Junior Reid - One Blood A Run

Junior Reid has made a resurgence of sorts over the past year.

Starting with The Game's use of the classic 'One Blood' sample... subsequently MIMS then collaborated with both Reid and Cham for the remix to 'This is Why I'm HOT'...

Junior Reid - More Moneythe One Blood man then featured himself on Andrew & Wada Blood's Welcome to the Street. The next release was Funny Man... that received an OK from the number one Urban radio station here in Trinbago (96.1 WEFM)...

I received access to a promo, only yesterday, that features latin legend Fat Joe, and 'More Money' is laced with Hip-Hop elements... all the years in Cali have caught up with Junior Reid...

Also released this month is 'Stand Up' on the aptly titled Massive B's No Borders riddim which features acts from all over the world; Burro Banton, Chezidek, Million Stylez, Collie Buddz, Choppa Chop, Ill Inspecta, Mighty Crown, Khari Kill, Shaggy, Screechie Dan & Red Foxx and Ziggi.

The real reason beind the post today is a collabo between Inner Circle and Junior Reid called 'Blood A Run'... I found 2 versions of the song; one is a fitting tribute to the recent Virginia Tech shootings.

Inner Circle feat. Junior Reid "Blood A Run"

original video


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  1. One of my fav reggae artist. Always like listening to that "one blood song."