The Composer is a short film produced by Trinidadian Rosemarie Gajar as part of her study at Bristol University in 2006. The film will be screened at the Short Film Corner at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Adam Popp featuring Stephanos Mavridis and Claudia Aponte de Rodriguez.


A music composer discovers that he cannot have children.As he loses the ability to perform one creative act, he becomes unable to compose music or maintain a meaningful relationship with his wife.

Only by parting from his domestic interior and opening
himself to the world outside will he be able to confront his greatest enemy. Through a solitary journey to his doctor, who will inform him of his greatest fear, the Composer is exposed to the sincerity of life beyond his own and is reminded of why he originally willed himself to create.

Through this journey certain elements of life that cross his path - an older couple at the shoreline, a young girl liberated by her surroundings, and a natural world at the height of spring - envelope the Composer and the fears that consume him. He then is able to transcend one inadequacy and begin the process of transforming it into a far greater creative force. In a final sequence, the composer faces his loss, leading to a subtle but uplifting conclusion.

A beautifully photographed and poetically crafted piece, enriched by a sensuous original score, The Composer explores one man's introspective journey through a crisis of both creation and procreation.

check it out here at the official website thecomposer.org.uk

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