Machel Montano HD - SOLD OUT

Mr. High Def has sold out the Theatre...

this is a comment i stole from one of my YouTube vids:

this is CRAZY!!! Machel is the 1st artist to sell out Madison Square Garden without a major record deal. i just paid US$130 for tix to the 11:59 show. Im bring mi flag and a bucket of powder!!


  1. LOL, you might get in with your flag but the bucket of powder will definitely be confiscated. You know us New Yorker's since 9/11 wil think is some terrorist plot you trying to bomb up MSG. LOL

  2. yeah... i doh know whey they going with that powder... anthrax scare in New York

  3. Anonymous16/2/08 02:24

    machel did not sell out madison sq garden ok he sell out d auditorium ok
    d madison sq gardern is where d new rangers play an the seatin is not 10 thousand or 5 thousand ok so get alyeh fact straight d sq garden holds over 18 thousand.lol

  4. anon... if u had followed my posts when this actually happend u would know that I was correcting people and i did start off this post by sayin the THEATRE...