The Manicou Report: Put the blame on Me - Akon

I have linked to "The Manicou Report: Put the blame on Me - Akon" cause I too lazy to write a next article on the CON man...
also found a nice vid created to have you laughing while listening

oh yeah AKON didn't write the song either its written by Clinton Sparks.

here is a sample of the response to the song/vid

Akon is still a fraud! Take note that he didn't even write the song!
In fact, if he threw the guy off the stage before this song was written the song writer would have penciled in
"Sorry for throwin that guy of the stage,
really gotta learn to control my rage,
but the guy threw a snow cone when I was on,
so he had to go ahead and get gone!"
Lol .. he's still and idiot, and an ego maniac!

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