Ronny Trettmann - New Jersey

He’s back!.. but still he’s never been gone! No Dancehall artiste performin in German language did have so many hits in such a short period of time like he did: "Kaffee“, "Deutsches Patwa“, "Der Sommer ist für alle da!", "Was läuft hier falsch?“, "Bizziniz“, "Glover“, "Gretchen“, "Unser Fahrer“, "Amerikkka“, "Feierabend", "Regentropfen“ and "Hand Ab!“ - all of them whithin 18 Months! Nobody of the genre has so much style, coolness and originality - nobody so many clicks on "myspace“ – "iSpace“ as he calls it.

Until now almost only known for his One-Drop-Anthems the DeeJay from Saxony opens the Dancehall chapter of his career indicated already by his Top3 German Reggae tune of the last year "Hand Ab!“ talking about the topic of chemical pollution of Marihuana which came to prominence in his Hometown, Leipzig, with 9 people being hospitalized for lead-poisoning late last year.... Trettmann is clearing the clubs with realness and invites ladies and fans to dance with him and creates the long overdue authentic "Deutscher Dancehall“! "New Jersey“ is the first single from his second Mix-CD-Album to be released in early summer 2008.

The song is on the yet to be released "Leipzig“ Riddim and the first single on mentor PIONEAR's all new all digital GERMAICA imprint. It comes with witty, aggressive but yet humorous lyrics talking about his label finally buying and shipping a new jersey for him from New Jersey to Europe after people starting to ask him, if he has only the one he wears since he skyrocket to fame entering the official German Billboard Charts whith his debut single in 2006. A Yellow jersey which became his trademark outfit, now in the new black one he sings: "Me in my new jersey /from New Jersey/I win gold with it/just like Jackie-Joyner Kersey...“

RONNY TRETTMANN proves another time that he’s fully capable of tranforming and translating the original flavour of the Jamaican Dancehall into German reality into "German Patwa“.

RONNY TRETTMANN is Germany’s New Dancehall Sensation!

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