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Konshens representingKonshens Lashes Out Against Fake Rastas
By Kon-Vick
OutAroad.com Writer

“Dem a nuh Rasta - Dem a ‘Ras Hair,’
Talk this loud mi nuh fear”

Jamaica’s fast rising star, Konshens is in the spotlight again, and this time there is a bit of controversy surrounding same. The deejay who burst on the scene with the mega hit Winner (This Year Mi Affi Be Di Winna), has launched an assault on people who wrongfully associate themselves with Rastafarianism.

In some nail biting and rather witty lyrics Konshens chastises artistes that “natty up dem head”. Already there are words on the street that several Rastafarian individuals are pondering whether or not he (Konshens) is ‘throwing words’ at them.

Here are some of the lyrics that will have some artistes sweating:

“Mi si nuff a dem a natty up dem head fi get exposure,
But a real Rasta Man nuh run down riches like Dover,
Dem impersonating Rasta,
But mi Rasta friend dem seh bun up a Rasta imposter
Natty up dem head fi ketch a hype up,
Seh dem a rasta, but Rasta livity dem nah hoist up,
Wha’ kind a food that dem a bite up,
Dem seh dem a Ras, what kind of girl that dem a wife up”

According to Konshens, he was inspired to write the song Rasta Imposter after several persons approached him with the argument that he should become a Rastafarian as it was the easiest way to ‘buss’. “They were also of the opinion that I sounded like a Rastafarian on several of my tracks,” Konshens explained to OutAroad.com.

OutAroad.com took the time out to write the lyrics for this smashing single so that you, our readers, can get familiar with this hard-hitting track. You can also tune in to our media player at the top right to listen to the song.

Here goes the chorus:

But mi nah Ras fi sell nuh cd,
(and mi nah) - Ras fi guh pon tv,
(and mi nah) - Ras fi get nuh airplay
(no mi nah) - Ras fi get di payday
(so mi nah) - Ras fi sell nuh cd
(and mi nah) - Ras fi guh pon tv
Mi nah turn Rasta fi shot a Europe,
Renta dread fi move up.

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