behind the riddim release, heard the same said riddim on a radio station that WE DID NOT SEND THE TRACKS TOO...

    thanks for affirming my stand that the pirates work on RADIO...

  2. aye ah think dah man dey yuh have is meh brother. lol lol