Curious City

a short documentary featuring the relatively unknown and highly talented artist Curious Ringo...

Curious City (low res version)



  1. hear nah .... we could always depend on you tuh highlight these unknowns eh! 

    Local artistes does be under real pressure boy! …... look Friday nite ah went Coco Lounge ... and there I was jus chillin by de bar ... when dis man jus start talkin tuh me .... turns out he's an 'artiste' too .... Grenville Rogers ... never hear bout de man .... he pull out his CD tuh show meh .... de man like he does go everywhere wit he CD ... anyway he tell meh his song(s) play on 97 and 107 and 94 .... and dat he gonna be on Synery on Tuesday nite ... so ah go try tuh ketch it ... jus tuh see what he really about ....

    I really admire these people who are so passionate about what they do .... that they can actually go around 'hustlin' dey product ..... I could never do dat!!!

    ….. at least now ah know bout Curious Ringo!

  2. where I work I get to see the Passion and Love that some of these people have for their music and I totally agree with the hustlers who walk around with their CDs.... direct marketing is the best outlet for some of them now... and when they create that first link with you they can then be boldface enough to have you visit their lil space on the internet ala myspace/website.. where they have even more stuff on sale...

    thanks for the info on Grenville on Synergy I will try to take it in... even record it for subsequent upload...

    and I've known about Curious Ringo for about a year.... never met the dude tho... this post was really an ode to him, Detnator and the director/producer of the clip... they are people with have talent and I was just hoping to inform my 20 weekly visitors about them... and I guess I can say mission accomplished... cause u know about them now...