Anthony B - Life Over Death

One of my favourite artiste...

"The Trendsetter" Anthony B is poised to make waves in the reggae world with his exclusive digital release of "Life Over Death" at anthonyblifeoverdeath.com

His 12th album breaks new ground as Anthony shows his versatility with a phenomenal mix of tracks that reflects his evolution as a trend setter in the music industry! The title track "Life Over Death" captures Anthony's vision of his struggles in life and his ability to overcome all obstacles. The song "Territory" is a powerful anthem calling all to stand for their community, and "Jungle" speaks to his experiences within the music community and the trials that came along with his success.

The album's first digital single "Bad From Long Time" coins Anthony B "The Trendsetter". A new road is being forged as Anthony B blazes a trail in uncharted territory for the reggae industry within the realm of the digital revolution. Bornfire Music has partnered with Zojak World Wide to independently release "Life Over Death" at anthonyblifeoverdeath.com Join "The Trendsetter" in the digital revolution by supporting his work at anthonyblifeoverdeath.com!

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