Party to the MAX

well not really much going on in musical entertainment (that I wanna BLOG about) anyway... these days the politics really have me thinking though; and well I kinda have extra time to think too.

I see that the President has once again suspended the Chief Justice. I say that is President MAX do it cause he cudda tell Patrick dat is dotishness he pushing and see what the PM wudda do next... remove him... MAX dunn doh do anything... except go to members clubs.

The President should be setting the example for the citizens of any country. Just because is the current Government nominate you and put you there you shouldn't allow them to do what they please... Aren't you the Head of State? oh sorry the Prime Minister sent a letter of advice. I know is a 'BIG BOYS Club' kinda thing going on... but remember MAX, Patos wanna outlaw the gambling industry/members clubs. I will correct myself, he only after the one armed bandits (SLOT MACHINES), the table games could stay, the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) and all of the games they have could stay too; the PNM did create it as a source of revenue... and doh lemme leave out the Racing Pools. Horse Racing at Santa Rosa Park in Arima anyone?

I doh know if d Chief Justice did really try to influence Sherman's judgment when it came to Basdeo Pan-daze case buh Sherman fraid to testify... is not only murder case have witness who fraid to testify... is a Trini ting.. we like it so too... back on track now... but what is the PM trying to get out of this... It really looking more and more like he juss trying to tarnish people name... it looking like he taking the BAD pages out of the World Leaders Handbook.

He doing like da fool in Pakaskas... was he name nah... Mu-SHERRIF... de fella who lead military coup and promise democratic election, d fella who W leave in charge, d fella who know whey Bin hiding? well ok, even he know dat Bin eh hiding... but is like we really living in a country that has a real STUMBLING dictatorship.. I cyar say creeping cause is TT$150,000,000 spent every day since the budget pass last year.


YES people the Government has gone through TT$34 BILLION already, and just like the previous years they only want TT$3 BILLION more. whey da money going... certainly not in my pockets... i really need to get a contract to build box drain...

the Government actual expenditure for 2005-2006 stood at TT$38.1 billion which included a transfer of approximately TT$3,159,863,000 to the Interim Revenue Stabilisation Fund... I guess they wanna take back that money they supposedly saved last year... and do you notice the word INTERIM...

interim - adjective - provisional or temporary

so wa they doh plan to leave any money fo a rainy day... and it real raining these days... doh worry allyuh head in that TT$3 BILLION, they are supposed to be setting aside TT$30 Million for some insurance against Hurricanes and other Natural Disasters... like they gonna pay Mother Nature to spare us... HAHA... ROFL... the Government paying PROTECTION MONEY... nah da money going to the World Bank or some one ah dem organization da does keep Developing Nations UNDERDEVELOPED.

So I think I gonna start to do like the President and just take advice and don't use my own brain... Don't question a thing... they words Who? What? Where? When? How and Why? are no longer part of my vocabulary... so sumbody juss tell me when d next PARTY LAUNCH and i go be dey...

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