Not Many 'Came Around'

oh gawd d Collie Buddz show (casue nobody in dey right mind could believe he could have a concert yet) had less dan 200 ppl. Yes I say it...


and I counting the staff who work at STING Night Club in that total.

Ky-Enie was the first to perform starting with "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley... the performance was aight seeing that not many had even heard of him before. I still don't understand why he did not sing his tune on the "Stock Track" riddim... at least he wudda get forward cause people know the riddim. He gave us a little acoustic treatment as he sang 'RAIN' one of his songs from the SHOTTAS Soundtrack... he looks a little like Chrisinti but the voice aint as sweet.

King David followed and got the small crowd totally involved. Belted out hit after hit and got an encore. LIFE is such a powerful tune and he had all singing.

There was a brief break between performances and then came the headline act.

Collie Buddz came on and told us immediately that when he landed he was feeling under-the-weather, but a CARIB, a ROTI and the SEXY TRINI Girls had him feeling better. Coming to sing to that small and naive of an audience would do well for any young performer. Especially after admitting that he cannot dance... anybody say a next Sean Paul... da remains left to be seen cause Collie have some tune with lyrics.. i eh know if is he writing them but they definitely have some hits in there.

Of all the songs he sang is only one I didn't already have but I was kinda upset as he didn't offer up "Give Me Da Love" and "Blind To You" two of his more recent singles. I went to hear dem tune... rootical riddim... at least I hear the "No Borders" riddim...

I need opinion on the following topic though... WHY do artists need to sing about MARIJUANA so much? Yes d man name is Collie and d tune is about HERB but oh gosh.. is like every tune have to do with weed... smoking, selling, growing, promoting... Ky-Enie was the main culprit here and King David didn't even approach the topic.

One last ting... da bwoy COLLIE is one MWAGA BWOY.. i tort he had a lil muscle on him but is either he was/is SICK with something or... he is a lil boney white bwoy from the Southern USofA... ;)

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